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you know
how u get all moby when u take a bath?
but someone can sob you if you don't take a bath
or even robyou while doing so
So please put on your robe before you jump to
many places, so you hop to places that have been made smaller
but wil one becom a bobby doing so?
No, a neophyte is also called a booby.
Nah, I believe noobie the flavor of something, i.e. ______ fruity.
and a dobody isn't really important?
I think Icey was looking for "tootie", but no matter. Happy Elf Smilie

The Tin Woodsman was sort of nobody , like similar to 3CPO, but not as knowledgeable; and neither had a heart. For one of those you would have interview/inspect/interrogate R2D2.
But Tin's friend "Lionheart" (or was he in lack of something) might have been somebody
I think our word has gotten too big making it hard to find a rhyme or another similarly spelled word, so I will start a new one.

No, the opposite of hot is bold.
no, cold is the opposite of a type of punishment given out by a parent
Naw, dumping a pot of boiling water over your head is one surefire method to scold yourself.
nope, you get scald when your as old as Grondy....well, mayb a little younger :P
just kidding
probably a lot older
aaah yes, but Bald is the age effect of decay in food
I will not like to eat bold food, even if it's coming from the 'fridge
no, cold is umm....when you age you do this

that one suked
I think Loss was looking for the word mold, but nevermind... to carry on from Elrose:

I see the price of old has gone up considerably over the last couple of years. Now all I need to do is find the end of a rainbow. Look Around Smilie
The gold found at rainbow's end might be told if the price is right Elf Smilie
And how much land do you sold, like how much do you own or that is under your control?
Another hint: When you pick something up with your hand and it stays there, you are said to sold it.
if you throw the ball really fast and on target at a few sticks you are sure to hold them out

I was looking for Mould, Woooo Tin’viel Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Teehee - please excuse my bad spelling Loss

I don't really like bowled eggs, I prefer them scrambled or fried.
So sorry I cannot get my car started, there's something matter with the boil I presume.
No, I'm going to oil your dastardly plot by throwing a spanner (monkey wrench) into the works.

later edit: well if your oil tuned to cement you wouldn't be able to start your car, but Rafael probably wanted "coil". If you are stuck on my word here's another clue.

It takes food longer to coil if you keep it in the refrierator.
If you don't give the soill any water , it will dry up
Thanks, Grondy you really had me hanging; but we dont want to spoil any water, but all our gardens foils are destroyed without it.
And after building up the sandy loam with organic compost and planting and watering our seeds, the plants sprouted and grew. Soon we were required to cultivate, weed, and water them weekly, but in the end, all our soils were rewarded with a bumper crop of zucchini.
I can still think of two possible rhymes one starts with 't' and the other with 'br'.
i turned the stove to toil

im really sucking at this latelky
My upstairs neighbor has a seeing eye dog and reads broil.
naw, i sent some chick some love brail
No, it was a picture that I hung on the wall with a hammer and mail.
no, my cp just recently nailed
Nope, upon meeting the newcomer, Aragorn said, 'Fail, and well met.'
wrong again, Earendil liked to fail
I think you meant to write hail, Elrose. Anyway:

Naw, when you go hiking through the forest, try to stay on the sail.
....and if you're being imprisoned we might trail you out! (perhaps)!
perhaps yes, but that is unless you are trapped in a jail of hay
there you had me fooled, mate; I've heard someone talking about pickin' a vail of cotton... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Elk Grinning Smilie
i wasnt looking for vail, something else.........
You guys are getting the cart before the horse or something: The word 'jail' should have been 'bail'; with a repeat of 'bail' in the next one or something. Anyway:

Moby Dick is about Captain Ahab and the great white bail.


Answer A in descriptive clue B.
Answer B in descriptive clue C.
Answer C in descriptive clue D.
nope, wait were ryming ale again?
'ok so no, whale is a the word people say when they think theyve miss heard you.
No, I think a What(?) is some kind of measurement of electrical power.
Aye, in the North, a kilt wearing man is known as a Watt, they throw trunks and blow pipes (instead of suck???) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
In the USA, a Girl Guide is known as a Girl Scot.
Yeah and I scout they'll ever stop selling those cookies. Yum cookies
yes and i bet that their mothers force them all to eat green, nasty, horrible Doubt
Naw when Cloveress role-plays, she often is a tiny fairy sprout.
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