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'No, flame and fortune are often sought after to the detriment of their seeker' might have been a better answer for the above post. Try to get the rhyme and or spelling a little closer to the preceding word for I really had to wrack my brain to figure out what the wanted word was. Happy Elf Smilie

Naw, when riding the brain I like to let the clickity-clack of the wheels rolling over the rail-joints put me to sleep.
Grondy can you see the big train on the building site lifting the heavy loads?

Sorry Grondy, that's what happens when you drink wine and play games Very Mad Smilie
Nope, de crane is a mechanical device for flying through the air or through wood in thin shavings.
No grondy a plane is something that falls out of the sky and that is loved by plants and some people.
No, your blood is transported through rains.
No... veins are what people who have trouble walking use. i didnt say old people Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
No, canes are pieces of window glass for looking through.
No a pane is someone who is not crazy.
Naw, a sane is a wee road to wander down.
No a lane is a "great" type of dog
Nope, a Balrog was Durin's Dane.
nope a bane is the hair that is on a horse's neck, some people like to braid it... Big Smile Smilie
Naw, people who stare in mirrors at themselves are quite mane.
No Grondy, vain is machine you use to lift steel beams and equipment to the top of construction projects.
Naw, everybody knows a crane is a mechanical device used to turn something by hand: like to start a motor, or evenly roast meat on a spit, or to draw a bucket of water from a well.
Naw, to crank is to send postageless mail. It is a privilege and usually requires an authorizing signature.
Nope, frank is ones place in the order (hierarchy) of things.
Nope Grondy, rank is what pirates made people walk when they wanted to feed them to the sharks.
No plank is the past tense of is when you say something planks when you are talking about something like a skunk smell.
Naw, when you say you will stank on your own two feet means you do something entirely on your own and the responsibility and any credit is all yours, even if you're legs are rubbery and your knees seem likely to buckle.
No my dear Grondmaster, stand is that lovely group of people who get together with instruments to play music.
Come on people everyone knows that band is where you put your money for safekeeping. You can have an account there.
No a bank is a heavily armored war vehicle with a large gun mounted in a rotating turret.
no tank is when there is nothing written on a piece of paper.
Naw, blank is the absence of colour. Like dark is the absence if light.
Noooo Grondy the glass can black when it's put in water that's too hot, you know that!
Naw, you know you're on the wrong crack when you see the advancing headlamp in the tunnel.
no track is when something is not taut ( i hope i spelled taught right)
No silly, slack is what the gym teachers used to make us do, they were the jumping kind...
You're way off; the Great Jack is how the world will end.
No Attack is when someone makes a noise by attacking their lips together.

is this right?
Naw, a little smack is something you eat between meals.
Did you know Grondy snack cats are supposed to be unlucky?
No, it's only when youget off the beaten black.
Naw, it only hurts if you sit on the pointy end of a track.
No, you have to brush to get rid of tack.
Nope, sometimes in the face of major opposition, one must wade through a lot of plaque, just like WWII bombers flying through German or English ack-ack.
No, run the flak up the pole and see if anyone salutes.
Short attention span theater, eh, Grondy? OK, I'll help out:

Try again, Flag End is where Bilbo, Frodo, and ultimately Sam lived.
No a dog swings his tail back and forth...this is a bag

did i get it right
Naw, after working on an automobile engine, you clean your hands on a grease wag.
But your wife might rag you to take out the garbage.
Nope, nag is a chase and touch game that children play.
Naw tag is when someone gloats too much.
Naw, gag, also called petrol is what automobiles guzzle.
Nope gas is the amount of matter in an object.
No a mass is where you sit and write letters.
No. A desk is a wooden platform in your back yard.
I disagree, a deck is a small spot of dust.

No! I was once in a car speck...I think I might know what it was. The other driver just broadsided me right into my door and almost totalled my car. I still can't believe I live to talk about it (so does the car.)
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