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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Melkor or Manwe?

Shagrat or Lurtz?

Marvel or DC?

Hawaii or the Florida Keyes?

Sword or Battleaxe?
Battleaxe, it causes more destruction Wink Smilie

sleeping or eating?
Sleeping! Big Smile Smilie

Horrormovies or romantic movies?
Horror movies!

Basketball of Baseball?

Outside or Inside?


Fender or Gibson?

[Edited on 5/15/2003 by ProgHead777]

'X-men 2' or 'Matrix Reloaded'

(How did I miss this game before? Oh, and I changed the name from Psycho.)
Easy. No mobile phone.

Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix?

Orcs or Trolls?

Finding that your partner wets the bed, or your partner finding that you wet the bed?

And why the topic name change? I almost couldn't find the thread.
OMG... neither!

Touch type or hunt & peck?

And why the topic name change? I almost couldn't find the thread.

Me too! But I think the Psycho thing was a bit misleading. When I first clicked this thread I had NO idea what I was going to find Big Laugh Smilie

Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix?

None of them-----John Petrucci

That's comparing an apple to two oranges now, isn't it? I would have said Stevie Ray Vaughan Big Smile Smilie

Sorry for the interlude... carry on Look Around Smilie
Touch type or hunt & peck?
Somewhere in between.

An apple or two oranges?
An apple!!

White chocolate or dark chocolate?

(sorry, just am in a chocolate mood... dont ask! Big Smile Smilie)
Uhm.. between those I'd say white chocolate, but I'd prefer milkchocolate.

ok then

dancing or drinking on a club/disco?

Blowing your nose loudly during a test, or sniffling the snot up your nose every 5 seconds?
Blowing loudly.

Life or death?
That is a hard question Peredhil.
Today I say Life, but another day I might have chosen Death, for my own reasons.
Let's move over to something less heavy.

Candy or Icecream?
The feeling of sand under my feet. Smile Smilie

spring or summer?

Dragons or Balrogs?
downhill <----- Grondy had to add later because he forgot the rules.

bobsled or luge

[Edited on 19/5/2003 by Grondmaster]
Where's the answer Grond?


Bang or crash?

Howard Shore or John Williams?
Howard Shore!

Would you rather live on this Earth, or Middle Earth?
Angels definitely. Smile Smilie

cooking or cleaning up afterwards?
cooking; however, I'd rather do the eating.

yo-yo or jacks

Where's the answer Grond?
:elfembar: Oops! I went back and added "downhill" which I forgot to do because I had to look up the spelling of "luge"’I thought it needed more letters.


white rat or orange tabby cat
It depends on the situation, but i’ll go with Black

Skittles or m&m’s ?

Video or Movie?
Matrix: Realoaded

Harry Potter (Movie) or Harry Potter (Books)?
To be

Baked potatos or chips?

CD or Tape?

Iced Tea or Cold Beer
Beer (obviously). Iced tea is disgusting.

Town or Country?

Glambdring or Sting?

Castle or Palace?

Have an affair with your teacher, or your teacher have an affair with your parent.
omg what a q! I suppose I'd rather have an affair with my teacher then. (If he looks as good as one of mine does. Wink Smilie )

fairies or elves?

Crossbow or Longbow

Mace or Dagger?
Orange tubby cat!! Big Smile Smilie

Cat or dog?
Dogs Wink Smilie

Brains or Beauty?
Ok, ok, brains then

Frozen meatballs or frozen pizza?

(Frozen meatballs, yum YUM!)

Definitely the work of Eru.

Cup or mug?
A big mug with coco in it Tongue Smilie

Being alone in a dark alley or being alone in a big spooky house?
Big spooky house.

Frog legs or Squid to eat?
mmmm calamari


Having to read an entire encyclopedia outloud because of a bad grade, or having to read the entire bible out loud because of a bad deed?
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