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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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A bunch of good friends.

Classic movies or modern movies?
oooo....hard, but modern. LOTR was great, and I'll admit Star Wars wasn't bad either.

using a bookmark or just propping the book cover-side up on the table to mark the page?
itz more better to use a bookmark so u dnt break the binding or bend it

films or books?
books. mostly.

more or less?
Depends on what we're talking about here. But i'll be a brave girl and say ;"MORE!"

fat or thin?
both not too good... maybe a bit more than thin (but less than fat.)

red or yellow?

Loved and lost, or never loved?
loved and lost! How can a person bear not being loved?

beauty or brains?
good question!brains for sure if a choice of one means complete lack of another.
a person without brains has nothing to be respected for whether he/she is attractive or not.
although a harmonious combination is better,of course Wink Smilie

feeling extremely hot or extremely cold?
Probably extremely hot because you can drink lots of ice cold water where as when you are extremely cold you can wrap up but not feel satisfaction straight away!!

Tea or Coffee (pretty easy if you are EXTREMELY english!!!)
Coffee for me (the EXTREME American in me I suppose.) Wink Smilie

Blonde or Brunette?
Brunette. Blonde is gorgeous, but it sticks out too brightly and hurts people's eyes. And anyways, I am dark-haired. It's quite convenient because you can blend into the shadows perfectly when you're playing hide-and-seek.

crispy or mushy?

Stay up late or sleep in late?
Stay up late. No reason.

born in April or born in December?

(and why is everything in bold?)
december... winter, christmas, snow (at least where I live)... I do prefer freezy december to wet april.

ice skating or inline skating?
Ice skating.

duet or solo?
duets can be very beautiful... though they can easily turn into duells, if you don't take care.

swimming or diving?
Past or Future ?
oh, I love the past... ancient cultures... great. and I don't quite want to know what the future has in store. maybe not that rosy.

rose or violet?
Rose, because the colour (red) can represent many many things as itz a primary colour!

To be in love or to be loved?
to be loved

House on the beach or cabin in the moutains?
Oooo...that's tough. I love both! I've probably pictured myself more in a cabin in the woods though.

Wheat or white bread?'s a habit.can't live without it.

Big city or a village?
village. is so much sweeter. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

tea or milk?
tea! Uggh to milk...Cheese is tolerable, cream is a barf stimuli, and milk is just...uuuugggghhhh...

Jar or bottle?
probably bottle because its easier to open a bottle!

to be around very old men or very old women?
old women. My grandmother's always been easier to get along with than my grandpa.

magic carpet or broom?
carpet. I guess it's more comfortable.

riding a fell beast or an oliphaunt(sp.?!)?

Destoying the ring or keeping it for yourself.
That has got to be the toughest one yet!!! i would keep the ring for myself on the way to Mordor and then destroy it. but on the other hand......

To be Aragorn or to be Legolas (give a reason)
don't know... aragorn... 'cause he's younger. Wink Smilie oh, and he hasn't got that big groupie problem. Big Smile Smilie (don't force me to think of a serious answer...)

Thumbs Up Smilie or Thumbs Down Smilie ?
Thumbs Up Smilie I like being a goodygoody...

white christmas or green christmas?
You can more variety with both with them, but probably a white one because its great fun out in the snow!!!!!

To be Aragorn or to be Legolas? (just give one more reason!!!)
to be Aragorn. he had a wife and children despite the fact that he had many friends Very Evil Smilie
there's a thread "who and why" in The Ivy Bush, Elessar The White violet,it's exactly the same Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

to jump with a parachute or to ride a wild horse?
Probably to ride a wil horse as the excitement of going really fast on the ground i think is a better sensation than to have the feeling of plummeting to your death but any way............

Charm or Cheek?
Charm for others and cheek for me!

read or write?
read, coz you need only to move your eyes then, and for writing you have to move hands also Big Laugh Smilie

bold or italic?
bold. Italic looks too thin and can sometimes be really hard to read.

Being lazy like Elrose (see the above post for what I mean Big Laugh Smilie ) or busy as a bee like Grep?
Busy as a bee!

Mashed potatoes or fries (a.k.a. chips)?
Frozen or Heated ?
Frozen. Ice is much better than fire to play with.

Guitar or violin?
Oh , I like the violin specially the ones in LOTR
Painting or drawing ?
i'd have to say drawing, because to use pencil is easier to use because you dont have so much to do because in painting you have to keep piling on the layers of paint and mixing, drawing involves pencils and no mixing and oh itz not as messy Orc Grinning Smilie Orc Smiling Smilie

To live forever or die trying? Orc Grinning Smilie
to die trying... Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie you can't always be successful with your plans, and failing after trying hard is at least very instructive for life... or death... or whatever.
"I intend to live forever. so far, so good." - found in the dear wise words-thread. Wink Smilie

damaged or destroyed?
destroyed: that way, you don't have to pay to fix it Smile Smilie

To be a Hobbit or an Elf?
An Elf!
I wonder if Elrond and Elros had been asked such a question who would be the first king of Numenor?? Wink Smilie

humour or satire?

kill or be killed?
To kill, if i have to i will do all means necessary to protect those around me!

To get a great job or go back to skool as in right from the beginning?
I'd choose going to the Uni again from the beginning, but if there is no such oportunity I don't mind getting a great work Wink Smilie

One long holiday off work once a year or many small ones?
Lots of small one long lots of small ones

NO I DON'T WANT TO WORK - I want to stay at home and go on holiday and go for days out but still get paid for it......well I can dream can't I Wink Smilie

To get married or live in Sin Very Big Grin Smilie Shocked Smilie Animated Wink Smilie
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