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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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I wonder what all these choices mean. If I choose snow over sun does that imply I prefer to be hidden away, safe, secure, cut off? If I had chosen sun that could imply fun loving, outgoing, warm...

How about sunny snow?

Text or telephone?


Hour or Second.

Disney or warner bros cartoons?
Warner Bros.


Chocolate pie or apple cake? Tongue Smilie
Chocolate pie

Ginger Chip Cookies or Chocolate Snaps Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
er... Ginger Chip cookies.

Mountains or forests?

Harry Potter or Terry Ptratchett?
Harry Potter
Soda or beer??
soda ^.^

french fries or pommes frites?
French fries.

AM or Shortwave?

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Galadriel or Arwen?
Arwen, although i like galandriel too.

Frodo or Gandalf? Smile Smilie

Sauron, Saruman, Melkor/Morgoth, or *insert name of villain*?
Hi Elanamirkad, welcome to Planet-Tolkien. Happy Elf Smilie


orange, lemon, or lime

Oh OK... orange for the flavour, lime for the colour.

Earl Grey or Assam?
Tetley's (simple things...) Wink Smilie

Cadbury's Dairy Milk or Galaxy?


Had some Galaxy yesterday and it was a bit yucky. Too gooey.

Thornton's now........ Hmmmmmmmmmmm....


Star Trek or Star Wars?

Hmm... toughie... er... um...

Star Wars, I'd say.

Frodo, Bilbo, Beren, Tuor, etc. *insert name of favorite Middle-earth hero*
Faramir (sigh)

Cake or Death? (Eddie Izzard reference)

Eowyn or Mulan? (both dressed as men to go to war)

Leonardo da Vinci or Sandro Botticelli

TV or movies?

movies or music?

Paper or Plastic?

To be or not to be?
That's the question!

In the mind to suffer or to take arms?
To take arms.

Do or die?
Depends what you gotta do?!!!

Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? (this one should be easy!!)
Hehe,Lord of the Rings of course...

Hamlet or Othello? (both of which I know very little about).
Um, Hamlet. (Haven't read either.)

To be locked in a small room with an extroverted narcissist or an introverted paranoid?
Umm... I'll take the introverted paranoid.

1 or 0?
There you go with those big words again, I'M ONLY TWELVE!!!!!!! You used em in Who's Next too!!!! YOUR DRIVING ME INSANE MAN!!!! Very Mad Smilie
Note to HH05:
Because I posted in Who's Next recently and used the word "extroverted" in both here and there, and the fact that you and Peredhil posted within 2 minutes of each other, and the fact (or opinion) that 1 and 0 are not 'big words,' I'd assume that you were talking to me. Correct me if I'm wrong, by all means.

Sorry about the vocabulary, I had just read up on a bit of psychology and was a bit too immersed in the details and terms to notice that I wasn't exactly speaking (all right, writing) clearly. Nothing personal or meant as offensive.

That said, what I was saying was, would you rather be locked in a room with a loud, outgoing person who has a high opinion of themselves and believes that they require special treatment; or a shy, quiet person who sees conspiracies everywhere and is very suspicious, not being likely to trust you?

I wasn't saying that it was offensive to me that you used big words!!! But thanks for clearing that up!! That's a tough one by the way!!

Fruity or Rich in Chocalate? (as in candy)

Tongue Smilie Big Smile Smilie Tongue Smilie
i always tell myself that fruity choc is better for you since its got fruit in it!, ut if im honest......


pizza or kebab?

Dragons or balrogs?

Dragons because there aren't any more, Smaug was the last one wasn't he!!!!

Viggo Mortensen or Orlando Bloom?

(For me it's Viggo Mortensen all the way!!!)

Rolling Eyes Smilie Um... neither.

Coffee, tea, cappucino, hot chocolate, etc. (favorite hot drink)
Hot Chocalate, I hate coffee Good Morning Smilie Dead Smilie

Sorry Arco, didn't mean to offend you but you could say which one you like better not as in a lovey dovey kinda way In Love Smilie Making Out Smilie Kiss Smilie I Love You Smilie Shaking Head Smilie
I'll just pick a smilie Shaking Head Smilie

Trolls or Hobbits?
HOBBITS all the way man! My bf works in a cinema and takes pics with kids dressed up as Frodo all day long! GO HOBBITS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sword or bow?

Animated Wink Smilie Arrgh! You are so cruel for making me choose! Lol. Um, I like using the bow, and would love to use a sword, but have never done so. So... sword. Animated Wink Smilie

Xena or Hercules?

Daddy or chips? Very Big Grin Smilie


North Dakota or South Dakota?


Daddy or chips?

Excellent Big Laugh Smilie , chips please.

The pen or the sword?
You're so mean, making me choose! Pen or sword, pen or sword, pen or sword. Eeny, meeny, miny, mo..... It depends! I found a really cool fountain pen at an antiques show, and it broke! WAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I got a Spanish sword there too. But it's all bent, and though it's made out of metal, if you stabbed someone with it, they'd laugh at you. Eeny, meeny, miny, mo, catch a tiger..... Alright, pen!

Coney or oliphaunt?
Nice juicy coney!

Sam or Frodo?
Frodo steamed and Same B-B-Q'd

Sharks or crocodiles?
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