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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Smile Smilie ...always happy! Smile Smilie

piano or guitarr?

Excited about ROTK or not?
Excited, I guess. In some way.

Sm’agol or Gollum?
Corn bread or corn on the cob?
Corn on the cob.

Pumpkin pie or Pumpkin bread?
My sister's home made pumpkin pie anyday. Smile Smilie

Easter or Halloween?
Halloween Pumpkin Smilie

Which leads me to...

Trick-or-treaters or Christmas carollers on your porch the whole night?

Light or Sound?

Hmmm... inner or outer beauty? (pls don't say both; it's not fair!)

inner beauty

child-like enthusiasm or worldly-wise

For love or For honor.
Both can cause good deeds and evil; oft fell deeds are done in the name of one or the other. Blah blah blah, philosophy sappy love honor blah-ing, etc.

For love.

How would you creatively express your thoughts on Tolkien's works?
-write short stories
-write poems
-write music
-paint a picture
-other: ______
Write short stories.

Now or Later?
OK, OK! Now will do, I guess!

Pride or humbleness?

Leaves or Grass?
Freshly cut grass.

To be remembered for your achievements or for your good deeds?

Eat a mouse or Eat a roach?
Eat anything but not these...Wink Smilie

Sea or ski??
The Sea; though I can barely swim...
bitten or clawed
Clawed (been there, felt both).

Flower or leaf?
Ai! Lauri’ lantar LASSI s’rinen... (leaves)

Rivendell or Lothl’rien?
Laurelindorenan Big Smile Smilie (Lothlorien of course..erm I think)

live below
the Sea or live above the skySmile Smilie?
Above the sky.

If you mean the films, neither, if you mean the books, ROTK.

Art or Music?

past or future?

Fruity Pebbles or Coco Pebbles? Smile Smilie
Coco Pebbles

Ham or Cheese?

Orcs or Uruk-Hais?
hmm..orcs! Orc Smiling Smilie

Ok...May it be or Into the West?

Very Evil Smilie haha..evil!!
Into the West

Wide Screen DVD or Modified for TV DVD*

*Where you can't see two people talking together side by side in one screenshot.
Wide Screen DVD.

Saruman orcs or Mordor orcs?
Mordor orcs
Christopher or JRR Tolkien?
Isn't it obvious?

Scrolling Eyes Smilie or Oink Smilie ?
Oink Smilie pigs are so cute!

Wine or beer? Alcoholic Smilie

I don't drink

Mordor or Angmar?

IRC or java?

Chocolate and books

garlic or onion

(Shucky darn! I just deleted the last post (mine which I made yesterday) as I was going to add it back to get this thread to the top of the list again. For some reason or other, a couple of others dissapeared too, something more for Taz to worry about).
Garlic? Very Mad Smilie No thanks, i'll go with the onions if i have to.

Jumping elephants or flying penguins?
Flying penguins because unless there divebombing they are easier to dodge; and they land much softer than jumping elephants.

zucchini or yellow crook neck squash?
yellow crook neck squash???
Er.. I'll say zucchini. Smile Smilie

Smeagol or Gollum?

Homemade cookies or cookies from a bag?
Homemade cookies (especially chocolate chip with walnuts)
Read Smilie
We never eat cookies because they have yeast,
And one little bite turns a man to a beast.
Oh, can you imagine the utter disgrace
Of a man in the gutter with crumbs on his face?

Away, away, with rum, by gum,
Rum by gum, rum by gum
Away, away, with rum, by gum,
The song of the Temperance Union.
Read Smilie
Ainamenelwen: You might try baking either of the two recipes found in one of the FrontPage articles I posted today and give us a review, even it I didn't see chocolate in the list of ingredients. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Vermont maple syrup or Blackjack molasses
Vermont maple.

Flowers or Grass?
Flowers or Grass?


Wind or rain?

rain, since it always reminds me of ducks

ducks or swans?
Ducks, since all the swans belong to the Queen. At least in England.

World War 1 or World War 2 ?
World War One

Chips with nacho cheese or salsa?
Salsa. Nacho cheese stinks.

Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman?
Swiss Army Knife

Snow or sun?
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