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No, I thought it was the broken classic around the waistline of my pajama bottoms. (or was that a "classy"?
or was that a "classy"?

No sorry Grondy the answer was mashy - you've probably never heard of mashy peas and pie.

Did you know the elastic model of Buckingham Palace was very detailed!
Naw, many cheap statuettes are made out of plastic of paris. Our word has evolved into too difficult a one to go very far and maybe we should start with another three letter word?
No, Plaster is someone who someone else obeys.

is that right? I dont really understand the rules of this game.
Begad, man, you are wrong, for MASTER dost be what one goes when one increases one's speed. One would think any uncultured savage wouldst be aware of that.
no no you have it all wrong mistress Loni. Faster is something the aliens pull out when the want to hurt someone.
No earthlings we use a laser to shave our nose beards
No my dear Maydmarion..a razor is another name for a jacket or suit coat.
no, a blazer is someone who likes to sit and look at the horizon for ages... and ages...

(Alright, so I made up this word. BUt it shouldn't be too hard)
No! No! No! I am sometimes called an old gazer.
Oh, you silly bunny, you deserve it, for you are WRONG!!! And I shall correct you!! A geezer is what you keep frozen stuff in!

(Of course Grondy doesn't actually deserve to be called a geezer. But silly bunny, on the other hand...)
Loni you must of seen the LOTR films when Legoles uses his freezer to finish off the orc before Aragorn falls off the cliff when the wrags attack.

(see I can spell it right Lord_Aragorn86 - when I put my mind to it Ha Ha Ha Smilie )
Uh... what sounds like freezer and is a weapon of some sort? I remember that bit, but I don't even remember LEgolas finishing off the orc. Didn't he just... die?
I'm lost!!! (Which is not unusual) Big Laugh Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
Naw, June Cleaver's husband Ward called their youngest son "The Cleaver.
Wally was "The Cleaver's older brother; their TV show was called "Leave it to Cleaver."
No silly beaver is what you are said to have when your body temperature goes up above normal, usually when you're sick.
Well I thought fever watched Rome burn whilst he played his violin - badly.
No, I think Caesar is what the the shopowner said to the crowd when he saw the lady shoplifter hide an unpaid for book inside her coat.
No, seize her! is what is commonly a slang term for a substantially-aged person, usually of the male persuasion.
Well I thought fever watched Rome burn whilst he played his violin - badly.

Wasn't that Nero? Orc Going Huh Smilie


No, a geezer is a kind of hot spring, frequently to be found in Iceland.

Wasn't that Nero?

whoops - well they came from the same place Ha Ha Ha Smilie

No, no, Tommy the leaning tower of geyser is still standing.
Nope, /me loves eating pepperoni Pisa.
No, the pizza is one of the fastest animals in the cat kingdon (sorry couldn't get any closer!!)
Naw, a cheetah is some one who takes afvantage of the situation in an immoral or illegal way.
No a cheater is a position in Quidditch. (Whyd i have to pick harry potter?????)
Noooooo, the Zoo seeker, looks after the animals.
Naw, the keeper has his eyes closed, his head is slack, and snores are coming out of his mouth.
Ah, but Grondy, hi head would not be slack, if he had 'torticullis' or 'rye neck.' It would be taut and all tight and uncomfy.

A sleeper is a thing that goes 'beep,' ACTUALLY.
you had me confused. I was like it cant be can it but here it is.

The Beeper you are in the ocean the more pressure is aplied to your body.
No, silly, a deeper is someone who has tears running down their cheeks quite often.

I hope it's a word, it's the only thing I can come up with right now.
no a weeper is someone who brushes the floor with a broom
no a sweeper is someone that jumps around. (in dance. I didnt want to do a loni with the something that goes beep.)
No silly gooses, a leaper is the grim guy who comes and takes your soul to the underworld when you know black cloak, scythe, skeleton, and all that good stuff.
NOO!!! EVERYONE IS WRONG!!! I AM RIGHT!!! Reapers are those wooden things that you walk on when you're walking along railway tracks. And they get all ponity at the sides, have you noticed that? When they're in the rain for a million years, and then you walk on them in bare feet.
Naw, something is said to be creeper when it costs less than something else. (We call them "railroad ties" on this side of the pond.)
Noooo - everyone know the sea is cheaper the further out you go
ACTUALLY... deeper is someone who cries a whole lot and NEVER STOPS!!

(We call them "railroad ties" on this side of the pond.)

And we call them SLEEPERS, not creepers. Ha Ha Ha Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
Un-huh, weepers are what baby birds, tiny frogs, and some insects are.
Noooo, Cheepers are your eyes.
No peepers are things that people can call and get in contact with you.
NOOOOOOOO... Beepers are those who are given charge of something.

(WHY do i have beepers again?!?!?!?)
No, the keepers broke and everyone got cold in the building.

(not sue if keepers was the word Robbin was looking for) One Eye Smilie
('m not sure if this was Maydmarion's word, but: )

No, heaters and totters are the actions that happen when you and a friend each ride the ends of a beam placed over a fulcrum, this thing is called a heater-totter.
Grondy, I thought that you would know this, a teeter-totter is what happens to the ocean when you go farther away from the beach right out into the water.
Naw, much deeper is the state of your strength after you have refrained from exercising for an extended period of time.
No, you know the shoes were weaker in the other shop.
As we are starting to repeat ourselves I think it would be cheaper to start a new lame.

No, a lame goes around a picture to hang it on the wall.

If this is what you had in mind, Grondy?
No Tommie....a frame is what you see flickering in the middle of a bonfire.
Nooo Terrijayne, can't you see his flame working hard to come up with the answer?
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