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no no no no no, Kissed is what a ship does when it leans one side.....
No, a list is a speach impediment where s sounds like th.
Naaaa! Lisp is a crunchy treat in many marvellous flavours! "Crunch! he he he!"
Nope, risk is the type of walk I take in the morning to get my heart pumpin'. Big Laugh Smilie
Naw, a brisk is a pat down looking for concealed weapons.
Uh-uh, sorry, but a frisk is that thingy I use to beat my eggs in the morning after my invigorating walk. Big Laugh Smilie
Whoa there! That there whisk that you be using to beat your brekkie eggs is really a puff of smoke... or part of the name of that cartoon that Kenneth Williams did the voiceover know!? Tongue Smilie
I thought wisp and also whisp were long leather tools that when handled properly, bite and crack at their bitter ends.

Unless of course whisp was Horatio's favorite card game.
NO! , a whip is what happens when you take E
Nope a trip is what a lot of people did with a rope back in pimary school.
.No, a sh*t is what you use to sail the ocean blue.

(The asterisk replaced a dotted eye, for any slow learners out there in cyberspace.) Very Big Grin Smilie
No, a skip is a short, funny, theatrical sketch. Like on Mad TV.
Nope a skit is what you have to do every day, especially if you eat a lot of fibre...
no a ship is what old ladies keep breaking when they fall over their dogfood and hair-nets
Nope, hip is what you do when you take a small drink from your glass. Question Smilie
i thought a sip was what happened when you put a hole in your clothes...
No a rip is what you take with a ladle or a quick swim.
Sorry, but a dip is to tightly hang onto something.
No, a grip is what Timothy Leary was always on...ya know...back in the 60's Winking Smilie
No, a trip is pulling the old rabbit out of a hat, or sawing the odd lady in half.
No, a trick is a red rectangular block used for building houses and suff.
I thought a brick was the edge of a precipice.
Nay, a brink is where you ice or roller skate.
no a rink is what you get when you're thirsty...... must obey your thirst you know... Tongue Smilie
no, a drink is something you do with your eye when you want to gain someones attention..... (i'm thinking ahead here and i wonder if anyone will go for the rather rude option next time Wink Smilie )
No, wink is the substance that gets on your fingers were you to read a newspaper.
Well, here is your hint. To quote Gimli from the movie:

..and they call this a ****! A ****!

Sorry to be so abscure, but does this help?
If not then I will come up with something else tonight.
No, an ink is a ferret like animal that is sometimes made into coats Sad Smilie
Nope, a mink is a bald religious bloke who makes wine.
No a monk is a bad state of mind, often colored blue. It is sometimes mistaken for that other automobile, the Huff, in which people often go off in.
Nope, a funk is a stoolie, a rat, an informant.
Nope, to fink is to formulate, ponder, reason, etc.
No, a think is where you wash your hands and face.
uh uh, sink is what happens to my sweater when the water is too hot.
No, a shrink is where we go skating.
Nah, a rink is what's missing from the theory of evolution.
no a link is when you walk funny because of pain.....
no, a limp is a seafood delicacy.
No, to shrimp is to mind your pennies, to get by as cheaply as possible.
Nope, to skrimp (sp?) is to omit a step.
No, a skip is the mode of transportation Frodo and the elves used for their journey to the Grey Havens.
No, ship is what's left after the body processes--oops, Got The Blues Smilie I'm not allowed to go there. Shaking Head Smilie Big Laugh Smilie

No, a ship is a very small bite taken by a pair of scissors.
nope, neon is a gas used in refrigeration which has contributed to that big hole in the sky.
LOL...that was just begging to be said wasn't it? Better you than me Grondy Wink Smilie

No, a snip is someone who won't mind their own business!
No, a snoop is a single masted yacht.
Nope, a sloop is what chickens are made into for people who are sick (no one here hopefully!)
Nope, soup is where the chicken lives before she sacrifices her life for the sick human. Smoke Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie

No, a coop is when people overthrow a government.....
No, coup is what you say when something is groovy, snazzy, swell, etc. Cool Smilie
I do believe that cool is an institution of learning. Wink Smilie
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