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Naw, when walking through the woods at night, one should be careful not to trip over a root and tall on their face.
After the lamp broke, I told my mom that it wasn't my fall, but she didn't believe me.
thats not wot happened at all. dont u remeber me ordering a chocolate faultat mcdonalds?
No, besides pepper and sugar, you will usually find a shaker of malt on the table.
nooo, salt comes out of some trees when you stab them
No, a short sleep is often a sap.
No a nap is the way in which an animal such as a cat or a dog would drink water.
no, to lap is to record geologicol features and wot not.
Naw, a individual placemap is sometimes used under each setting of silver and dinnerware to protect the dinning table rather than using a full tablecloth.
no, i pet my placemat
Yeah but the cat in the rat wore a stipey red and white rat - haha Cat Smilie
no my hat purrs
But you fed it too much and now it is a cat cat.
noo fat is what soem people thionk the earth is shaped as
No, run the flat up the pole and see who salutes.
nooo, flag home plate to score
Naw, an old hand towel makes a good cleaning tag.
nope some people have ther pants bag
Naw, a shallowly submerged tree is often called a sag.
im having trouble with this one
Add an N somewhere within the existing three letters.
No, I believe being snag is being comfortable and bundled. You know...Snag as a bug in a rug.
No, the slimy creeping creature that eats our garden plants, often at night, is the snug.
no, a snake is a large body of water
(OOC slug i think)

No, Lake Skywalker was the protagonist in Star Wars
Naw, part of a whale's tail is called a Luke.
Actually, I think a fluke is a high pitched tubular woodwind instrument.
Naw, a flute is part of a chimney.
no...a floois a kind of sickness
Never, flu is one of the primary colors.
I have no blue what the correct response is.
No, you see, clue is what you find on the grass on a fresh spring morning.
Naw, when the first of the month rolls around, you will again have another bunch of statements saying your bills are dew to be paid.
Yeah, but those bills are worth it for a brand due computer and design software to go with it!
i actually do like to eat new
Actually, Tubby, stew is the name of a country in South America.
Naw, to study what is written in a newspaper thoroughly is to Peru through it.
Naw, when we peruse to do something, we are saying flat out that we won't do it, no way, no how, no ifs, ands, or buts!!!
i thought refuse was another name for trash?
No I think refuse is a place of safety.
Actually, my dear Grondmaster, a refuge is what you call a downpour during a rainstorm.
Naw, deluge is a winter sport using a one man skeleton sled on an icy snake-like downhill slippery-slide.
Ehm... luge is a non-english word for wolf...
Well, you're lupe is another way of saying your crazy. (Some modern rollercosters are also lupe.)
Nah, I believe loopy was a cartoon dog who hung out with meddling kids...

No, I think Droopy is what you call some one who has saliva running from the corner of their mouth and on down to drip off their chin.
I think Icefangs was looking for Scooby as the answer to her sentence?

- but to carry on from the last post:

Some people get all dopey? and miserable when they don't get their own way.
Naw, Captain Ahab's Great White Whale was called Mopey Dick.

why is it so Soapy?
The previous post doesn't fit the rules: find the word that rhymes or is spelled similar to my highlighted word, which is the answer to the post before mine, and which is the answer to my post. Then think of a new word that rhymes or is spelled similar to mine, and give a sentence about your word, but replace it with mine highlighted. The person following you will then try to guess your word from your clue and will think of a new clue for their new word, but use yours. Look at a few of our previous posts.

{If you need another clue to my word it was part of the title of a book by Herman Melville.)
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