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Ha so simple *bows to tinuviel*

You can add lots when playing counter-strike in single player mode.
Naw, fish breath-in water through slots called gills where oxygen is extracted to keep them alive.
Nope, some people can walk on tall slits, though.
They hadn't much but he got his stilts.
Sorry, I'm going to need another hint here.
Even if they had to stint their rations so it could last the measured time, he got his shares! Sorry, if I again have mislead anyone, may as well.
Nope, Orc Sad Smilie I still can't figure out a word the rhymes with or is spelled very similar to stilts that means "shares."

I may have laid another egg, but I'm a believer, and according to my dictionary stints should also mean shares. But I've been mistaken before so ....
No, you are right, Happy Elf Smilie it can also mean allotments (third definition in my 5 inch thick dictionary), so.....Some men and women in the movies are paid quite well to accomplish very dangerous stints.
The boars attacked each other with stunts and roars.
Naw, graduate students usually rely on grunts in order to fund their research.
I'm on very thin ice here Grondy! And the water is ever so deep!
Okay, I'll give you the actual answer as it was used in the consolidation question on Grocho Marx's radio show, 'You Bet Your Life'. That being, "Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?" Or for the purpose of this game, "Who is buried in Grunt's Tomb?"
And I was sure that he was a great general, that why someone did grant flowers on his grave!
A piece of lumber whose size is that between a board and a timber is called a plant. Most political parties have platforms formed of many, or just a few plants.
With all that air (mostly hot) politican parties have one should think they need jet-plans.
I was looking for plank, but not to worry.Happy Elf Smilie

You will get burned if you put your hand in the plane.
You will not be a bride if you are a pan in my country; maybe if you are a "wopan"!
When I was a kid, on a summer's evening we used to play 'Kick the Man'. "Over the man' on Elmo." (We really had an Elmo in our neighborhood.)

'The Little Engine that Could' said "I think I man, I think I man.
When I was growing up, I loved going to my Can's House, as Little Red Riding Hood did when she decided "hmmm, I think I'll walk alone in the woods today to see my Can
And the chicken grew up and became a gran' (short for granny?)
Four and six, two and eight, three and seven, five and five, and nine and one all add up to hen.
(If hen rhymes with gran, which I doubt; however I can't think of another word that is better.)
Close enough for us foreigners! It kind of rhymes in Norwegian! Animated Wink Smilie

The Indian's tipi is kind of a ten, you can go camping with it.
After you give the grocer your money for a candybar, that money is tent.
The apartment was for sale not for spent.
The smallest critter in the litter is called the rent.
When you are climbing a ladder you step on the runt.
My best friend has been shamelessly flaunting her engangement rung.
When I went into the bar, they unplugged the Kereoke machine, because they didn't want me to ring.
And when I did it was like Elvis; I was the Sing!
When the pebble hit may car, it made a small king rather than a dent; just as when the pebble hit the gong it make a small king rather than a dong.
Give a hint, please. I can't be as easy as believed!
It's either Ding or Ting...........

I've never broken my arm, leg or any bone in my body before ever (I must be lucky), but if I did break my arm, I'd have to use a Ding
Got'cha Loss! Thanks a lot!

And I'm reversing the play because Elvis sang: "Don't you wear my sling around yoyr neck.." Snowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman SmilieSnowman Smilie Snowman Smilie
And after the bell ring, the class was called to order.
And Elvis rang :"Jailhouse Rock".
I went to sang my coat on the third peg from the left, but found it was already occupied.
The snake's hang scared me so I jumped back!
If you want to join my fang, you must first say, 'Grondy may I?'
For creation may be known as the big gang, I suppose!
Rather than keeping my money in my mattress, I keep it in a bang.
I am glad some people were saved when Titanic bank.
The dungeon was very dreary, dark, and sank, not to mention damp.
I've been listening to some contry music by Rank;- Williams that is!
A hansome male is sometimes called a hank.
Yes, and when turns green we call him The Hunk.
When items items like apples, oranges, potatoes, wheat and corn are not sold packaged, they are said to be sold by or in hulk.
When I don't get my will i am going to bulk for days.
My foot is cold because my sulk has a hole in it.
My grandfather clock has a long pendulum: as it swings one direction I hear a "tick" and as it swings in the other, i hear a sock.
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