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If it's cold outside it may be it's January and winner.
In target shooting, a shot that goes off-target is sometimes called a winter. And if that doesn't help there is a female actor named Debra Winter.
An entertainer who sings songs is called a winger.
The singerman is a someone who ran away from the oven of an Old woman.
When a thing is really great or fantastic it may be called a "hum-ginger".
I give up. I don't know the word.
Something drab and dinger usually is dusty grey and worn out.
An Australian wild dog is the dingy.
Some organizations raise money by inviting the public to play dingo almost every night of the week.
The Wind in the Bingo is a favorite book of mine.
A sail or flag willows in a strong wind.
Please blow the door when you go out.
Shirts, stockings, pants, and underwear are all lumped under the heading of close.

(I was looking for billows.)
Force Elf Smilie Pary Smilie
Happy Elf Smilie No Samadhi: First using the non-bold description above, discover the word that rhymes with or has a close spelling to the bold word, that fits that description. Second find a new word that rhymes with or has a close spelling to the your discovered word and give the description of your new word, but add the discovered word in place of your new word when you write it. The next person will try to guess your word.

Like it is a bass-ack-ward quiz where we give the definition and they have to guess the word, but the words have to rhyme or be spelled very close. (only changing one letter is best when you are able and try to plan ahead so as not to stymie the next person so we don't have to start over very often.) Read some of the previous ones and see if you can see this desired pattern. Then try again.
Happy Elf Smilie
is that lose
No, Water clothes from one place to another. (Find a rhyme for the bold word. Then think of a new similar rhyming word. then write a definition or description of it.)

answer A is a description/definition B
answer B is a description/definition C
answer C is a description/definition D
answer D...
He flows bubbles every Sunday evening and usually invites the kids to come and watch.
The rear end of a firefly blows in the dark.
His glows are not yet over as he could still lose all that he has.
Stupid is as stupid woes.
Please shows the garbage out as it is attracting flies.
Throw is frozen water crystals that are six-sided and normally appear as white when they fall from the sky.
Some people not, snowing if their answer is correct, sometimes couch it in weasel words in case they are wrong, instead of just giving their answer and living with the consequences.
I was knowing. Please don't take it seriously.
He knew his house was on fire when he saw it joking.
In Norway our smoking is named Harald the Fifth. Our queen is named Sonja.
Audio books are also called snowking word books. I don't know if this was what Rafael was looking for, it is what popped into my mind.
I do not quite remember what was on my mind as I was talking along the road!
Upon walking, I got out of bed, went to the head, washed my hands and face, and got dressed.
And this industrial person was waking lembas for the journey
Little Red Riding Hood was baking a basket of goodies to her Grandmother, who lived on the other side of the woods when she met the big bad wolf.Wolf Smilie
And of course I would never try to kill such a a nice wolf; being a muslim I was just making it.
I was Mailing this paper to Grandpa....
Almost Thinker, however you should have written, "I was maiming this paper to Grandpa...." and then I would write:

The people walking across the bridge were restrained from falling off its edge by its mailing.

The sentence you write should be your clue plus the answer to the previous clue.
Construction workers who helped create that bridge, often offer Railing to their new employees.
You have me stumped Loss, Elf Confused Smilie guess I need another hint.
Brother Loss!

Please give another hint, I am Lost!
Think of Rocky (the boxer) running up those hills and punching big slabs of meat... And it suddenly hit you... Orc Smiling Smilie

Me thinks some of you have had too much ale for celebrating Christmas AND New Year to not figure this out... Wiggle Smilie
When the sky opens up in a deluge and it isn't snowing, it must be training.
"King" Elvis Aron Presley was an actor in the movie "Raining Star"
When the Prosecuting Attorney accuses someone of doing something illegal, he/she is flaming them of having done something wrong. Paranoid Smilie
Robin Hood was hardly claiming, but the bullseye was hit.
To strap one's sword to the waist, to pick up a pistol, or to inject a shell in to the chamber of a gun are all examples of aiming.
In Scotland Bonnie Prince Charles was known as an arming gentleman
People dirt charming are in the agriculture business.
The kind words where farming his heart, making the world a better place.
When the new queen leaves the hive, there is much warming of the bees following her as they look for a new place to locate.
He really is a good person, he won't be swarming anyone.
The Snow White really liked the Prince, for he was quite harming.
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