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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Mumps can make children an impossibility, ...mmmm. It's a tough choice but I'll have to go for mumps, chickenpox lust itches too much.

Tea or coffee?
Coffee in the eveneing always makes me kind o'itchy, aint god for sleeping time eihter. teain' in the afternoon often makes me feel a venus- like person. Being a marS man do I prefer coffee.

What is your choice radio or telly-programs?
Radio: Progressive Talk, Classical Music, Baseball
TV: PBS, History, SciFi, Action, Anime

Strawberry or Huckleberry
Strawberry with sugar'n'cream or in champagne is always welcome in my home!!!

Soccer or football?
Football; my Sea-turkeys got their tails handed to them by d' Bears last night. Orc Sad Smilie

Opera or Ballet
I think I would choose oprah because of the voices though I've never been to either of them
Summer or winter ?
Summer, I only like cold at night which makes it easier to sleep; though not as cold as winter.

Tapioca pudding or bread pudding?
Bread pudding I like the taste of itSmile Smilie
Cartoon or Animation ?

Black and blue or Black & Tan’
Black and blue because the colours look nice togetherSmile Smilie
Listening to someone reading or reading yourself?
Depends whether or not they have a pleasant reading voice, if they do, I find it always nice being an active listener. Happy Elf Smilie

Mellon's old 'Western Gate to Moria' avatar or her new one featuring the 'Fellowship of the Ring Silhouette'?
The new one Big Smile Smilie

Milk shake or fizzy drink
Milkshake when I'm out; fizzy drink when I'm home.

push-ups (exercise) or push-aways (like from the dinner table)?
Both should apply to me. Not that I'm overweight, but I'm undertall.

Playback or laid-back?
I need to say payback Smile Smilie
Easter or X-Mas ?
Easter, it's easier on the pocket book. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

fruitcake or pound cake
Friut cake

Traditional roast beef with roast taters, yorkshire pudding, gravy and 3 veg.....or.....take away
Seeing as how it has been a few years since I have had the roast who-beast, I think I'll go with that.

ketchup or catchup
ummm .. ketchup i guess !

Guitar or Drums ??
Guitar, since I can no longer dance.

Black or Blue
Blue, it's my usual preference of color.

Jalapeno jam or prickly pear jelly
pear jelly. Don't know what the other one is...

Green tea or Black tea?
Well, I drink more black than green tea, but I enjoy the green too; I just rotate through the various teas I use and I have more blacks than green. Lemon citrus green is probably my favorite.

Rocky Road Ice Cream (Chocolate I.C. with toasted almonds and baby marshmallows)
Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream (Mint I.C. with tiny chips of dark chocolate) Question Smilie
Chocochip/mint! Are you kidding? Is there even a need to ask?

Lillies, a pleasant sight when seen, nice smell too...

Wall Rugs of Floor Rugs???
Floor Rugs... though it consumes lot of dust Smile Smilie
Fruit or vegetables ?
Fruit's of course don't worry asking why.

LOTR! I got tired of POTC quite a while ago...

musical or play?
I do prefer play to musical. But musical to opera. I'm told my snoring disturb others in an opera.

Fiction or fantasy?
Fantasy of course ..Dream awaySmile Smilie
Milk or Juice ?
Juice of course - milk if you are a calf.

Subtitled or dubbed movies?
Subtitled if they are done on a black bar in white lettering at the bottom of the screen; nothing worse than white lettering on the films background making you miss half the words. Dubbing is often so poor that you know they didn't really say that, did they? I especially like subtitles on Asian films.

Luge or Bobsled? (Either watching or participating.)
None (don't know what they are)

Kentucky or Mc DOnald
Mc DonaldHappy Elf Smilie
Snow or Rain ?
Rain because you don't have to shovel it. Snowman Smilie

The mountains or the beach for a vacation.
I think I would chose Mountains because of the difference I may see in the landscapes..and I've never been a huge fan of just laying on the beach..I want to explore while I canSmile Smilie
Morning or evening person ?

Well, I used to like getting up in the early morning before anyone else was about, putting on a pot of coffee and weeding in the garden or working in the garage for a couple hours before the family got up for breakfast. Now I sleep until 9 or 10 and turn out the lights some time after midnight. So I suppose I am now an evening person.

Light or dark toast? Whole wheat or rye if its dark?
Light toast, please. I like ww and rye untoasted :-)

popcorn plain or buttered?
Buttered, because plain popcorn is dry and boring. ^^

Iced tea or hot tea?
Hot tea in the morning and at night; ice tea in the afternoon, unless it's freezing outside.

Spicy Buffalo Wings or Spicy Hot Balrog Wings’
definately Spicy Hot Balrog Wings

walk or run?
Walk. Bad lungs, bad knee, can't run.

Oil paintings or watercolors?
oil paintings. I don't really like water colors

Coke or Pepsi ?
Diet Pepsi

Tall and thin or short and fat?
Either one.

Sugar or honey?
Hip hop or Rock?
Baroque Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Sunshine Cool Smilie or snow Snowman Smilie
Snow because it never really snows here in Australia Big Smile Smilie

LCD or plasma screen?
I haven't used either, so I can't compare between them.

Film or digital camera?
Digital since I don't have to buy film, so I can snap away with abandon and keep only the ones I like.

Paperbacks or Hardbacks?
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