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So when I am freezing these days I put on a tock.
A toad has suckered toe ends; a frock has webbed feet. (Sorry Rafael, you had me stymied there and that was the only item of apparel I could come up with that fit. Hopefully you don't get cold in public, or only on the stage.)
No when I am freezing on my foot and don't find a shoe, I put on a frog.
In Dutch, "frogs" are known as klompen. The traditional, all wooden, Dutch "frogs" have been officially labelled as safety shoes.
when I want to know the time, I look at one of my many clogs.
"Ingo" lost his heavy-weight championship to Floyd Patterson it was a clock-out, as far as I remember.
Yes Floyd lost the heavy-weight title to Ingemar Johansson by knock-out and then regained and retained it in two return bouts with Ingo which were both won also by knock-out. I remember listening to all three fights. That was back in 1959-61 when I didn't know boxing was as crooked as it is now.

Anyway: Acccording to Granny Weatherwas and Nanny Ogg (of the Diskworld series) 'a wizard's staff has a knock on it.'

Also, 'old time' radios were tuned from station to station by turning a knock, while the more modern ones have electronic tuning.
Robin Hood, less known as the elder brother of little Red Riding Hood, intented to knob a rich bishop for his money.
Unfortunately, the rich bishop only had corn on the rob in his money bags!
His life was a misery, he started to cob.
In order for the grenade to be effective. one must sob it over the wall with a high trajectory, such that it falls to the ground near the backside of the wall. Like a high underhand throw.
Being fed up of his present work, he applied for a new lob.
Job is the most common nickname for Robert. At Halloween we job for apples.
And the children in the street played robbers and bob.
Maybe they rather should pretend they were animals. I could be a lioness and you should be my bob.
A circle is to a sphere as a square is to a cub.
In London if you want to go somewhere you might ride on the cube
Tube or not tube that is not the question, for it doesn't leave a rejoinder. Just ignore it as Grondy being a wise-arse and do the one below.

So if you can't carry a tube in a paper bag, you shouldn't sing in public.
The Norsemen and other Vikings also used to write a magic tune or two.
Remember the 'Golden Rune: He who has the gold makes the runes.
Midwinter we celebrate rule in Norway, known as Xmas in other countries.
A rare gemstone after being cut and polished is usually called a Yule.
Thread for sewing and such can generally be found on a jewel, can it not?
Rather than eating soup with a fork, it is more better to use a spool.
It won't take long he will be here spoon, we hope.
Because of the warm weather, a lot of weddings take place in the month of soon.
Some pipers play to a different June.
Some mice belive that the tune is made of yellow cheese!
The Dwarves wrote with moons using the letters of the Cirith devised by Daeron of Doriath.
Dried plums are known as runes
People acting foolishly can be called prunes.
Weavers use loons in the making of woven fabric.
The loom the bed is in is very large and has a high ceiling.
Room , spar at the foot of a sail on a sail boat
As the timer ticked slowly toward zero, the expert worked desparately to defuse the boom.
The bomb raider is out there, most probably in china.
This ancient tomb which fell through a time warp, was a single volume containing the complete works of Hammurabi, Shakespeare, and Terry Pratchett.
Hint: one answer starts with "T" and rhymes with "home". Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
No, your Tome is not the right one, the music teacher said.

Thanks Grondy Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Maybe you should sing another song, find another tone!
The month of the year in which the most couples get married is June.
OOC: i thought the answer to raffy's poser was tune?
OOC: i thought the answer to raffy's poser was tune?

And right you are my friend! I guess Grondy has been in a hurry! Angel Smilie

So I guess he will fix it himself very june!
Yes, I was almost as asleep as I am now, this is again the last thread I have to do today as it may have been yesterday. I meant to write tune instead of the answer to my sentence.

A beefy gang member who throws his weight around might be called a soon, a ruffien, a thug, or a strike-breaker.
Eat with your goon and not your fingers.
An object, like a top, rotating fastly is said to spoon about its axis.
Running faster than anyone else, he may spin the race!
When swimming in the ocean, keep an eye open for the telltale win of a shark.
'Your fin is unpardonable,' the priest told him
From a cloudfree blue sky, the sin was shining.
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