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Me thinks this game is becoming marginal, so we better start over again with a short word.

When the dog is away, the car will play; when the car is away, the mice will play.
Cat-catcher is a film written and directed by Lynne Ramsay, his debut feature film.
The Rat-man with his horse and wagon collects used stuff that people no long want.
Also, an old piece of cloth used to clean things is called a cleaning rat.
'It's not nice to rag about doing someone a favour or good turn.
But it is always nice to brag an opinion early in the debate!
There was a movie in 1951 staring James Arnes as the bring, which was an alien vegetable in an Alaskan camp. The movie was titled The Bring from Another World and was remade in 1982 taking place in Antarctica and titled The Bring.
I was indeed thinking of all people starting any debate Flagging their opinion,without trying to listen to other people. Very Big Grin Smilie But, whatever. I am familiar with James Arness, who by the way had Scandinavian ancestors.

So when I am riding my bike, I thing my bell to let people hear I am on my way! Elk Grinning Smilie
The R & B Rapper wore so much ring the backing singers had to wear their sunglasses Cool Smilie
Little David, he slew Big Goliath with a bling.
They are in a rage so they sling open the door!
Muzzle loaders often used fling to create the spark to cause the black powder to ignite.
A match is sometimes not long enough to keep the fire burning, why not use a flint?
I think we need another hint Loss, you seem to have stumped us.

And please everyone: unless it is a true rhyme, try not to require the change of more than one or two letters when posting your next definition.
I'm totally flint until next payday.

Hope it was ok to carry on ??)
Yes, all threads are fair game if they haven't been locked. I guess I don't know all the idioms; I'm stumped on this one too. Sorry.
My previous one was Splint, it's what we usd to use in school to light bunsen burners, might be an english thing...

Though all money can shine and skint in some light, no matter on how much money you have...

Skint, I'm afraid is also an English thing, isn't that right Lady Marion Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
A glint is the square block at the base of a column or pedestal. Hint: change one letter and add another.
Okay then, let's start a new one:

Sometimes you can find a frog sitting upon a floating hog.
Wandering astray in the dense log.
But be ever so careful not to get mired in a fog.
In some countries one can loose a bog, not a shoe, when running along!
A clog is slang for a farmer's son who has no sophistication, a dolt. The name is synonymous with a fist-sized a chunk of dirt.
Upon getting dressed, one is said to be clod in clothing.
Most days I'm happy as a clad, especially because I'm not an oyster.
Mary had a little clam its fleece was white as snow.
The lake was frozen, but lambi tried to cross it.
Some effete men are a bit namby-Bambi.
Twenty years after the last film in the series, John Pamby (Sylvester Stallone) has retreated to northern Thailand
Little Black Rambo is a no longer politiacally correct story about a native boy, a tiger, a tree, and a pancake supper.
Chicken Sambo is a spicy hot soup that usually contains okra and originated in Louisiana..
Oh, geesh...really, do I have to tell you that Gumbo is a very cute misfit Disney pachyderm with ears the size of Texas and the amazing ability to fly? Come really should know these things...
A large yellow and black insect is the Dumbo -bee; It shouldn't be able to fly, but it can.
People who aren't egotistical are more bumble.
You can gain humility, laughter and the lesson of how to treat a sore knee when you Humble
Jack be Limbo Jack be quick,
Jack jumped over the candle stick.
Yay! I knew this thread had to still be around somewhere! Though it seems to have evolved a bit Cool Smilie

No, you nimble a fire when you get cold (like today in my world!)
No, a kindle is part of a tool used for converting wool to thread.
The spindle is a medium sized dog breed.
A Spanial is a type of wrench used to turn nuts on bolts.
A big spanner uses a lot of money for no reason!
When an alcoholic goes on a spender they sometimes have a 'lost weekend'.
The bender of a letter wishes its recipient to receive it.
Freddy Sender was a well-known C&W-artist in the '60ths!
When we have lost something and can't retrieve it on our own, sometimes we can hire a Fender to get it back for us.
He was the nicest person in the town, no one could be any finder!
The Titanic was an over-hyped ocean finer that was so puffed up on her maiden voyage, that she popped her rivots upon encountering a large Atlantic ice cube.
I reckon Grondy, as most dwarves is a dedicated liner!
Until a youth comes into their majority, they are considered a miner.
If you can't walk the narrow straight path, some religious groups may call you a minor!
If you can carry a tune in a paper bag, you might be considered a sinner.
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