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Thread: The Name Game

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Orimono Shujin: Big Smile Smilie
Use the form:

No, a (or to) Word A is a (or to) Definition B

No, a (or to) Word B is a (or to) Definition C

No, a (or to) Word C is a (or to) Definition D

No, a (or to) Word ...
So you might better have said:

"No, to pry is when you are unhappy and tears run down your cheeks."
Naah, cry is the word that usually comes between the words oh and god to get it all to make sense. Big Laugh Smilie
No my is where the Fellowship disturbed the Balrog in Moria.
Sorry Rednell, I think you have lost us here. Question Smilie Smile Smilie Please give us another hint or continue on with the correct word and a new definition. Big Smile Smilie
Abyss? Khazad-Dum? Bridge? No wait, that doesn't make sense. Big Smile Smilie
Okay, I'll go watch the movie again to see if I can sus it out.
I watched the entire Moria episode and missed it, so it must be the part in the book where Sam is complaining about the "darksome holes" and Gimli expounds, "These are not holes,''... This is the great realm and city of the Dwarrowdelf." and goes on to recite his epic poem In Moria, in Khazad-d’m. All this I think PJ, bless his black heart, boiled down to:
..and they call this a mine! A mine!
Therefore, we are back in the name game with:

No, a straight mine is the shortest distance between two points as long as you don't take any shortcuts for mushrooms.
nope, a line is a citrus fruit.
no lime is some that there never seems to be enough of in the day.
nope, time is an acting technique which requires body language for expression instead of words.
Nope, what's mime is not yours, its mime.
Nah, dontcha know mine comes before ten?
Nine! Der Nine ist der Egyptian runningriverlongest.
Nope, Nile is what the occassional little gem in this thread makes me do.
No, smile is an adjective use to describe something highly offensive or revolting. Ya know, like an orc!
Ahem! No Prog, your wrong you cheese brain! A VILE is a tiny container for liquids, usually made of glass. Look Around Smilie
Oh, that kind of offensive or revolting word. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie

No, vial is a name for a hobbit hole turned into a mansion, if my pronunciation is correct.
Looks like we are the only ones left playing Grondy.

No, a smial is a proceeding attended by judges, lawyers, criminals and other unsavory types.
Prog: I think P-T just got so big that people have a hard time getting this far in their daily reading. I've got broadband and it has taken me three hours to get to this point. Of course I waste a lot of time overly wordsmithing my posts. Elf Winking Smilie

Nope, a trial is a path in the wilderness.
huh!! I thought a trail was that thing at the end of a doggie......
No, a tail is the horizontal part of a fence, or what a locomotive runs on two of.
Nope, Gale was a city of Northmen, just south of Erebor.
Nope, Dale was a chipmunk (get out of that one) oh all right, it's what Hay comes in..
Naw, bale is how what you do with a tablespoon, teacup, or coffee can to remove water from a leaky boat.
Nope, bail is what your gonna do if you try to save your leaky boat with a teaspoon!

Hint: what many feared Frodo might do in his quest to destroy The Ring
No, fail is what the Postman (or Postperson) delivers.
hey, can I play too? Smile Smilie

No, mail is a piece of fabric placed on boats or ships.
Hey, new blood. Pary Smilie Good to have a new player, elentari31.
Nope, sail is what I plant my garden seeds in.
No, soil is hard or exhausting work.
Nope, toil is a yukky messy black substance. Tongue Smilie
No, oil is what water does when you apply heat and it starts to bubble.
Nope, boil is very thin sheets of metal.
Sorry, but a foil is a folder for organizing papers.
Nope, folio is a disease for which Dr, Jonas Saulk discovered the vaccine that essentially keeps people from becoming disabled from it.
Nope, Polio is a game played with hammers on horseback by terribly posh people.
Naw, polo is when you do something by yourself, like playing an instrument or flying an airplane.
No no no, Solo was the name of the asian guy on Star Trek!
I think noun would have done, but a pronoun is surely found in the nucleus of an electron, having a positive charge.
Nope, Sulu is the name of a South African warrior race.
Nope a stuck-up is a robbery made at gun point.
NOT! Zulu is the capital of Hawaii.

(I know, it's a stretch, but cut me a break here people! Big Laugh Smilie )
No Hon, a lulu is the sack-like dress the ladies wear, there while their grass skirts are in the shop.

(Nothing personal mate, but you did leave yourself open for it, and I wasn't sure if one of the gals would pick up on it.) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Shoot, Grondy, you beat me to it. Big Laugh Smilie
No a mumu is a spirtiual master.
Sorry, but a guru (that is right, right?) is a noun used as a verb. Ya know, like "I've been Grondied!"
Nope a gerund gerund is a short frilly dress worn by a ballerina.

(If someone wants to play off of "gerund", feel free to do so.)
Nope, tutu is a latin word that means "together" (I think)... Oh, alright! It's also the name of a certain famous dog. Sheesh!
Naw, Toto is the sum, the altogether.
No, a total is a place where you can stop and spend a couple of nights in it and eat breakfast there.
ech! no! a hotel is the position you are in inside the womb when all curled up in a ball.
(or if that one was too rubbish its a childs toy company...... ) Big Smile Smilie
Nope, a hotel is receptacle in which all manner of liquids and jell-like substances are stored.
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