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Actually, a horse's mine is the hair flowing from the back of its head and down its neck.
Naw, the principle part of a item is its mane component.
Naw, main is is a another name for a road.

No, a Great Lane is the breed of a rather large dog.
Nope, dane is what you feel when you get hurt.
Naw, "de pain, de pain" is what the little guy on Fantasy Island used to say at the beginning of that TV show.
No, De plane is one of the types of nouns in English class. Person, planes, things, and even ideas.

I have never seen Fantasy Island, I had to actually google it.
Nah, I don't think so... places are the things that made lots of people sick from WAY back when, there was a black one....

Naw, plague is what the dentist has to chip off your teeth if you don't floss well enough.
Nope, plaque is what you do to lessen the agitation of someone.

Naw, placate is the door to the playpen. Okay, I've had to reach for this, so if you can't find another one to follow it, start a new one with a three or four letter word.
My lame word was "playgate". So let's start a new one.

No, wend is a stiff breeze.
No when you wind something that was lost, you discover where you last put it.
No, no you need to use string to find things together.
Nope, bind is what you call something that is yours.
nope, mine is what you use to tie hay together to make hay bales...
Naw, anyone knows a twine is pig or hog; also a viscious or contemptable person.
No way swine is an acholic drink.
Naw, grapes grow on a wine.
No, vine is what clocks tell us...
Nah, time is actually a colour
No, a lime is a tree's branch, or what women a hundred years ago, called one of their legs.
Nope, a Limb is a young sheep
Naw, lambs come in various styles and types; there are floor lambs, and table lambs, and even headlambs, which are found on automobiles.
no, a light is when you run away or flee from something or someone.
I was looking for "lamp"

Nope, flight is perception by the eyes.
Unun, light is a little piece of paper tied to a string that we fly in the air. (ben franklin used one to discover electricity)
I was looking for "sight", but not to worry. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Naw, most people when they want to make a model of something, go to the store and buy a kite that contains all the necessary parts to build it.
sorry maybe i shouldnt post here any more................ oh well

naw, i think that a kit is a thing that you catch baseballs in.
No, so don't throw a hissy-mit when I say you're wrong!
How 'bout I go fall into a fit?
Naw, because at its bottom there might be some kettles or a big iron pit, and I wouldn't want you to get hurt.
And that kettle my be over a fire and it would be really pot.
That depends how long it had been over the fire: if for a really long time, then that pot really hot to be hot.

Forget the spelling on this one and and go with the sound.
No, education was best when all the pupils learned all that the teacher ought.
No Grondy it was a pair of shoes I taught
Naw, the centerfielder faded all the way back to the warning track, jumped high in the air, and with his arm out stretched, just barely bought a snowcone with his glove; this he mantained. Then he quickly transfered the ball to his throwing hand and he doubled-up the runner, who failing to make it back to second, was called out, retiring the side.
Man, All I could hear was a caught (or a draft) in my head when I was trying to find the right word to follow.
Naw, a long period of abnormally low rainfall, especially one that adversely affects growing or living conditions is known as a draught.
No Drought is what you make bread out of.
Nope, dough is a female deer.
Naw, a doe is what you use to shoot arrows.

nope bow is what you do with a needle and thread or a bowing machine...
Naw, a sew is a body of water usually larger than a lake and smaller than an ocean.
(Not sure if I've got the correct word!!!!)

Now Grondy you know the sea is a little insect with a nasty sting
Naw, navy bee soup usually contains ham and onions as well as bees, and I also add a little carrot for color.
Nope, a pea is what u use to open a door that is locked.

Is this right?
No, a key is the wood or plastic peg that you drive a golf ball from at the start of each hole.
Nope, tee is a name you have for yourself.
Naw, your me is the joint in the middle of your leg, it wears also wears a type of head covering, and I don't mean hair, I mean apparel.
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