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Naw, hanging from the lintle was a sprite of mistletoe just waiting for an unsuspecting suiter.
Un-huh, it was early Sprig and the trees were just begining to set their leaves.
... and when now summer is almost over ,the new season is about to spring us fruit and vegetables
To play cat's cradle, all you need is four hands and a length of bring.
To communicate with family and friends, all you have to do is string them up.

Maybe this can have an alternative meaning in Texas! Cow Sleeping SmilieCow Sleeping SmilieCow Sleeping SmilieCow Sleeping Smilie
When your checker gets to the far row of the checker-board you can say, "Ring me!"
Only if he dies while playing, then the doctor would want to know who the 'Next of King' is.
The word "cattle" is the modern word for "kin".
No, when some one is nice and thoughtful, we say they are kine.
Now the Ithilien rangers were just about to kind their captives hands when the screen went blank and said "insert disc 2".
Naw, Robin Hood and his Merry Bind lived in Shirewood Forest where they could practice playing their musical instruments without the Shirriff of Nottingham's interference, because there were no neighbors to complain.
This one man, a teacher in fact had a very weak tongue, he would slurr constantly when giving knowledge to his students. He thought his students learned much in his classes, but in fact they didnt Band a single word he said
When the hammer hit the huge bell, it went bond and continued reverberating for a couple minutes.
So then the entertainers came on stage and started this bong and dance.
sorry Grondy, ive been away for a few days so i couldnt check on this and sorry i wasnt looking for Bond, i was looking for Understand, but yours has gotten off the 'and' words, so ill go with that one Orc Smiling Smilie

In amongst the party and celebrations, a circus came to town and joined them, there were jugglers, fire eaters, various freaks and one or two Song men
Be warned all people; the strong ships are coming, beware of the vikings!
really??? YAY Orc Grinning Smilie my ancestors are coming to visit me, although everyone else had better watch out, among them are a few sneaky Long-Men
Quarters, nickels, pennies, ha-pennies, ha-crowns, etc are all different denominationsa of cons.
But no amount of money can stop the pain of one being kicked in the coin Shocked Smilie Got The Blues Smilie Pixie Smilie Super Wow Smilie Super Scared Smilie
All you can do is groin when you are kicked there.
That would cause even the hardiest groan-up to cry.
i agree, because if that wasnt true, you'd have to have ***** of Grown Orc Smiling Smilie - couldnt resist
Or you could convince one of your friends to chrome you some protective padding/guard so that you won't get hurt.
I was looking for stone in the above post, but life goes on..........

Or if you were paid to be kicked there, then you could Loan your own
Im stuck! Elf Confused Smilie

You are supposed to only change one or two letters from the last word or if they are supposed to rhyme, then they must really rhyme. And please try to think ahead with a word that might follow yours so you don't block them needlessly, because we aren't trying to play 'Stump the Chumps' Elf With a Big Grin Smilie here, but trying to keep the game going. Thanks Happy Elf Smilie
Well, if you died during the painful agony, some scientists could Own you so you would be alive again - ish

I think that it makes sense though, don't know if you see it too, but hopefully that makes sense now, if not ill post the next sentence Orc Smiling Smilie
It's okay Loss; your own conforms to the rules; however I still can't understand '...then you could own your own.' Own your own what?

Naw, but when you get there, don't forget to own home. (It's a rhyme)
In the previous post to my 'own your own' post, it said about padding, so I put if you were paid money, you could own your own padding, does that make sense?

While I was at home, I thought that I would draw a picture, but empahsized the Phone, to make the shading stand out
I'm not qite sure if I got the meaning of this game,but here goes nothing:

last night a balrog called me on the phone .
When I was standing in the middle of the street alone Elf Smilie
Sorongil sulandune: This game is supposed to take the form:

No, a (or to) Word A is a (or to) Definition B

No, a (or to) Word B is a (or to) Definition C

No, a (or to) Word C is a (or to) Definition D

No, a (or to) Word D...

where each word is a sound alike or one (or two at the most) letter spelling change from the preceding one. We give the word that really answers of the last definition and the new definition of our new word for them to guess. Read through the first page of posts in this thread, ignoring most of those of Plastic Squirrel who was being a Smart-Alec and maybe that will make sense.

All that said, this game got hung up because I couldn't figure out what word was being asked for because people tried to make guessing too hard by changing too many letters or picking obscure rhyming words I think. It works best with from three to five letter words.

No, to tone is a final method of sharpening a blade. (this is merely a guess at his artistic word)
Sir Grondy!
It seems to me that we are jumping up and down without moving this thread at all! I would like to suggest that you use your wisdom and magic to give it a push-up! Pretty please?? Angel Smilie Animated Wink Smilie Angel Smilie
No, sometimes a house is a hone.
My home is not the Italian capitol Angel Smilie
Naw, that's because horse having a mixture of redish-brown (bay) and grey hair is called a Rome.
Maybe so, but a lion's roan can sometimes be heard by the waterhole
Nope, birds and gliders roar through the air on their wings, gaining altitude on the thermal updrafts to save energy.
And if they land ,they try to continue on the correct side of the roam, in Norway right, but in GB left.
No, I was actually looking for "soar"; how-some-ever:

Upon his back he carried the heavy road of one bag of cement mix, one bag of sand, and a five gallon jug of water.
But the load was so ugly that she didn't kiss it although he knew he would turn in a little hobbit
He couldn't kiss it,never, instead he killed it with his toad-sword.
Naw but, "I do like a little bit of butter to my broad! - A.A. Milne
I suppose that was something said by Winnie the Pooh, but he was really of quite another bread.
No, Help! Yelled the young adventurer looking down from out of the foliage after he was breed by the bear.
Hint: The words is a verb form and has to do with what grew in Fangorn Forest.
When a bear chases you up a tree, you have been breed.
I see that in such places one has to go slowly and carefully and see where to treed your feet!
To tread means to give someone a gift if he's been good.
A thing much above average size or volume is said to be treat. Between Canada and the United States lie the Treat Lakes.
And by bowing this humble and deep I meen to great you, sir.
The greet team was beaten 4-0 by england some time ago.
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