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Nuh uh, pounding is what evil, malicious parents do to their innocent children...

You are mistaken my friend, grounding is what settlers do to their country or entreprenuers do to their business.
Nope, Founding is hunting with dogs. Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie Wolf Smilie Puppy Smilie Dog Smilie
wrong, wrong hounding is what soldiers do. ***** off one two, ***** off three four, ***** off one two three four!
No, sounding is what what a flounder does
Very Big Grin Smilie
Naw, a flounding is a small person who is no longer lost.
Nope, a foundling is a smoothed off corner or edge.

(If you don't like playing with this too large a word, start another off with, say a three letter word and a sound-alike definition.)
Okay, Grondy.

A cat is what you wear on your head.
Your hat that deformed thing atop your shoulders...

nope head is the thing that you sleep in.
Naw, bed is the opposite of good.
No, bad is when you're very thankful
Nope, glad is a light that shines softly.
You got me stumped Stoney. Elf Confused Smilie
Same here, I'm stumped and confused
Am I that out of it?
I think we all are, for 'globe' and 'lamp' don't look or sound similar to 'glad' and yet there may be another word that does, and we are just too dense to fathom it. Elf Confused Smilie
Ack, maybe I wasn't clear enough in my sentence.

The word I was looking for is Glow. I ment it as light in general, not as a lamp. Animated Wink Smilie

Sorry, Stoney, glow is the action of pulling oars.
"Glow" was a good word Stoney, it just slipped my memory. A One-Up-Man award to you. Happy Elf Smilie

Nope, the row is the front your ship.
Naw... a bow is also what 'Mrs. Piggy' is.

Nah, a sow is what a female calf will grow to be.
Naw, a cow is a single masted ship with a lateen sail, sharp prow, deep forefoot, and raised deck at the stern, used in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean.
Grondy, you are MUCH too brainy.
I see we have the same dictionary, Grondy Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

No, a Dhow is a long, round, and smooth stick
no no no a bow is something that you say when you are suprised or if something is really cool.
No, no, you're ALL SO SILLY!!!!! a WOW is is a one word sentence, used as a question. It goes with the 5 w's, even though it doesn't start with w.
No, how is something you do to the grass when it gets too long
No, mow is what you shovel off your sidewalk in the winter time.
Not if you live in NZ!!!! Very Big Grin Smilie

Anyway, you're incorrect, snow is what goes with arrows.
Naw, bow is what you say to your pony when you want him to stop.
Naw, whoa is made is wheat.

This is all I could come up with:

Nope dough is gritty like sandpaper.
nope rough is what you have too much of, also called junk, garbage, it just takes up space.
(Hint: s****)
Naw, a stuff is a in the wintertime furry accessary that ladies place their hands in towards keeping them warm.
Naw, a ??glove?? is beautiful white bird resembling peace.
Hmm, no, A dove is what people do when they push each other.
Nope, shove is when people really like each other.
No, LOVE Making Out Smilie In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie is a little seashore cave.
Nope, cove is what you did yesterday on the highway.

Naw, drove (Well, actually I'm not even old enough to get a learners!) is a pretty colour, a little purple.
No, a mauve is very heavy hammer.
Naw a maul is stereotypically a girl's plaything.
No, a doll is a round object you can throw.

Nope a ball is where you put a horse or farm animal in the barn.
No, a stall is a big building that contains many smaller stores.

Naw, Mall is another word for Autumn. Pumpkin Smilie
Sorry Grondy, but Fall is how you maneuver about on your hands and knees when you've spent too much time and money at the local spirits establishment! Alcoholic Smilie
Nope, crawl is when you cry loudly.

Nope, to the bawl is where the Fairy-Godmother sent Cinderella in a Pumpkin Smilie.
No, ball is to be long in height.

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