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No, flag is an adjective for describing a smooth, constistent surface.
No, No. Flat is what happens you eat too much junk food.
I thought fat was a word for a nocturnal black creature with wings?
(Oh "flat," says Grondy kicking himself in the shins; why couldn't I figure that one out.?) Orc Sad Smilie

No, you wear a bat on your head.

I thought a cat was for petting?

(This is good...Big Smile Smilie)
Ermm... Lemme just get this straight, ok?

No, a hat is a nice warm fluffy pet.

No, a cat is a not so very nice creature with a nasty looking tail that can be found among other things in the sewer.
No, a rat are tied rope used to catch fish!
Nah, a net is what you have when you owe other people some money.
no tommie no debt is something people do to win money off a good sports team if the team wins.
Ah ah ah - bet is the last name of both famous bounty hunters: Jango and Boba. Very Big Grin Smilie

(How's that? Better than last time when I didn't have a clue. Wink Smilie )
(I had to look this one up)

No, Fett is what you do when you're trying on clothes, you see if they ...

No, a fit is what you catch a baseball in.
Naw, a door mitt is what you wipe your muddy shoes off on. Dunce Smilie
No, to mat is the same thing as "for rent".
No, the to let is that little room with the ceramic plumbing fixtures. Na-na-na-na-na Smilie
No, a toilet is is a person who makes verses often ending in rhymes.
(I knew it was toilet, but I couldn't find anything to rhyme with that! Silly me... Though I still don't know anything that rhymes with poet, I'll try this one: )

No, poet is a well-known game of cards, people often bet money when playing it and there is a variant (I hope that's a word in English) where the loser has to take off one of the things he is wearing.

(it doesn't actually rhyme with poet, it only starts the same way)
Naw, the poker is one of the wild cards and often is represented by a picture of a jester. He was also one of Batman's nemesii (nemeses).

(Sometimes we have to reach for a word that doesn't really fit the bill just to keep the game going. Arco often stumps me by picking a lesser known word rather than the obvious word I figured would be chosen and for which I would have had a come-back word,. But due to his choice, I get left out in the cold and a week may go by before someone else figures out his word. He's got a bigger vocabulary and would beat me at Scrabble, if I'd condescend to shown my ignorance by playing that stupid game.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
No, joker is slang for a very heavy rain.
No, shower (?) is what you have when you can rule over someone else.
No, a power is a pretty posie that opens from a bud and a bunch of them is called a bouquet.

(I think Stonehelm was looking for a soaker; not sure what that would be in Flemish.) Happy Elf Smilie
No a Flower is someone who doesn't have any courage.
No, a coward is a piece of cloth used to dry yourself after a shower.
(Sorry Grondy, my English is not that good, and my slang doesn't exist Animated Wink Smilie )

No, a towel is the opposite of a consonant.
Nope, a vowel is a bird that flys at night.
Naw, an owl is an implement (tool) used in laying bricks or potting plants.
No, a trowl is another name for certain types of birds.
Nope, a fowl is a wooden peg used to hold the two pieces of a joint in position.
No, a dowel is the noise a wolf makes at the moon.
No a howel is somehting you wipe with
No, towel is something you wear on your head.
Naw, you eat cereal, soup, or ice cream out of a cowl using a spoon.

(You really had me going there Stoney.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Nuh uh, a bowl is in the alphabet but not a consonant.
Not at all!

A vowel is a good way to describe an aggitated or angry look....

Naw, a scowl is a square ended, flat bottomed boat.
No, scow (?) is one of the WH-words, the only one that doesn't start with WH. Elk Grinning Smilie
No, Tommie, how is what is above your eyes and can be furrowed.
No; brow is the opposite of stern.
Nope, a bow is female whale.
Nope, a cow (if I'm wrong, it's my friend's fault, she told me) is a female pig.
No, a sow is when you have a fight with someone.
Naw a row is a type of necktie or hair ribbon, or part of gift wrap, or the end of that rain thiny with the pot of gold under it.
Nope, bow is what a plant does!
(i know that was stupid, but i couldn't really think!!)
Nope, you can grow your lawn. Paranoid Smilie
Nope, mow is when you pull something along behind your vehicle.
Naw, most everybody knows tow is a misspelling of the sum of won and won. Elk Grinning Smilie
No, two is is another name for the bathroom.
Naw, loo is in the title of the old Stephen Foster song Oh Loosannah.
Nope, boo is what people say to scare you.

Did I do that right? Somebody please tell me.
Moderator Smilie Etharion's post was deleted as it violated Website Rule No 1. Moderator Smilie

Did I do that right? Somebody please tell me
Well, you got it half right: You should has said,

Nope, Sue is what people say to scare you.
So I'll carry on from there.

Un-huh, Boo is the silly old bear that lives in the Hundred Acre Wood.

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