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My high-school teacher had teached us that tall was a big evil ME creature of great strength and poor intelligence .
No a Troll is a leisurely walk you take on a nice summer evening!
Naw a stroll is a motion used to pet a cat.
Naw, stroke is when you jab something with your finger.

Naw, poke are fierce freshwater fish with narrow, pointed snouts, projecting lower jaws, and sharp teeth.
No, a pike is a thing with two wheels that you can ride.

No Stoney, a bike is something you build to keep the water from flooding your basement.
Naw, dike is the nickname of a tool you speak into.

(Grondy merely turned off the italics and the extraneous bold.)
Actually, a mike is what you do when you create something.
Sorry, a make is something that is not real.

Nope, to fake is why you put bread dough into the oven.
No bake is a reptile with no legs and a forked tongue.
No, a snake is a kind of dessert that you eat on your birthday.

Naw, Superman wore a cake; a bullfighter carried one.
Nope a cape is what you use when you rip paper and you have to mend's also used when wrapping presents with wrapping paper...
no way, a tape is a french pancake like thing that you can put ice cream and chocolate in, or eat for breakfast with strawberries or any fruit of your choice, or even fish, if you'd like, you can be creative.
Naw, a cr’pe is a wooden box that you ship things in.
No crate is similar to your destiny. You have to let **** decide
silly goose, a crate is the organized complex of inorganic and organic substances external to the nuclear membrane of a cell and including the cytosol and membrane-bound organelles.
I'm sorry but cytoplasm isn't spelled anywhere near like, nor does it sound any where near like crate , so I can not accept your definition.

Of course if there is an English word that is a synonym for "cytoplasm", someone is free to provide it and prove me wrong. It won't be the last time. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Nope fate is the other half of a pair.
Naw, vegetarians turn their nose up at mate?
No, meat are those things on the bottom of your legs that you stand on.

Sorry Stoney, but feet is the rhythm you keep when playing a musical instrument.
You must be mistaken, but beat is what a flame gives off.
Naw, "All the better to heat you with," said the Wolf in response to Red's, "Oh Grandmother, what big ears you have!"
You are incorrect, hear is a large, fuzzy animal, usually referred to as, "Teddy."

Nope, bear is that stuff that grows on the top of you head.

Nope, hair is what you sit on when you need to rest your weary legs.
Never, chair is what the crowd does when their side scores a Gooooaaaallll!!!
Hopelessly wrong, cheer is a drink made from fermented grain.

Sorry but you are wrong, beer is what slips down your face when you've been crying. Sad Smilie
Naw, tear is when you are scared of something.

Actually fear is what they used to do to wounds in order to seal them and prevent further bleeding.
OOOOW!!!! No, SEAR (oooow!!!!!) is a yummy fruit.
Sorry Loni, but to pear is to listen.
No, silly, a hear is a four legged and often hunted mammal.
Naw, a bear is a female horse. (I expect he wanted deer but I didn't want to leer and thought bear would be more fun to play off of.)
Naw, mare is when you have you meat cook only slightly.

Um no, rare is the price you must pay to ride on a bus.
I don't think so, fare is the family to which bunny rabbits belong.
Well rabbits belong to the rodent family, but I believe the word that you are looking for is hare, which means the opposite of far, not close but...
No, I'm sorry, near is to have feelings about someone
To care about someone means to put clothing on, to .... clothing
Naw, a wear is a dam across a stream to backup or divert water, as for a mill.
Sorry Grondy, but a weir is another name for a prophet.
Nope, a seer is one of those things on either side of your head that you listen with.

Un-huh, Ear is another name for Ireland.
Naw, Eire means scary weird!
Nope, eerie means thin; unsubstantial; without solidity; delicate or graceful in appearance or quality; ethereal; immaterial.
Wow, Grondy, you're making these too hard for us simple, common folk...Can't you dumb it down a bit? I like this thread! Dunce Smilie
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