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Nope a kettle, fetal, (or Mattel) attraction is a life ending attraction.
Sorry, but a fatal is a bowl like spoon used for soups and stews and such.
Naw, Mordor is the taking of another persons life.
No, to lapel is to ward off or drive back.
Nope, to repel is to rise up against a government.
Naw, rebel is of a king; royal.
Nope, regal issues are the type of issues lawyers are concerned with.
No, legal is a cute little hound dog.
Naw, a beagle is a great raptor, the likes of which saved Gandalf a couple times.
Nope, Eagle is to gaze lustfully at a member of the opposite sex.
Mmmm nope, an ogle (??) is a big ugly creature similar to a troll.
No, an ogre is a large bit used to drill holes in wood.
It appears you are mistaken.

An auger is something you give to the drive through attendant at McDonalds (why one would do this is beyond all logic)
Nope, odor is the place where Mount Doom is located.
No, an order(?) is a smell, usually not as pleasant as an aroma. (I seldom if ever give a lager to the drive through attendant at McDonalds.)
No no, David Duchovny played Fox Murder on X-Files.
Naw a molter or a moulter is a horse giver to running away; one who sifts flour or grain; or a fishing line.
No, a Mulder is a person who works in a foundry making the forms in which the castings are formed.
Nyet! A molder is what you might call a bird shedding it's feathers.
Sorry, Grondy, I have no freakin' idea.

Now, go ahead and make me slap my forehead and say "Doh!"
That's okay Prog, I often come up at a loss and have to wait for someone else to work them out for me. Elf Winking Smilie

No, a bolter is what's under the hood or bonnet, unless its an old bug.
Well, looks like no one else is playing!

No, a motor is what keeps a helicopter in the air.
I guess not. Sad Smilie

Nope, a rotor is the caster of a ballot.
I would like to play but I don't have the faintest idea what your talking about. Orc Going Huh Smilie
I hope I'm not screwing this up...

No... A Floater is one of those guides to visiting sites in other countries.
Mind if I jump in? Juggling Smilie

No, a voter is a certain amount that one must attain to.
I think Gilvala was after a "quota" said with a Bostonian accent.

Glorfinel has me stumped. Anybody else got an idea? If not:

Nope a quota is some one who speaks or writes another's exact words verbatim.
You really think "with a Bostonian accent", Grondmaster? Tongue Smilie
Its alright Glorfinel... we all stuff up at times, and I'm really sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about...

On the contrary, a quoter is a person who pilots aquatic vehicles

(now that was a lame attempt.... talking about myself)
No sorry but boater was a name among the Orcs for the sword Orcrist
Ok, Mine was a take off of the Travel guides 'Fodor's' - 'floaters' and a floater measures levels of liquids. But I see now the quotas thing and feel silly.

Now lemme try again and thus redeem myself... ahem.

No, a Biter is a guy that rides a Harley.
Nope, a biker can always be found headed for the hills with a backpack, sturdy boots and a stick.
No, I'm sorry but a biker is Michael Owen's position.

P.S. I chose Michael Owen simply because his name is easy to spell. In no way do I mean to infer that I am passionately involved in following the team indicated.
OK... Now, I'm stumped this time.
Michael Owen plays football (soccer) and he is a kicker (thank heavens for google).

No a kicker or a Riker is the tall person at the net who when playing vollyball, intercepts the ball and pounds it back into the opponent's front court for a point or a change in service. (I hope I got that right.)
Hmmm.... I went with Red's clue since I knew the answer. Big Laugh Smilie Soccer isn't a big deal here, except in grade school.

Nope, a spiker is a device that converts electrical signals to soundwaves.
No a speaker is a member of an Australian folk group from the 1960's and beyond (Judith Durham was the lead singer) and so you should "look" for the answer. (that is a hint by the way)

P.S. I apologise for the vaguery of my last post (the Michael Owen). I thought there were a number of football fans that frequented the halls of this site, and the correct answer was "striker". Noneltheless I will benevolently forgive you all, not to mention the silly google site that came up with "kicker" - no offence intended to Grondmaster.
No, a seeker is a piece of apparatus commonly used in scientific endeavours

Hey Galadhril, stop being so vague... actually, don't! It makes it a lot more fun!! Tongue Smilie
No, a beaker is someone who makes bread.

(This is less vague!)
Nyet, a baker is a member of the Religious Society Of Friends... or a brand of oatmeal.
No, a Quaker is one of those Giant Sandworms from the planet Arrakis AKA Dune. Big buggers too.
No, a maker is one who harvests dairy products at their original source.
Naw, a milker is a con-artist, a swindler, a cheat (except the noun doesn't actually need the suffix, as it is spelled the same as the verb)

P.S. I apologize for the vaguery of my last post (the Michael Owen). I thought there were a number of football fans that frequented the halls of this site, and the correct answer was "striker". Nonetheless I will benevolently forgive you all, not to mention the silly google site that came up with "kicker" - no offence intended to Grondmaster.
:elfembar: No offence taken, even though it was deserved. I only googled his name and seeing a picture of a soccer (or footie) player, and not knowing anything about the sport's position playing names, other than "goalie" I came up with the lame "kicker". The word "striker" did pop into my head, but then I thought the correct word was "spiker" and thus my new definition. And we do have a lot of footie fans, they just didn't happen to be playing the game at this time. So don't stop now, we learn by our mistakes. Ain't learning each others cultural deficiencies fun? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Sorry to disappoint, but a trucker is someone who cleans out a stable.
(Okay, so I stretched it too far.)

No a bilker is a petty dispute, wrangle, or quarrel
No, bicker is a material used for making certain types of baskets or chairs.

nope, wicker is a slang word used to refer to the heart.
No, a ticker is a person known for pulling pranks and being generally mischievous.
no, a menace is to have your heart suddenly stop and be taken to the hospital for sugery.
No, a bi-pass refers to upper levels of society.
(Ori: the spelling or sound of "menace" doesn't look similar to or rhyme with "ticker") Elf Winking Smilie

No a trickster or tricker is a guy/gal who drives an American lorry or van.
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