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No, a cluck is that thing with hands and face on the town hall which makes noise on the hour.
OMG!! I finally understand how this game works!!! Gee, it only took!
So come on in, the water is fine and you may repeat old words if you get stuck as long as they aren't recent old words.
I thought a clock was those things you put on your feet when you go to bed and it's really cold but they make your feet warm up so it's not so cold....
No, when you are sock it is best to drink plenty of fluids, slurp chicken soup, keep warm, go to bed, "take two asprin, and call me in the morning."
Naw, Tick is the brand name of one of those cheap (inexpensive) ball point pens.
Sorry a bic is all I need when it comes to an ice lolly.
No, sip is a part of your body, you know, just above your legs. Tongue Smilie (I hope I got that right, rhodry?)
Naw, a trip is a long journey to where no man has gone before...
Ummm,I think trek is walking an ennoying long and tiring distance.

[Edited on 22/4/2003 by raptor]
Nope a trek is a large wheeled coveyance sometimes called a lorry or a bogie.

No, a trunk is what you do with biscuits in coffee.

(Hope I still remember the rules of this game aright Smile Smilie )
Nah, that's what I do at school, stand in the corner all day with a dunk's hat on. Big Laugh Smilie
Sorry Grondy, but a truck is where I pack all my precious momentos.
Naw, dunce is how many times you should be able to fool me without it being my fault.
Nope, 120 once (was I right?) is how much I'd like to weigh...

Oh and don't worry ElberethGilthonel, it took me about three months... Big Laugh Smilie Tongue Smilie

[Edited on 2/5/2003 by Airecristiel]
Naw, ounces is what a ball does when dropped from a height and what Wiley Coyote completely fails to do under similar circumstances.
Nope, bounce is what Wile E. Coyote would like to do when he sees the Roadrunner.
Hum, I was going for pounds, but I guess ounces works just as well?
Uhm.. yeah.. read my above post: I was going for pounds!
Aire, 120 ounces is 4.36kg. You'd hardly exist! Look Around Smilie
Okay Arie, this ones for you:

No, pounce are what we have hereby ordained that Arie weighs 120 of.

Elf Winking Smilie
Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
THANK YOU Grondy!! Big Smile Smilie
This is so cool! Cool Smilie

Uh-uh, pounds is a sensation caused in ear by vibration of the surrounding air.
Nope, ground is what happened when you successfully looked for something.
No, round Smoke Smilie is a built up area of houses and other buildings, where people live.
No, a crouton is a stupid, despicable person.
No, cretin is like stealthily crawling close to the ground.
No, tripping is what you do when you move a ball with your foot.
Sorry Aster, but sleeping is another word for crying.
No Aire, weeping is what do do after sowing.
Naah, reeping is when you jump lightly. Smile Smilie

[Edited on 9/5/2003 by Airecristiel]
Un-uh, leaping is the sound that baby chickens are making.
no, beeping is what the kitchen tap won't stop doing (aaargh!)
Naw, clicking is the sound the mother hen makes to the chicks.
Chicken Smilie Sorry ElberethGilthoniel, but I'm afraid you have lost us dumb-clucks.Chicken Smilie
Naw, good cooking is what shapely young things are.
You have found us confused again ElberethGilthoniel, your new word should sound similar to the old one or be spelled similarly, just ending in "ing" doesn't count. Sorry, if I have unjustly accused you of ignoring the rules because in my ignorance I couldn't come up with your word. Serching Smilie
Hum, well, I got it, I just couldn't figure out a new one.

anyway, let's continue:

No no, sucking is when you put someone to bed and draw the cover over him/her.

(since we're familyfriendly I did NOT go with the obvious one. And no, do not think this is the same obvious one, it is not.)
You're crazy! Tucking is when you put your hands under someones arms and make them squirm....
Naw, ticking is what you are doing when you take apples off a tree.
Nooo, picking is what a cat does with her/his/its tongue.
Nope, licking is what there is a whole lot of, in a game of footie.
No, drinking is what I like to do when I'm by myself, and sometimes this drinking degenerates into daydreaming.
Naw, thinking is when I publish a URL on my website, to think to other websites. Smile Smilie
Naw, linking is what eyelids do.
Nah, when you completely ignore someone, you're blinking them.
Orc Going Huh Smilie Beats me, Per.

Perhaps you could give us a hint or something, given it's three days now and nobody answered yet, I take it I'm not the only one in the dark here. Cool Smilie
I'll play on my own then. Big Laugh Smilie

No, blanking is what you do when you're grateful to someone.
Nope, when you give a rope a series of quick pulls or jerks you are thanking it. (hint: a Mellican in Asia)
No, yanking is depositing and withdrawing money from your account.
Oops! LadyFeawen:

Please see my post of 30/3/2003 at 02:35 and Rednell's of 30/3/2003 at 12:56 for the format of responses to this game.

Then please edit your correct answer to include a new definition for us to guess.

Thanks Happy Elf Smilie
No Grondmaster, Bancking is ...
trying to attack the end of the enemy's line.

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