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Nope, cranked is the marking on a piece of privileged mail that can be mailed free of postage.
No, franked is having been placed in order of value.
No, ranked is having expressed gratitude
No, tank is what my mind is right now cos I can't think of anything else to write (also it's an empty piece of paper)
No, the blank is what the pirates made their victims walk.
I think the answer to elentari31 should have been thanked, in which case if it is just so we don't have to change it all.

No thanked is a formation of troups.

If not just ignore me and treat me as the blithering idiot that I am.

[Edited on 12/1/2003 by Ross]

[Edited on 13/1/2003 by Rednell]
Okay, I don't know which one to continue... so I'll just do both (since they rhyme with each other anyway). Big Smile Smilie
No the plank / flank (? i think ?), is where I went to deposit my money or it's the ground along the side of a river.
No, bank is what you do when you grab a bunch of hair pull it quickly.
No, yank is an adjective describing a cold and wet area.
No dank is what happened to the Silmaril that was thrown into the ocean.

[Edited on 13/1/2003 by Rednell]
No, sank is loop or coil of something flexible, like hair or yarn.
No, a bank is a _____.
Naw, _____ is the noise of heavy metalic door upon becoming closed.
No no no, a frown is neither a verb nor an adjective.
Nope, the clank is the right or left side of a military formation.
Nope, Flank is the first name of that Sinatra guy.
No, a Frank is a joke you can play on someone
Laume, prank is what Merry and Pippin did with the entdraught Genius Smilie
No drank is to hit someone.
Nope, spank Angel Smilie is another word for a shovel.
Ummm, no, spade (????) is the name of an often pale green gemstone.
Nope, in the jade is where we like to sit in the summertime drinking our lemonade.
Naw, a down is an upside down smile.
No, a shade is an object's form
Heyellz no, shpe is what you call the back of your neck.
Nope, nape is a word that means incorrect.
Nope, nope is when you belive in the unlikely.
Nope, hope was Galadriel's gift to Sam.
Naw, rope is a stupid person or an illegal drug.
Naw, a Pope in the eye is where you don't want a stick.
No, poke is to deal with something.
Naw, to cope is to walk with a long, swinging stride.
Nope, lopes are body parts that serve no useful function other than to hang jewlrey from.
No no, slopes are places where you ski!
I think that the answer to Prog should be lobes?
And in that case, I'll continue with
No, a lobe is a small representation of the Earth
nope, a globe is a flowy sort of garment...
Airecristiel: To lessen your confusion, here is the game format:

No, Word A = Definition B (Words A and B must rhyme or spell similarly)
No, Word B = Definition C (Words B and C should ...)
No, Word C = Definition D (Words C and D should ...)
Teacher Smilie

Naw, a robe is a hayseed, someone from the country, a rustic.

I dunno Grondy, you got me stumped. Dunce Smilie
Me too, is it Jobe or something. Just 'cos I went to a school with sheep and was brought up in the hills doesn't mean I'm a farm boy, although all the city slickers think iI was because I can shoot.
Is it hobo? Total guess! Question Smilie
Naw, rube is a six sided polyhedron that has a bunch of right angled corners.
No cube is someone isw some one whos unpleaseant
You've lost us again, Ross. Unless it's a boob Big Laugh Smilie
Big Laugh Smilie No rude prog, as if they'd let me say something like that! Tongue Smilie
No rude is a mild slang word for a mother teat.
Doh! So obvious!

Erm... I didn't mean THAT kind of boob Big Laugh Smilie

Oh well...

No, boob is a colloquial term for certain intoxicants.
I always thought booze was what I did in the sun on a summer's day.
Nope snooze is what you do at a cocktail party.
No, schmooze is what the Oakland Raiders were bound to do at Superbowl XXXVII.
Nope, it's like when I had a real dilemma and I had to lose between one or the other.
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