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No take is what you do when you are really cold and your body tries to get warm.
Allow me to correct you, a shake is when you blace a bet.
Nope a Stake grilled with onions can't be beat as long as you're not from Vega.* Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

* My friends from Vega tell me that onions and other plant life are so sensitive to elevated temperatures that they make like Mong's stolen picture.
No, you push the Steak pedal when you want to stop your car.
Sorry, Stoney, but brake is what happens when the earth trembles.
Actually, A quake is a skinny reptile.

To be sure, a snake really is a large body of water!
Naw, a lake is a narrow road, or a wide path.
No a lane is what's left after a boat in the water.. (ha, you thought I'd say the other one didn't you!)

(Oops, Grondy says we really want to play 'cart before the horse' here Elanor, you give the word that fits my definition followed by your new definition. The sentences aren't supposed to literally represent the truth. I have corrected your entry to suit, and to make it easier for the next person, I'll hint that two letters need to be changed.)
Nope wake is what you do when you walk in a very shallow pool, like when the water doesn't get up to your knees.
No wade is when sometihng becomes very faint very slowly and hard to see.
Hmm, your wrong. Fade is when you invited someone over,yesterday.

Good gosh, bade means to get your money, in the past.
Naw, when Gollum paid, 'My Precious', he was referring to the One Ring.
no said is a female helper like a butler
Wrongo, a maid is an ant killer
Nay, me hearties-'tis Raid that is the name of the young rapscallion next door-aaargh!***says the pirate me*** Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Ach, mensch! Played is the feeling you get when your significant other tells you he/she was using you. *dramatic music plays*
Naw, when you fail to do something hard after giving it your all, you can say, 'Well at least I _____.' (Fill in the blank). And the correct answer would betrayed.
No you're crazy tried is when someone didn't tell you the truth and they **** to you.
Nope, sorry. Lied is when you go and do something against someone's wishes...
Naw, died (?) is when the color of a fabric has been changed.

( I haven't a clue, nor has anyone else it seems, as to what word was really wanted here, so I just took a chance, else we would soon lose this thread on the second page.)
This is my first attempt at this game......

No, dyed is what you do to eggs.

Was that right?
Yes, that was right Vee. Happy Elf Smilie

No, you are given a fried when something scares you.
No, fright is something you can't be afraid of if you are a mountain climber.

first time for me too. I think. Smile Smilie And Arvanas word may have been defied.
Nah, height is when there is really no sound at all.....
No, night is when people have a bad argument.
No, a fight is what you tell people to fly when you get mad at them.
Geez, A kite is the opposite of left
No, RIGHT is what little kids do when thye're angry at each other.
No, whale fight is called blubber.
Naw, a fat is something you wear on your head.
No, a hat is a rodent.
No,a rat is a flying creature that eats bugs on the wing.
No, bat is an abbreviation for a contrivance that can think what to do next and does things for you.
Noppey, A Bot is used to tie two strings.
Naw, a knot is another name for "zero".

(I could have sworn the previous definition was looking for a "bow" when I read it yesterday, but it made more sense today.) Happy Elf Smilie
nope naught is what is said about two armies or when two people have ******.
No, fought is when something made of metal (like the one ring) is created.
No, no, no, no wrought is when there isn't any rain for a long time and the ground is very dry.
Naw, drought is pickled cabbage strings; it's sort of sour. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Does anyone know what he's talking about? Grondy, is this one of youir dwarvish creations? Cause if so, I want some. (We sure don't have that food in my dwelling!) (house, cave, whatever you wanna call it. Missile silo, bedroom, same thing...)
Sorry, krout is when there is no water for a long time.
I already used this one but ok nope droughtis when you get on a horse. (*****)
Nope, to MOUNT is when what kiddies learn in Primmer 1.
No no no, a count is something that you hear
Nope you're all wrongsound is a type of dog that people use to hunt with.
Naw, a hound is a low pile of dirt.
No, not at all. Mound is the shape of a circle.
Wrong again, to round is something one could do with a hammer.
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