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No tasted is what you have to do while it's cooking to keep your turkey tender.
No Basted is what you are after 30 pints and a couple of doobies.
No wasted is a seam temporarily sewn with loose stitches.
No tacked (?) is what your shirt is when the bottom of it is inside your pants or skirt.

(Please delete me if I have the wrong word Grondy)

The actual word meant was "basted", but as we have been down that spelling route before, we can continue down your trail. Wink Smilie
[Edited on 17/3/2002 by Grondmaster]
No way, tucked is one of my favourite words which I'm not allowed to post here without a whole load of ****s.
No, sucked is what you do to eyebrows and chicken feathers. :P
[Edited on 17/3/2002 by Grondmaster]
No plucked is what you call someone who is unusually optomistic and vivacious.
No, plucky is someone who good things happen to all the time.
Nope, lucky is what you get from playing in the mud!
No, yucky is a yellow bathtub toy made from a soft plastic like substance. It was made famous by 'Bert and Ernie' and one also was the prized possession of the Captain of the Gogafrincham 'B' Ark. Cool Smilie
No, ducky is what you call a woman who loves babies. (I get called that a lot) Big Smile Smilie
[Well she got me on this one. Sad Smilie Lucky, Plucky, Mucky, Mommy? Big Smile Smilie Again I'm lost. :o Can anyone else figure it out?] Smile Smilie
Clucky is are what you need to start your car and can never find!
Smile Smilie
No Car Keys are what you see at the zoo in the primate exhibit.
No, monkey is what you call your roommate who sleeps on the upper level. Smile Smilie
(Lost me there, wouldn't it be the same thing?)
lol 42.Big Smile Smilie
No, bunky is what you call a pert, smart-alec, tomboy.

If one sleeps on the upper level, one is probably in a bunkbed which can be found in bunkhouses as well as in children's rooms. Okay, on trains and ships they are called berths, but that didn't rhyme with monkey. Anyway, my roommate at university called me "Bunky", so I figured it worked. Sorry. Sad Smilie Big Smile Smilie
No, spunky is ...
Isn't spunky what you call a porcupine or echidna or any animal with sharp quills?
No spikey is what they called that kid what liked 'Life' in the old TV cereal commercial.
Nope, Mikey (guessing here,having never seen the ad.) is what some people call tramping.
No a Hikey, is a far right piece of ivory on a piano. Or it is a tell-tale mark left after an assignation.
No, high G is like brushing your teeth and taking care of yourself...

(high G is the last key, right? or is it C?)
No high C is the what the wet roadway gets when its temperature falls below zero degrees centigrade.

(Actually the note is a lot higher and I just meant a "high key"; however, I like your second answer better.) :wink
It is a C (at least it is on mine)
And Icy is what you say when you finally understand something.
No, "I see" is something is that might not work out, that might be a gamble.
Nope dicey is what overly expensive things are
no, winnings is what this smilie is doing Wink Smilie
Nope, wingdings are what you hope to take home from a casino.

No, Skidmark was that film-noir actor, first name of Richard, from the fifties and sixties, maybe even the forties.
He starred in Panic In the Streets Directed by Elia Kazan (1950) and Pickup On South Street Directed by Sam Fuller (1953),

Naw, pricy was the vocation of of Edward Teach Thatch, William Kidd, Henry Morgan. and John Silver. Awk!, Pieces of Eight!, Pieces of Eight!, Awk!, Avast ye lubbers!, Arrrgh!
Nope piracy is what you want when you go into your room and shut the door!
No, privacy is the bginining stage, or elementary school.
No, primary is a numeric system made up of a lot of ones and zeros.
no, binary is where they make wine
No Vineyard is the name of Peter Jackson's original production company.
(I meant 'winery' but that's ok...)

anyhow, Vidmark is the thing your tires leave behind when you slam the breaks...
No, Skidmark was that film-noir actor, first name of Richard, from the fifties and sixties, maybe even the forties.
Erm... I meant Wingnut, but there you go, carry on..
Okay then, nope wingnut is a very strange font on some computers.
No, winking is when you do it with both eyes at the same time. Cool Smilie
Nope, blinking is what I am doing with this coffee right now!
No, drinking is what some people do with the thing residing inside their ear separator.
No, thinking(and that took some!) is what your boat is doing when it has a hole in it!
Nope, sinking is what I like to do in the shower.
No, singing is what you do when you desperately hold on to something.
No, clinging is the sound made by ice cubes contacting the side of your glass.
No, clinking is when you give some one a ride on the back of your bike.
Nope, smooch is the type of surface I hope to acheive with my sandpaper.
Lost me there Allyssa-hint?
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