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no, to thank is a container for fishies!
Nope, a tank is a place to store money.
no a bank is the rear end of an army

No, flank is a bad smell.

no, a lank is a part of an animal. (My sweet, sweet, shpecklesh! he is such a sweet wab!)
Naw, a shank is a counterfeit, a deception.
No silly, a fake is a reptile that has no legs!
No, snake is what the earth does when there's an earthquake.
no, to shake is to create something
You're wrong! A make is an instrument used for moving leaves.
No, a rake is bigger than a pond, but smaller than an ocean.
Nope! A lake is something that is not what it is supposed to be.
no, a fake is a delicious dessert
Nooo, cake is the last word in the expression: "For Heaven's ... "

No, no, no. Sake is when you cook something.
Naw, to bake an object is to pick it up.
No, you're so silly to take is what occurs in California a lot. (Hint: earth_____)
U idiot! quake is the sound ducks make.
No! Quack is what someone gives you when they fire you.
No, smack is the noise a duck makes.
No, given a sack is being slapped upon the head.

No, a smack is a munchie eaten between meals.

(We just did the duck bit.) Happy Elf Smilie
No, you're all wrong a snack is something that you use to put things on a bulletin board!!
Nope a tack is a herd of wolves.
No, No, No a pack is when some one won't shup up and they're said to _____ all the time.
Sorry, talk is what you do to fill in cracks around windows and between planks in wooden hulls to keep cold air and water out of your house and boat.
No, calk is when you are opposed to doing something.
Naw balk is that stuff teachers use to write upon the black/green boards.
No, chalk is what you do when you go outside for a little while or make a stroll through the woods.
Nope, a walk is a shallow steel cooking pan used to make stir-fries, etc.
No, a wok is what you do when you stare at something.
No, a clock is a 3-D solid having six sides and sometimes it will have letters and numbers on it. You can also take a walk around the clock.

Stir fries taste horrible, like my Dad's socks!

(Grondy edited this to keep it in the Name Game format
Noo, a block is something you put on your feet to keep them warm.
Naw, when you are sock you are ill.
no Sick is a tool that you use to dig in stone with.
Naw, a pick is that black disk that hockey players seem to fight over.
Nope, a puck is what you call an adult duckling.
No, a duck is a male deer.
no, a stag is a thing you put things in to make them easier to carry.
Noooo, a bag is a word for falling behind.
(I meant "buck", but it doesn't matter.) Elk Grinning Smilie

No, a lag is an ugly Witcheepoo who: wears black, has a head of long scragglly unkemp hair, a face with warts and a long crooked nose that might even have hairy nostrils; and probably has long curved fingernails.

(I appologize in advanced to any of our menbers who are endowed with any of these fine attributes, go by name of Witcheepoo, or only dabble in white magic and rather than be tarred with this black brush, would rather be creamed with a white one.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
No, hag is a pouch for storing things
No, a BAG is what baddies (and sometimes goodies, like the Scarlet Pimpernel) tie around someone's mouth so they won't scream while they tie them up.
Nope, a GAG is what you use to polish your boots.
No, your mother's living room rag is what you should not track-in mud upon, if you value your life.
No, RUG are the little creepy crawlies that people hate.
No a BUG is when you are tightly confined by something.
Naw, snug is where something catches on something, often your fishing lure on a an old submerged tree trunk.
No, a TUG is one of those things you stick on yourself at parties with your name on so everyone knows it.
No, no, no,no a Tag is Sometines meaning an old horse
Naw, the nag you fly under portrays what group you represent. It is like a pennon or banner.
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