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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Since I'm not religious, I'll have to say the encyclopaedia; some of it would be interesting anyway.

Bourbons or Custard Creams?
Custard Creams

Sky Diving or Scuba Diving?
sky diving

3 parter...

Stand in line at the DMV, stand in line at the post office, or stand in line at a port-a-pottie at a concert?
line at the post office (at least it won't hurt as much.) Super Wow Smilie

pineapple or pinecone

Your parents read your diary, or your boyfriend/girlfriend read your diary.
My boyfriend read my diary!! i'd hate to think what my parents would say!

Being deaf or blind?
Neither, How about loss of smell?

Apples or Oranges?
Pink Lady apples, imported from Australia; twice the flavour for twice the price. Tongue Smilie

Circle or square?

Someone constantly popping gum, or someone constantly whistling?
Whoa! What kinda choice is that?!?! Ok....I will take tornadoes then.

Here is mine....Life or Death? Big Smile Smilie
Under 18 Wiggle Smilie

Chess or checkers?
Lara Croft

Glasses or braces?
just plain naughty

only being able to yell for the rest of your life, or only being able to whisper for the rest of your life?

Sand or Dirt?

Red or Blue?
Only being able to whisper for the rest of your life


Crocodile infested river or a pit of poisonous snakes?
Crocodile infested river. (At least you can get out!)

Lion or Tiger?

Spider or scorpion
I have a thing about arachnids in general but at least I can stand to look at a spider. Spiders, definitely.

$1,000,000,000 or immortality?
$1,000,000,000. Immortality would be nothing but a curse.

Would you rather be blind or deaf?
Blind! I couldn't bare being without music!!
Uhhh...It be your turn Aire!!!
I'm so sorry!!
I completely forgot!!
ok then:

An F in Math and A's in 22 other subjects
A C in Math and C - B's in 22 other subjects?
An F in Math and A's in 22 other subjects

Worms or Snakes?
Snakes; at least they're not slimy like worms.

Having a birthday every day or never having a birthday?
Cider! Big Smile Smilie

Being extremely rich but unhappy, or extremely poor but happy?
American football! (Much more organized!)

Malt or Smoothie?

Faramir or Boromir?
Even though I think Faramir looks better in the movies I'd say Boromir. I think he's pure at heart and never meaned to be mean.

neckless or earrings?
Well, I wear a necklace...but I don't wear earrings!! So I guess necklace is my answer.

Jam or Jelly??
Jam has seeds so I prefer jelly, especially so if of the peach variety. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

economy size or super size?
Brocolli! I hate sprouts..eww!

Never being able to tell the truth, or never being able to lie?
Never being to able to lie. I can't imagine living with the other option.....brrrr....

Eat to live or Live to eat?
Work at a job you love but has you scraping just to support myself. Of course now I'm retired, that's easy to say. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

St. Bernard or Dachshund?
Dachshund, but only because i have one Big Smile Smilie St Bernards are cute as well!!

City or countryside?

City, definitely.

pen or pencil?

Wolf Smilie or Cat Smilie ?
Cat Smilie I love cats! Wolves too, but I prefer the cats still. Smile Smilie

Orcsmilie or Elfsmilie?
Orcsmilie definitely! They express so much more! Orc Grinning Smilie

would you rather be good at drawing or writing?
Good at writing.

Black or White?
Well...actually I have both so I need neither Big Laugh Smilie ....alright, I will choose intelligence then...

Love or be loved?
Be loved! such a great feeling!!

LOTR books, or LOTR movies?
NIGHTVery Evil SmilieVery Evil SmilieVery Evil SmilieVery Evil Smilie
Very Evil SmilieVery Evil SmilieVery Evil SmilieVery Evil Smilie
Very Evil SmilieVery Evil SmilieVery Evil SmilieVery Evil Smilie
Constructing a machine built to destroy. Tongue Smilie

Having 1 hour to live or having 1000 years to live?
Neither would be much fun, but I'll take 1000 years to live.

Planets or Stars?

A visit to the Dentist or the Doctor?
A visit to the Doctor.. i really hate the dentists!

Red wine or white wine?
A visit to the Dentist.

Horse or Donkey?

'Sticks and stones' or unkind words?
dip once(double dip!!!. ewwww)
Boxers or jockeys?
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