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Whose sun is that little boy?
Light this son fire!
1 metric bon weighs 2205 pounds (avoir); 1 English bon weighs 453.6 kilograms.

And I'm done for the day.
We ton the match bt six wixkets.
In a pinch, a large hubcap can be used as a Chinese won to cook up an oriental stir-fry.
To me Elvis still is the King of wok'n'Roll.
Rock the road so that nobody can pass.
Wherever I search, I can only find one block to put on my feet
use the sock to read time.
In my country we build our ships in a clock.
Do nor dock him the teacher scolded they mischievous thorin.
DUCK!! he shouted; though it was only a near miss.
I was looking for mock halbard but still.... Happy Elf Smilie
But as as I remember one of Robin Hood's lively band was a monk named brother Luck!
Shouldn't you LOCK the door to your house when you leave?
When she got home she Tuck a large pot from the shelf and put it on the counter.

Shouldn't you LOCK the door to your house when you leave?
doesn't leave any word for us to guess as it makes sense as written, sorry.
Put the took back on the shelf, idiot!
And when the airplane accelerated through the speed of sound, the bystanders heard a sonic book.
Theboom is behind the door, use it to remove these cobwebs.
The bride and broom looked quite happy standing in all that white frosting atop the three tiered wedding cake.
"What does groom mean," the student asked his teacher.

ooc sorry about this one its the only way i could use it without ading ly. try guessing it. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Sorry, I can't get there from here; the clue is too obtuse for me. And gloom is the only word I can think of that works; though gloop might be a word.
ooc gloom is the word.
Ah yes, I thought it probably was, but imho your clue does nothing toward pointing to 'gloom'; :happyrlf: howsomever:

The air is filled with fragrance when the flowers are in gloom.
The big bloom occurred millions of years ago.

iwasn't sure if you would get gloom becaus eany sensible word quite close to it might have fitted in.
If you clear off all those books and papers, I'll have boom to set the table for our dinner.
Room is another word for faint.
Eating soup with a fork is never efficient; that is best done with a swoon.
A spoon is what little kids watch on television
A cartoon is a color that's reddish with a faint hint of purple and brown...
maroon is what is sometimes used to spear fish.
The harpoon (Megalops atlanticus) is a large coastal fish prized by anglers.
A tarpon is what is used to cover things you dont want to get wet
A tarp is a multi-stringed instrument used to make beautiful music.
a harp is a fish that is a bottom feeder

how do you close a bold like if i just wanted harp bold?

RE turning-off bold, italics, and underline: Almost the same as how you turn them on except you add a / between the leading bracket and the b, i, or u.
I have a 2002 Freddy Garcia Upper Deck baseball trading carp, but as he no longer pitches for the Seattle Mariners, it will probably remain worthless; I'll keep my 2001 Ichiro carp and Bobble Head, for they will be valuable some day, and my mother (may she rest in peace) can no longer throw them out.

RE turning-off bold, italics, and underline: Almost the same as how you turn them on except you add a / between the leading bracket and the b, i, or u. I fixed your above post; so hit its edit post button to see how I did it.
I think a tub of card is really rather disgusting...
The Lard and Lady of the manor were at home.
The two waring nations signed a lord.
Three musical notes played on the piano or guitar simultaneously are known as accord.

If an 'accord' was the thing signed?
Your great chord(?) is made up from riches stolen from the dwarfs.
Yes, you were right, of course, Grondy. Don't doubt yourself!

A hoard is what someone gives you when they let you take up residence in their house.
Dried boards can make good shaking musical instruments, or many types of utilitarian vessels.
a hint please
Starts with a G and is a member of the squash family; also dried and carved as decorative/ornamental/utilitarian containers.
Another hint: _ _ u r _
That's the word, now please make us a new definition using it as a homophone, homonym, or rhyme. And try not to change more than a couple letters, if you can, unless you can make it shorter. Happy Elf Smilie
Sorry grondy can;t get one maybe u can take the initiative for a new one.
Okay, let's try just using three letter words for a while trying to only change one letter at a time.

My sister bought a big grinning Chestershire Hat.
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