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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Black!!! It's more fun in the darkness where everything happens then in blankness.

Cat or dog?
as I've got one at home... dog.

ice tea peach or lemon?
Well, let it be lemon though I don't much like both.

Men with beards or those clean-shaven?
clean shaven...those dang beards are scratchy...Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

bold or italic?
italic though my favourite is Arial Bold Italic...

Apple or Pear?

smiles like Elf With a Big Grin Smilie or smiles like >:-)

Its almost halloween!!!
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
Pumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin SmiliePumpkin Smilie
First ones, of course, they're lovelier.

Odd or even numbers?
1. easier to reduce when in fraction form
2. look nicer, 0 2 4 6 8 vs. 1 3 5 7 9
3. easier to divide

nine walkers or nine riders
walkers. thought if the nine riders didn't mean the nazgul I'd take the riders. The fellowship on horses would have been cool.

witch or wizard?
wizard.I generally prefer males.

Loud or quiet?
Loud! It's Halloween and I like it to be loud or else it'll be like a ghost story...

Jack-o-lanterns with leering faces or nice naive smileys we have on PT?
Jack o lanterns with scary faces to add to the affect!!

candied apples or candy from strangers?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Dont take candy from a stranger unless they offer you a rideTongue Smilie
Candied apples!

Trick or Treat?
they all gave me treats!!! Pity, I wanted to try the tricks...

Hate someone to the end of your life or just forgive them and try to forget?
Hate but only forgive if they are truly repentant

Early bird or just plain lazy!???
just plain lazy!!

Now and laters or starbursts?

Toilet roll down or over?
Let it be... down...

Sandwich tuna or chiken?
Chicken lol tuna is nasty

Taco bell or burger king lol i am hungry and dont know which one to go to
if to choose among these two I'd like Burger king, but I hope you've made your choice already, not waiting for anyone to answer,and don't still sit and suffer from starvation.

Alan Lee or Ted Nasmith for illustrating LOTR?
Hard to choose...really hard... but I'd say Alan Lee. Ted Nasmith's pictures were great until I saw some paintings of Luthien. It's not fair to say Nasmith's not a good artist just because he made Luthien look like a man, I mean, how many artists can capture Luthien's beauty? And most of Ted's other work is really really good. But Alan Lee gets more point because he not only illustrated the LOTR he also designed some of the things in the movie.

White for winter or blue for winter?
white. I mean, it depends on the kind of blue... a dirty greyish blue looks good, but this neon-kinda-summer-sky-blue is a cheek for winter... my opinion.

donald duck or mickey mouse?
Mickey Mouse. (Mickey Mouse.)
Mickey Mouse. (Mickey Mouse.)

Forever let us hold his banner high.
High. High. High.
Come along and sing a song and join the family.
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E.

Chicken pot pie or beef pot roast?
i dunno therez alot of this 'bird flu' going around so ill choose the beef roast hmmmm

superhero powers or a wizard's power (eg Gandalf)
Mickey Mouse. (Mickey Mouse.)
Mickey Mouse. (Mickey Mouse.)

Forever let us hold his banner high.
High. High. High.
Come along and sing a song and join the family.
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E.

!? really?

oh, I think I'd like to have a wizard's powers... but superheros can fly, can't they? let me think about that... (does it write superheros or superheroes? Orc Going Huh Smilie )

american comic or manga?
Well i did say superhero powers not superheroes lol (ignore this)

Probably Manga not to fond of America Comic

Sleeping on your front or your back? (or even your side if your really adventurous)!!!!!!
Side for me!

Tennis shoes or dress shoes?
depends on the occasion. I do really like wearing high heels from time to time. make you look biiiiiiiig.

mikro or makro?
Wow! Such a macro-question!
I'd choose micro, because it's very easy for micro to become macro and for macro to become micro. And when macro becomes micro it's not good for macro, though it must be great for micro to become macro! Orc Grinning Smilie

knitting or sewing?
Well, I don't do either, but I would choose knitting if I were to take one up.

Polar ice cap or Sahara Desert.
Polar Cap Ice

Birds or Fish
birds. there are very beautiful birds... yea, there are also very beautiful fish. but I don't eat fish. I don't really eat birds either. but birds can fly. though fish are great swimmers, and that's cool, too. you know, there are many birds that eat fish, but rather few fish eat birds.... oh, why do I get the feeling this should have been posted in the how random can you be - thread....

spicy or sweeet?
SPICYYYYY Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Day or Nigth ?
hmm night really because at least you can be deep in thought with no distractions coz everyone's asleeep this way you can think properly about what you need to do

i know this is mean loose an arm or loose a leg!!!!!!? Orc Grinning Smilie
Well, right now since my legs don't work, a leg; though if I could walk then an arm for there are many things you can do one armed, but loss of a leg cuts into your mobility.

Going to an aquarium or going to a museum.
museum for me! I'm getting interested in history...

peppermint plus red raspberry or lemon balm plus valerian?
the peppermint one

potatoes or books?
that was random! But seeing as I'm on a diet I'll go for books.

Lion King or Bambi?
DONT MAKE ME ANSWER THAT!!!! i cnt choose but probably The Lion King coz itz a classic with the funny hog and everything lol and the cute baby cub simba

Love or Money?

Love In Love Smilie

Superman or Batman?
Batman, because he had the grandfather of Jimmy Bond's weaponsmith, "M", providing him with technical goodies. All Superman had going for him was his x-ray vision and a copy of Mr. Incredable's flying suit.

Purple or green for your bruise color?
Green. I like green.

Julius Caesar or Octavius Caeser?
julius caesar, I know more about him. maybe I should start sesearches... me's interested in all that ancient stuff.

opera or ballet?
opera,though I like them both.

rain or snow?
snow is great. I like rain, too, but snow is just wonderful.

ring or necklace?

Meditating with or without music?
With probably as the music can send you to places that are created by the music

Fish and Chips or Burger (fast foods!!
I don't eat fish, so I have to take the burger, though I'm not a real fan of that, either. could I just have the chips??

morning or evening?

Alone or in company?
Depends on who the company is and how I'm feeling at the time...

One best friend or a bunch of good friends?
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