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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Handles. Smile Smilie

Pancakes or waffles?
errm, I think I have to say sing Smile Smilie

What would you more like to be?
Angel or Fairy?

Hamburgers or Pizza?

Sing or dance??
Fairy. That'd be really cool.

Milkshake or Coke?

Be a cat or a dog?
Dog. (If it was a big powerful one)

Speakers or Headphones?

Kareoke or dancing alone on the dancefloor in a crowded bar?
Kareokee all night!
Blues music or jazz?
Blues music Big Smile Smilie

Be a cow or a pig??hahha.. Wink Smilie
a cow.

influenza or pneumonia?

winter or summer?

which do you like more?
Dvd or VHS?
DvD, future comes...

LOTR or Silmarillion?
Lord of the Rings.

Sword or Battleaxe?


What is more important to you if you had to choose?
Love or Friendship?

Be 4 again or 7?
4 I think. You haven't yet started to realise how bad the world really is.

Oh yes, forgot to write another question.

grey or gray?

[Edited on 12/10/2003 by Airecristiel]

N'sync or Backstreet Boys?(I can't stand both.) Wink Smilie
yes yes yes! (to emu)

go or stay?

be in prison for the rest of your life, which would result in world peace OR be as rich as Bill Gates in 1999 for the rest of your life, which would result in the current oh so perfect world ?
World peace is not possable.

Tennis or Golf?

Beckham or Peckham?
Haven't a clue what either is; therefore I choose the first.

lobelias or melilots?

Easter or Halloween?

Yankees or Red Sox? (American baseball...yankeesyankeesyankees!)
red sox.

Devi or Kali ?
Wroooong answer!! *BOOM* lightning strikes virumor.


Cubs or Marlins?

ross as the new council member or aule as the new council member ?
Umm... Ross, just because he has more posts.

G’ k’bum akha-g’m-ishi ashi gurum.

Or: Stille n’, f’ste... Hw’t nemna’ ’e?

well,what does it mean Arco?

Asteroth or Virumor as new council member?(scarey question Wink Smilie )
well,what does it mean Arco?

heh heh you're supposed 2 pick 1 and then scream at me when u figure out what it means. j/k

um... Asteroth

edited: oh yeah, i need a question (ty 4 reminding me Air’!)

qep'a' cha'DIch or ghItlhmeywIj latlh DalaD DaneHchugh?
No, it's not jibberish, it's Klingon, and I have no clue in **** what either means. :P

[Edited on 10/15/2003 by Arcormacolind’va]
np Arco. Smile Smilie

ghItlhmeywIj latlh DalaD DaneHchugh?

surrealism or realism?

Howe, Nasmith, Lee, Alexander, Eissmann, etc., who's your fav. Tolk. artist?
No one's on! As I'm impatient, I think I'll answer my own question: [url=] Felix Sotomayor I hadn't even heard of him until a minute ago... :-P

So, Euro or no?

Rather see a movie on Tuesday or Sunday?
Iron Maiden

Ding Dong or Dong ding?? Wink Smilie
Ding Dong

Yellow or Blue? Tongue Smilie
Both Yellow and Blue when in a flag, Ae. ;-)
Though if I have to choose, I'd say Blue. Smile Smilie

maia or vala?

Friday or Saturday?

the najdorf variation in the sicilian defense or the scheveningen variation in the sicilian defense ?
Scheveningen variation

Organized anarchy or chaotic order?
Organized anarchy.

Next week or next year?

Btw, the Yankees won virumor!!!
Next year

Sceaduf’x, hl’ford ealra m’ara
(Shadowfax, Lord of all Horses)

Hw’r cw’m mearh and ridda? Hw’r cw’m horn se w’s plegende?
(Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing?)

Goblins to answer Asteroth and the second one to answer Arcorma

Owls or eagles?
Eagles, definitely eagles. Smile Smilie

cellphones or regular?

Voice or Code?

Elendil or Gil-galad?
good ol' Gil working his way to the top...

Celtic or Rangers ?

Eowyn's wig or Arwen's?(in the movies..)
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