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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Squashed to a jelly or baked in a pie?
Ugh, neither... but if I had to pick, I'd say baked in a pie because I'm hungry right now... lol
Umm... Who sucks more, Detroit Lions or Detroit Tigers?
Panthers. They're cute and cool. And if you had pet Panther's they could eat people who p*ssed you off Big Smile Smilie

Mosher's or Scallies? (grr... Scallies should die)

Yahoo mail or hotmail?
Study in Paris?? I'm done that for 10 years... Study abroad of course!!

U2 or Oasis?

mussels or oysters?

Beef or Pork?
Pork,I have beef all the time. Big Smile Smilie

Apples or grapes?

who is the most annoying : justin timberlake or orlando bloom ?
Justin Timberlake, gag me with a spoon!
Who's cuter, Justin Timberlake or Orli Bloom?
heh what would happen if a guy answered that... Well that would probably make : THEY ARE BOTH HORRIBLE!!!

Now, play Zelda1 or Zelda2 ?? (question for amarie mostly)

Rain or Snow?
um, rain.

Baking a cake and forgetting to put flour in, or taping a TV show and finding out your VCR wasn't plugged in?
Baking a cake and forgetting to put flour in... I could always console myself with a chocolate biscuit.

Gondolin or Menegroth?

Misty Mountains or The Lonely Mountain?
Misty Mountains Smoke Smilie

Noldor or Sindar??

Buying a new computer and having it crash every two minnutes Very Sad Smilie , or winning a webcam and not being able to set it up?
winning a webcam and not be able to set it up,cause what's the use of a webcam if you can't get your comp to work?

Smile Smilie Brains or Beauty?
Uhhhh.... brains.

Chopping off your hands or losing the ability to see?
Chopping off your hands

Maedhros of Fingon?
Maedhros of course;

a long life or a love life ? (and don't answer with the predictable ' a long love life' or i'll send my balrogs)
A love life... With Orli In Love Smilie I Love You Smilie Making Out Smilie
*hides from the balrogs*

Candie or chocolate?
hmm, difficult...NOT! of course chocolate! some might say it’s candy but it’s soo good it does deserve a chategory of it’s own! Wink Smilie Tongue Smilie

bushes or trees?

Walking the Paths of the Dead with Aragorn & Co or Cirith Ungol with Frodo & Sam?
i'd go with Aragorn.

Dol Guldur or Minas Morgul?
Minas Morgul.

Glamdring or Orcrist?
It would have to be Orcrist.

If Saurman hadn't betrayed The Council and went with the fellowship and Gandalf didn't fall and Bilbo was the Ringbearer or the way it turned out?

uhm... the way it turned out.


snail-mail or e-mail

salt or pepper?

the abbility to fly or the abbility to become invisible at wish?

when you look at Aentra's avatar, do you see a dragon or do you see a winged woman ?
Neither to be honest..

If i came trick or treatin' to your house tonight - would you give me sweets? Big Smile Smilie lol ( i want to know if it's worth coming or not Big Smile Smilie )

smashing pumkins or blowing up pumpkins?
Blowing up pumpkins! Cool!

Christmas Tree Smilie christmas or halloween Pumpkin Smilie ?

(Oh and by the way - HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Pumpkin Smilie Pumpkin Smilie )
Scary carved pumpkin and Christmas

Heath Bar or Milky Way Pumpkin Smilie
Milky way!I dont want any health in my candy bars.

Skittles or M&Ms ?

Helm or Helmet?
Helm Hammerhand.

Manchester United or Manchester City ?
Manchester City,I think? Tongue Smilie

Mace or Dagger?

Eddings or Feist?

Bols’n, Comarca, Samsagaz, Capagr’s, B’rbol,


Baggins, Shire, Samwise, Greyhame, Treebeard
Baggins, Shire, Samwise, Greyhame, Treebeard; the other way just doesn't sound right

Frodo or Sam?

Barad-dur or Bagdad ?
Rofl vir!! I'd say Bagdad...

Flo or Mithrandir? (not anyone can understand this one)

Smeagol or Gollum?

Personal happiness or the loved one's happiness? (sorry if this is a bit dark!)
The loved one's happiness.And no it's not dark at all its the type of question I'd like to see more of. Smile Smilie

Little Women or Little Men?(as in the books Smile Smilie )
Lil (wo)men

saruman or saruwoman ?
Saruman, though a FEMALE Saruman in PJ's LotR fighting Gandalf would be stupid but funny

Feeling that you're really miserable with your life and not knowing why, or knowing why you're miserable and not being able to do anything about it?
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