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No Caudimordax but a wreck is the person you think committed a crime, but you lack all the evidence to formally charge them.

Btw....glad to see that you were spared the awful consequences of your car wreck. Hopefully that was your only and last one!
Naw, when you hang something on a wire, you suspect it. Some bridge types are are held up this way.
No, You suspend a garden when you water and weed it. Sam often suspended Frodo's garden.
Well, I thought you pitched a tend to get out of the weather when you went camping.
No, I tent her to the store 5 hours ago.

Nope, went is what you get when you jump in the water.
Naw, when you gamble, you wet something will or will not happen.
Nope, betting is all about the fish...

I hope I'm not too vague...

No, when the sign says there is a 'Room to net," it means there is a room to rent. I think it has something to do with the document called a lease, but I may be mistaken.
Oh! but you are mistaken. Rent is what you find in your dryer's rent trap. and sometimes in your belly button if you don't clean it out often.

(you kinda gave it away grondy. Smile Smilie )

Nope, lint is when you chomp down on something.

I was looking for "let", Caudimordax. And at the present time I can't think of a word that rhymes or is spelled similar to "lint" that fits that definition.

Note: the game works best when only one letter at a time is changed; though adding or subtracting one or two more is okay.

Okay, ignoring my above suggestion, I have come up with something toothy that fits when read by a person suffering from dyslexia.

Naw, a tine is a monetary penalty one pays for wrong doing.
Sorry I have never heard of "Room to Let," and I couldn't solve Rivendellelf's, either.

No, A Fine a geometrical object that is defined by 2 points, and it extend infinitely in each direction.
Not a problem Caudimordax. Happy Elf Smilie

Unuh, line is what we are looking for on the other planets of our solar system and out amongst the stars, because this world is full of it, so there must be more worlds with it out there.
Nope a life rail is a rail about the mast near the deck to which rigging is belayed.
You seem to have stumped us all rivendellelf.
Help us out.
yeah! i stumped some one!

sooooo you guys want a hint ok
it is one letter off of life
All answers, to really follow the rules, should be just one letter off from the previous one, though this is hard to do and is never used to bully anyone for failing to do so. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Naw, to lift is to pass through a sieve so as to separate the course from the fine particles.
No! A sift is similiar to a fissure, crack, crevasse, or fault.
Nope, a rift is a simple form of water conveyance often made of logs roped together, though sometimes it has been made using 50 gallon drums or milk cartons. It could have a sail, but usually is propelled by a pole or paddle, and often just floats at the mercy of the current's whimsy.
No, William Howard Raft was the twenty-seventh President of the United States of America.

(Don't worry that wasn't in my bank of knowledge. I had to look it up.)
No, the stern of the boat is Taft.
I am gonna take a guess here, if it is wrong correct me and move on...Nope aft is what you do in chorus class...I thought that we needed to start over, we had used up all derivations of the last word...
Yes, aft was my word, but is it the clue from which to build your choral class word? (I couldn't get there from here if it was.) Or was I suppose to say:

No, a sing is what you wear on your finger.
Yes, Grondy that was the word that I was looking for no silly a ring is the ruler of a bunch of people and usally wears a crown.
Nope, King was Mulan's male name.
(from the disney movie)
(I am listening to the soundtrack to Mulan right now!!)
No silly Ping, is what birds use to fly, or swim with in the case of penguins...
No a wing is the sound a bell makes.
Nope, Ding is a Chinese name.
Naw, Ming is a weasel-like mammal whose pelt is sewn together with a bunch more of them, to make a luxurious garment, usually a fur coat.
No a bunch of minks are put together to make a chain or even chainmaile.
Un-huh, a link is is where we go skating.
Nope, rink is what most people do with their brain.
No, think is where you do the washing up
No sink is a color that most girls like. (except me i hate it!)
Naw, a rat-pink is a tattle-tale, a stool-pigeon.
No, a fink is when a cord or hose gets twisted and stops working.
Nope, a kink is the short nickname that Peter Pan called his little fairy friend.
Nope, Tink is when you close one eye to another person.
Naw, wink is a bluish-white metallic chemical element; atomic weight 65.38; atomic number 30.
Nope, zinc is what you write with in a pen.
Nah, ink is also an ingredient in a present participle...

Meesah hates Engrish..class

No. An ing is something like a hotel. Like Comfort Ing, Holiday Ing
Naw a inn is something you do that is bad.
No, sin is a mathematical proprotion involving cosine and tangent.
BZZZZZ, try again. A sine is something we should assess for changing the rhyme scheme in the middle of the thread. (Just kidding, that's actually a pretty good save, since it starts a whole new line. )
Naw fine fine is made from fermented grape squeezings.
No, You have to wine old grandfather clocks.
Nope wind is a kind of tree, that many people use for their Christmas trees, they have needles instead of leaves...
Naw, pine is what those little seagulls say in Finding Nemo.
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