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No, a catcher is a baby fowl as it is breaking out through the shell of its former domicile. Big Smile Smilie
no, hatchling is making a roof out of straw.
No, thatching is how the husband lives while his wife is away at her mother's for a couple weeks (living style of most single men living alone).

(I meant hatcher, but as hatchling isn't as made up, I'll work with it.) Very Big Grin Smilie
Nope bachelor are fragments of stone lying above bedrock. (Ratchel, sorry Very Sad Smilie )

[Edited on 24/6/2002 by 42]
Sorry 42, my non-geological mind has drawn a blank. Got The Blues Smilie I'm sure I will recognize your word when I see it, but for the past few days, I like the others have been unable to grasp it from the tips of our tongues. Animated Wink Smilie Would you please take the next turn so we can get the game going again. Smile Smilie
Nope Bitumen??? were kind of roboty things that used to try and kill the Doctor on a regular basis.
No a rail is a very strong wind capable of capsizing a boat or uprooting trees.
Nope a Darlek(sp?) is a type of speach or laguage specific to an area or a limited number of people. (not too sure about that one, sorry!)
No dialect is a flowering shrub whose blossoms are sort of a light purple, or pink, or blue. And they smell nice too.

"Dalek" is the official spelling.
Exterminate! Exterminate! Exterminate!

[Edited on 26/6/2002 by Grondmaster]
I meant Cybermen, but there you go...
Ignore Smilie

Okay then.... nope, cybermen is what a fire engine has on top.
No, Siren is the country that they used to call Persia. The rugs that come from there, sometimes have lilac dyed wool, incorporated into their designs. Smile Smilie
I can follow you guys and girls again! Yay! Big Smile Smilie

No, Syria (?) is a number of TV programs that follow each other up and thus make a story.
Nope, serial is what some people have for breakfast.

(Thanks Grondy, I couldn't get that one either!)
Nope, cereals (or however you write it) is how teachers usually look. Tongue Smilie
Nope, serious is the name of the Dog Star in the constellation Canis Major.

(Iran is where they grow Persian rugs. Deal Smilie Big Laugh Smilie )

[Edited on 4/7/2002 by Grondmaster]
no, sirius is when one has a high fever and mumbles on incessantly. Mad Smilie
oooh! oooh! Can I play?

No, delirious is Mrs. Claibornes first name in that Stephen King novel/movie
nope, Dolores is the name of the car from the movie 'Back to the Future'
No DeLorean is de name of dat Elven hangout between de Central Misty Mountains and de Great River Anduin. Youse knows, where dat Galadys babe has her pad. Smile Smilie
Nope, Lothlorien is a very odd looking musical instrument, which has piano keys on one end and bellows in the middle, and a guy in a funny hat and short pants plays it at the OktoberFest.
Sorry, accordion is actually a car model made by Honda.
Nope, an accord is what you get when you win something Cool Smilie
No! what are you talking about an award is something a DJ uses!

[Edited on 7/7/2002 by Cirdan]

[Edited on 7/7/2002 by Cirdan]
gimli had to read the whole page to figure out what you people were doing, and now he is drawing a blank on what a DJ uses! Mad Smilie
No an record, platter, LP, 45, tape deck, CD, MIC was the nick name of Four Star General and US President, Dwight David Eisenhower.

(You can still play off 'record' if you can think of a good word, I couldn't.)
No, a record is a big truck with a pulley and hook on the back used to haul away broken cars.
damn.. i was stil working on Ike.... ok back to record...
No, a wrecker (?? couldn't think of anything besides 'towtruck' and I know that's wrong...don't know if 'wrecker'is right though...) is someone who works the checkout line at the grocery store...
Nup, a checker is definately part of a 2 story bus.....
No, a decker is something you stick to the bumper of your car or on your window.
Nah, a sticker is a dead trendy boot, especially if you have a blue pair.
Nah, the sneaker is that loudmouth behind the podium.
No, speaker is the position Harry played in Quidditch.
No a pick-up is what happens when your diaphram spasms
No, Crisp(?) is a board game where you try your hand at empire building towards world dominance.

If that's not Cirdan's munchie, ignore my guess. Scrolling Eyes Smilie
Nuh huh, seeker was a title for a Roman Emperor.
No a stick up is a line you tell a lady at a bar that you're interested in.
Nope Ceasar is the place where the tower is a bit wonky.
I do believe the Tower of Pisa is a flat disc-shaped delicacy topped with veggies, meat and tons of cheese!
No, a one a pizza is all you got left aftuh you done et da udder seven pizzas of pisa.
No way! A piece is what Jason and his argonauts went looking for!
No, fleece is that ugly creature that Beauty fell in love with.
No way, beast is what bakers use to get a rise out of their dough.
uh uh, Yeeeeeast is a HUGE meal for many people!
NO no no, a feast is what you make when you tuck all your fingers into your palm and then wrap your thumb around them.
Nope, a fist is that there thing that Santa checks twice to see who's naughty or nice. Angel Smilie
Nope, list is what you are after too much to drink (if you're a brit) or when you're quite upset about something (if you're a yank)
No, pissed is when your arrow flies off-target.

[Edited on 11/7/2002 by Grondmaster]
No, missed is something I wished I had been when I was 16. Kiss Smilie
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