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Another hint please.
No, pant is something you put on your walls and stuff that gives them color. The pant on the walls in my room is gray.
Naw, a paint is a person who has led an exemplary life.
Lol Grondy, you are so wrong, Saint is when you pass out! Tongue Smilie Silly Grondy...

[Edited on 19/11/2003 by Airecristiel]
Nah, Aire, faint is a song by Marilyn Manson (at least it is when you add '-ed Love' to it Wink Smilie )
Nonononono Rawien, Taint is something very ordinary, common and not special at all.
Naw, a plain is used to remove very thin shavings from wood in order to make it smooth. You can also use two other types of plains to travel in air or on water.
No! Really? I'm pretty sure Plane is the nothernmost state of the USA. My geography is pretty good, too. Plus, I've eaten fresh lobster from Plane, and it is pretty good.
I don't think so, Maine is the long hair growing on the top or sides of the neck of Lions and Horses and Bison oh my!
Really? And All this while I was thinking that Mane was that transport we fly in!
No, Plane was a 1953 western staring Alan Ladd who played a buckskin knight and rides into the middle of a range war between farmers and cattlemen. The photography, highlighting the landscape near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, won an Oscar.
U know Grondy, I don't think many of us have seen old hollywood movies. So I m sorry I can't continue. So plz either change that post or give an answer rself in the next post so that we "stupid, ignorant" ppl can continue!
I don't think of myself as either stupid or ignorant, so...

No, actually Shane is something that you feel when you've done something wrong and you are embarassed by it.
No, shame is what Sador Labadal was. Look in the Silmarillion or Unfinished Tales!
Naw, lame is what domesticated animals are.
Nah, tame is what celebrities get besides fortune. Smile Smilie
nope! fame is the category we place soccer, football, rugby, cricket, tennis etc under.
No, game is when you come out on the plus side.
No, gain is the feeling we get when we are hurt .
I thought a pain was a play on words!
Naw, I for breakfast I like a sticky pun with caramel and pecans on it rather than just sugar and cinnamon.
Oh but Grondy, don't tell me you eat that! The bun is a big and gasy star, far far away from us, but on whom we relay completely! Please don't eat it!
No, a Sun is what your brother is to your parents; and I don't mean a couch-potato, an ever-empty-stomach, or 'the brainless one'. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
No Grondy!!! Son is something you do when you see a giant orc Orc Going Huh Smilie coming after you and you have no weapons!! Na-na-na-na-na Smilie Super Scared Smilie hehe this is fun!!
Oh come on HobbitHomie! Run is something you have with friends, it makes you happy and hopefully you lagh a lot. I often have a lot of run here. Smile Smilie
lol! Aire! Don't have too much fun here. Because if u have it without a proper lisence and the police sees u with it, u will be behind bars! and please don't try to threaten anyone with fun!
Sorry Aragorn, but gun is the answer to this riddle...
Forwards I'm heavy, backwards I'm not. What am I?

heh heh heh..
No, ton is the element whose symbol is Sn.
Naw, a tin is something we shouldn't try to do, especially the seven deadly ones.
No, sin is people who are related to us, usually we say our next-of-sin. Big Smile Smilie
No, Kin is the title of a book by Rudyard Kipling about an orphan boy who learns to be a spy for his late father's regiment.
Nope Kim is wat the fish use to propel themselves in water.
Naw, fin is a clear alcoholic liquor flavored with juniper berries.
No, gin is the older name for 'genie.'
Nope, a jin is a large container for storing dry articles, usually in the bulk.
Grondy - give us a clue so we can carry on with the game, no ones been posting =(
Okay Rawien. Happy Elf Smilie

Hint: it starts with "b."
Nope, a BIN is something you use to hem clothes
No, pin is a shade of the color red.
Ok this is my first time trying this so it might be wrong:

No, pink is something you need to have in order for a bracelet to stay on

Naw, the link are weasle-like mammals whose pelts have been used to make luxurious fur coats.

No, a mink is something you fill water with to wash the dishes!

No, sink is what you do when you're thirsty.

No, drink is the liquid that comes out of your pen that forms words on the paper

Could you be more wrong? Ink is what boats do when they have holes in.

Sorry your wrong a sink is a place that has ice where people can ice skate.
Do you mean George Borrow or Saul Bellow?

What????? Elf Confused Smilie
Do you mean George Borrow or Saul Bellow?
What????? Elf Confused Smilie
Me thinks Astrid's post concerned the game responses at the bottom of page 1, but as we are now working on page 82, we will just continue with:

Naw, rink is your place in the pecking order.
No, to rank is to talk in a loud, excited manner.
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