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okay, okay, how's this:

Nuh uh, coo is what in civilized society you call '#2'
No, you still haven't figured out the rules: You give the answer to the last definition with a new definition of a sound-a-like or spelled similar word.

So you should have said:

Nuh uh, Pooh is is the cry of doves and pigeons.

which then might be followed by:

Nope, Coo is how you write in English the word for the numeral 2.

( We must keep it clean here, we mustn't talk about excrement for the kiddies' sake and our Family Friendly Site certificate).
one more try:

Nope, two is something that's not old.
Pary Smilie Now you got it Frozen-toofs. Cool Elf Smilie

I'll wait until tomorrow to give someone else a crack at your word.
Nope, new is the color of the sky.
Naw, blue is the noise cows make.
No way, a moo is what Sherlock Holmes searches for.
Naw clue is an adhesive used to hold two pieces of wood together.
No, not at all! A glue is something that you wear on each foot.
Nope, "shoe" is an adjective used to say that something is going to happen soon. (something is...)
No, due is that moisture you find on leaves in the morning, even when it hasn't been raining.

"Oh, Give me that old mountain due,
Give me that old mountain due,
I'll hush up my mug,
If you fill up my jug,
With that old mountain due."
No, Grondy, no, a dew is a dish made of meat and vegetables.
Nah, a stew is some kind of gang.
No crew is what my plant did as it got larger.
Wrong! 'Grew' is the sound that cows make.
No, old boy, moo is when you will regret something.
Naw, a rue is a something on the floor like a carpet or a badly designed toupee.
Nah, a rug is a big cup you can drink from.
Nope, a mug is a breed of dog from China.
Sorry, a pug is a mean guy.
Naw, a mug is an bacterium, virus, or insect.
No, a bug is one of those slimy creatures that eat your flowers.
Nope, a slug is a container in which I keep my milk.
No, a jug is when you pull on something.
No, a tug is a type of dog with a scrunched up face.

Wrong, a pug is something you give to someone you like
Nope, a hug is something you put in your house, smaller version of the carpet.
Nuh uh, a rug is a is little castle on a chessboard.

No, a rook is something with pages that you read.
No, a book is a little place that is not a cranny.

No, a nook is when you bake a meal.
Naw, cook is when you take something from someone, yesterday.

Naw, you have to took with your eyes in order to see something.
No, a look is like a large puddle.

Nope, a lake is a phoney baloney item. (A look is like a very large puddle, bigger than a pond even.)
No, a fake is something that you bake to eat on your birthday.
Naw, a cake is made out of metal (bars, wires, mesh) for keeping something within its boundaries: like birds, wild animals, batters, people (from the sharks), etc.
Nah, a cage is a kind of wizard.
Sorry, a mage is a knight in training.
Nope, a page is a measuring instrument. You find many of them on an automobile's instrument panel.
No, gauge is when you get very angry.
Nuh uh, rage is when a building is demolished.

(Ooh, I think that one is hard, well, maybe not.. I couldn't guess it anyway!)

Nope, a raze is a polluted atmospheric condition that is slightly hard to see through and when it gets thick enough it becomes smog.
Nah, haze is dry grass, often collected in bales.
Sorry, hay is when you put things down.
Naw, if the sun is shining, you know it is still lay time.
Sorry, play is stuff that you get from the ground and can make into pots.

Was that the word you were lookin' for Grondy? Couldn't think of any other.
Nope, a clay is one of those pincers that are found on crabs and lobsters.

(I was thinking of the opposite of night.)
No, claw is a what you call meat that has not been cooked.
Naw, a raw is a drop of golden sunlight.
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