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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Orphan Nonnie

Huckleberry Finn or Tom Sawyer
Huck, Tom was a little git. Elk Grinning Smilie

Sofa or straight back chair?
Straight back chair!

Narnia or Harry Potter
Harry Potter, though that choice will be considered sacrilegious. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Elmer Fudd or Tweety?,

Lance Armstrong or George Hincapie
George Hincapie, but I don't know if he passed the tests or won any bicycle races this year as I don't follow the yellow shirt sport.

Walnuts or pecans?
Walnuts, please!

Cinnamon or chocolate?
Chocolates, yummie yummie!

Magellan or Columbus
I'd go for Columbus, at least he found something and got to make more than one trip; Magellan didn't make it around the world, some of his men did.

Nastursums or roses?
Roses though my favourite flower is tulip.

Gmail or hotmail
Hotmail, though it sounds like it was stolen.

Sousaphone or Tuba
Tuba Though I do not know what either meanElf With a Big Grin Smilie

Home made food or fast food
Home made food; it is harder to obtain.

Boat or truck

Both are deep bass horns: the tuba is older and carried like a baby in its mother's arms and the outlet points up; the sousaphone wraps around the shoulders and the outlet points forward.
Home made food; it is harder to obtain.
Not at my place. We eat home made food everyday and occasionally go for fast food.

Truck as I can't swim so a boat will be a bit risky! Elk Grinning Smilie

Fireman or policeman
Fireman - wouldn't like the clientele policemen must deal with

A pig or a pony
A better, cleaner and more useful pet! Elk Grinning Smilie

A hen or a duck?
Hen, I have an affinity for chickens knowing how to hypnotize them, though I still bear on my left arm the scar from a rooster attack when I was a toddler.

Pineapple or pomegranate?
I'll say pomegranate, I'm not usually partial to the sweet-sour taste that the pineapple most lovingly squeezes into my glass somedays... I'll probably only have pineapple with the special meat (pork I think) but the name of the way it's made eludes me Orc Going Huh Smilie

Abandon or give up logic or emotion?
Abandon emotion! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

San Andreas or Liberty City
Grondy has been to neither setting having decided their deliquents were too rowdy for his liking. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Abeir-Toril or Krynn
Krynn. It makes me think about George Kirrin, one of the members of Famous five by Enid Blyton.

Roald Dahl or Enid Blyton
Never heard of either.

Mangos or Breadfruit?
Roald Dahl is the creator of Charlie and the chocolate factory, James and the Giant Peach, and the BFG (The Big Friendly Giant). Enid blyton wrote mainly children books and series like Secret Seven, The Falous Five.


Watching Golf or Cycling?
Cycling, watching golf is like watching grass grow, with cycling you get to see some countryside.

asparagus or rhubarb?

I've been watching the Tour De France for about 5-6 years now and its always been great to watch the french countryside and their mountains when the helicopters zoom out to give a picturesque view of the surroundings


Dog or cat
Dog, but I like cats too.

Chipmunk or Possum?
Chipmunk.I don't like Possums too much and then I guess because the Possum was always the bad guy in the children book I used too read once. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Alaska or Greenland
I'd love to visit Alaska!

Asphalt or concrete?
I'd say asphalt. I used to play football bare foot on it years ago. And smooth asphalt is excellent for riding bikes.

Rivers or rivulets

Fight or Run?
I'd always liked the thought of fighting till the end... More honour in it... A coward whos runs will again live another cowardly day...

Football (Soccer) or American Football?
Football. Running is not considered cowardly. If you ask a defence instructor for any martial art he will tell you that sometimes running is the best solution. You should always avoid fights as long as you can even if you're a black belt.

Which foreign language: French or German?
French, it is more musical.

Tarmac or Asphalt?
Tarmac. I'm bored with asphalt.

Starcraft or Warcraft
Not familiar with the World of Starcraft, so I will go with Warcraft.

Chocolate Mint or Chocolate Raspberry?
Chocolate Mint. Has a better taste.

Google or Windows live search
Google, more popular so more than likely to contain better results, probably why they are so popular... AND ten years they've lasted too Orc Smiling Smilie

Freefall (parachute) or Bungee Jump?
Free fall (with parachute Elf With a Big Grin Smilie ). A unique experience and I believe you'll have an exquisite view of the ground.

Sunset or Sunrise
Sunset, I don't appreciate being up in time to see the sunrise; though I'm always appreciative when it does. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Potatoe chips or fries
Potato chips. I am an expert at doing that. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Whale or elephant?

Peter Pan or Peter Rabbit?
Peter Rabbit. I remember beautiful water colour paintings of him.

Rantaplan (Rin tin tin) or Jolly Jumper
Run Tin Can - Even he/she was before my time; though I've seen a couple silent film he/she starred in. I grew up with the Lassie movies. I don't recognize Jolly Jumper; sounds like a very large rabbit, a kangaroo, or a wallabee. (I could google it, but what's the fun in that?)

Captain Hook or Long John Silver
Captain Hook. No use in challenging a real pirate, isn't it Grondy? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie As for Rin tin tin and Jolly Jumper they are respectively the dog and horse of Lucky Luke. Rin tin tin is known for his great stupidity.

Spider man or Bat man

Gooseberry pie or lemon meringue pie?
Lemon, please!

Orange juice or tomato juice?
Tomato juice please, my tummy doesn't like orange juice as it keeps burping back up, which is wierd because I can drink lemonade, limeade, and grapefruit juice with no problems at all.

Sea Stars or Sea anemones ?
Sea Stars. I have never seen a live one.

Mountains or Hills?
Mountains are great than Hills.
Coffee or Tea? Juggling Smilie
Tea please.

Lemon or lime?
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