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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Pizza or old fruit?
As intriguing as old fruit sounds(how old and what kind?), I think I'll have to go with pizza. And also, I LOVE anchovies.


Twister or Spin The Bottle?
Twister! So much fun seeing people fall over and on top of each other. Tongue Smilie

Everywhere or nowhere?

To be or Not to be?
To Be, I think. Or not to be might be a relief!

Chilli or Soup?
Since I am from New Mexico, I must say Chili Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Go out or stay in?
Go out!

Bats or spiders?

Bold or Italics ?

Chewy or Crunchy?

Girls Rule or Boys Drool?
No fair! Either way it's "Girls are better" Tongue Smilie. Hmpf, Girls rule then.

Light or Darkness
Light and darkness.

Yes, Gildor...that was my plan...there is no alternate choice...just kidding. I drool! Shocked Smilie (only when I sleep!)

Hang-gliding or channel surfing(on the TV)?
Channel surfing!

Red or green?
Red for sure

Weddings or funerals?
Weddings-funerals are far too sad...Sad Smilie

Paprika or Table Salt?

Wax or hairspray?

Air or Water?
I rather find that I need both.

Coffee Thumbs Up Smilie or Tea Thumbs Down Smilie ?

Classical music or Rock and Roll?
Though I am partial to both, I've got to say rock n' roll. Cool Elf Smilie

Logic or Emotion?

Love or money?
Love. All things bought with money wither and fade.

Truth or Dare?

Uptown or downtown?

Movies that make you think or movies that feature slapstick houmor????

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie
movies that make me think.

floyd_n_milan or Migsy???

hehehe !!!

Hat or Cap?
Neither! I prefer to let my long hair enjoy the wind!!!

Black or Blue?

Black and blue,
And who knows which is which
And who is who

Pink Floyd - Us And Them
Black the colour of life, death everything

PT or Council of Elrond
Why, PT of course!!

Johny Depp or Orlando Bloom?

Toast or English Muffins?
Toast. Never really liked muffins...

Thunderbirds or The Muppet Show?

Discovery Channel or National Geographic?

Playing cards or playing music?
Playing music.

Car or Truck?

Eating or drinking?
Eating, you can have yummy waffles and apple crumble and gluten free beehive ham and YUMMY stuff. But the only yummy stuff you can drink is sangria and fizzy and sparkling apple juice. And when you eat, you can stuff yourself and feel bloated.

horses or rabbits?


Day or night?
Um. Day.

Go somewhere or come home?
Go somewhere.

Burger or Fries?
Burger AND fries, please.

Square or circle?
Circle. I just dont like the sharp corners!!

Tooks or Brandybucks?

Left or Right?

Christmas or Easter?

Staying late or waking up early?
Staying up late. Anytime. And just for the record, I slept at 4am and woke up just a minute ago at 10am!!!

Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White
Gadalf the Grey.

Notebook or Desktop?

Linux or Unix? (I hate Windows)
I wish I knew...I have the hated Windows-congratulations to those who have escaped Bill Gates' strangle-grip! Live long in Microsoft-free splendor!

Potions or Prescriptions?
Potions, without a doubt.

lothlorien or mirkwood?
Mirkwood. I don't like everything so beautiful and all. You need some excitement in life!!

Pink (Floyd) or (Deep) Purple?

Hmm. That's a two in one question. Can be looked at either ways!!
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