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You'd better watch out Grondy, they'll throw you in prison for committing a prime.
No, a crime is a green fruit that looks like a lemon.
No, a lime is a branch of a tree also one leg of an old lady.
Ah, come on, it isn't that hard. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
nah, a limb is one of those cute fluffy things that you see frolicking in the fields and then you go home and eat them. Haha.
nah ah, a LAMB is what you jump out of and into the fire when you make a bad decision
No a pan is a play on words, which is partially what this game is about.
But I thought a pun was something that you stick jam and cream in and eat and mmm yummy.... (I'm hungry :P)

(btw: I'm baaaack! sorry, I thought I'd just announce that somewhere and since this was the first thread I've stepped in to for ages.... :P)
No, a bun is something you use for hunting or self defence.
Wrong! A gun is a organ used to breathe
Nope to lung is to suddenly move forward, like to thrust with a sword.
Nah uh, to lunge is when you jump into the water.

(edited about 1 sec. after I posted it, because I apparently don't like the word 'jump'...)

nar, yer way off, plunge is a soft cake you eat with cream and strawberrys on top( me mum loves em)
No, sponge is one of those big elastic bands that you tie between your ankles and the bridge before almost committing sewerside.
Okay it is 'bunge' cord and 'bungee' jumping but both are pronounced the same.

No, a bunge is the spigot placed in a beer keg.
No, bung is what happens when you place something on a wall.
No, a hung is the thing that is in your mouth that you taste with.
Nope, if you're not old and you're not middle aged, then you are tongue.
No, someone who is young likes to play in the fecal matter of animals
Naw, I like to dung my doughnut in my coffee or hot chocolate.
No, dunk is the stuff kids have in their room.
Naw, JUNK are those thingys brothers genually fight over getting the top of.(if that makes sence)
Naw, bunk is the past participle of sink.
Amateurs, a sunk is a man who lives in a monestary.
Naw, a monk coat used to be wanted by most of the fairer gender.
No, no, no you've got it all wrong mink is when something really smells
Nah, stink is what you do in a pub.
Sillies, drink is what you do when you use your mind! Alcoholic Smilie
Sorry, think is a color associated with the fairer sex.
Naw, pink is the glowing ember thingy used to light fireworks.
nuppers WICK is that painful thingy I get in my neck when I spend to much time on the PC
Nonsense! A crick is what magicians perform when trying to escape from bothersome relatives.
Naw, a trick is for racing around.
No, a TRIKE is the two wheeler equivalent of a tricycle.
No, a Bike is a sharp pointy thing I would not want to step on.
Nopers, a spike is what you did yesterday when you said something.

no a speak is the top of a mountain
No no no, peak is what taps sometimes do.
Nope, to leak is to smell really bad.
No, reek is what you say when you see a rat!
Tsk, tsk-Eek! is what my bird uses to squak with!
Wrong again, a beak is to look for.

No, to seek is someone who is easily imposed on
No sneak is what little kiddies do on Christmas Eve night to look at the presents once Santa has left them till their parents get up.
No, peek is when you aren't strong.
No, everyone knows there are seven days in a weak.
Pah! You week when you get out of bed.
Naw, you need an oven to wake bread, cake, pizza, biscuits, and cookies.
No, you need a bake to clean up the leaves.
Excuse me, but rake is what selfish people do and they don't give.
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