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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Firing squad, because the other reminds me of how half of my family died over sixty years ago.

Scrabble or Monopoly?

(That's sad Laurelindhe. Orc Sad Smilie

Chocolate Cake or Yellow Cake?
chocolate, although mostly because Ive never heard of a yellow cake before, maybe the are better... Ill have to look into this and eat more cake Orc Grinning Smilie
this should be an easy one

sink or swim
sorry laurelinde
Sink cause i can't swim. Very Big Grin Smilie

Boat ot plane

999th post - queer num.
Plane indeed Smile Smilie
Peanuts or Popcorn?
Peanuts - it can easily be hidden and is practical for eating in class. Very Big Grin Smilie

MSN or Yahoo
msn, I'm computer challenged and couldn't figure out yahoo

Crosby or Ovechkin

chicken or fish?
yum yum Fishie! So juicy sweet...

gift-giver or gift-receiver (now be honest-everyone always says 'giver', but you and I both know that some of us truly are receivers, hmm?)
I have to say both then,heh? Though I find it amusing to give away present to all of my kids , specially when they are not expecting any,to see their faces with surprise and gratitude that makes me happy. But I must say it's nice to receive books or jewellery from my hubbie or familySmile Smilie
Books or films ?
Books; easier to use in bed and waiting rooms. Happy Elf Smilie

Turtle or Tortoise? there any diffrence between the two?

Sofa or cauch?
Couch...lazy thorin....

Netscape or Mozilla
Mozilla, I use their Firefox browser and their Thunderbird email system.

Pizza or Lasagna
Pizza , I don't like pasta very much
Hollywood or Bollywood ?
Both! They have produced some absolutely fantastic film. As i understand both hindi and english (i'm not indian!) i can watch bollywood movies without subtitles!

911 GT1 or 911 Turbo
Well...are those cars or computers...?

urban, suburban or --?

Walk or drive? (shorter distances that is.. a nearby store or smthg..)
walk- its better for you

rap or rock

train or bus?
bus - there's no train here Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

bicycle or motorcycle
Bicycle. Better for the environment, better exercise, makes you enjoy your surroundings more as you have more time to do so when riding a bike, as opposed to riding a motorcycle.

Diamonds or (my favorite) Pearls?
Diamonds Smile Smilie Mine as well..A girls best friend..
Gold or Silver ?

Platinium or paladium

Unleaded, mid-grade or diesel?
Well, technically that's triple chain, but whatever...
Okay, unleaded, because it's cheapest.

Creation or Evolution?
Both. Creation followed by evolution.

Beer or whisky
Apple Juice :P

Encarta or Britannica?
Google and Wikipedia.

Spiders or snakes?
Spiders..Snakes are so soft and slimy but some of them are nice looking though
Pyramids or Colosseum ?
Pyramids of course. Much nicer and older than the Colosseum.

Ancient egypt or ancient rome
Ancient Egypt, even though you must work around all that sand.

Huckleberries or Blueberries

Vikings or samurai meyself and several friends have a giganticly long running argument about this

You left out Huns, one of the most revered ancient tribes and conquerors, almost as effective as the Vikings in acquiring territories.

Creativity or Practicality?

Undead or living dead

Pancakes or waffles?
Pancakes: I make a mean batch of them, quite light and thin; not horse blankets. I don't have a waffle-iron and make do with almost tasteless Eggos; though butter and real Vermont maple syrup make them edible.

Rhubarb pie or Gooseberry pie
I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Rhubarb pie! Can anyone explain it in detail?

Frosting or Icing? Very Big Grin Smilie

skating or skiing

Hot dog or corny dog?
corny dog though i eat neither Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Hot soup or cold mutton
After wretching for over an hour having read the words 'cold mutton', I have finally gained my composure and have decided that hot soup is better. Good lord, man, mutton is bad enough hot, but cold...

Malt vinegar or ketchup on your chips(not American crisps, but real potato wedges)?
Ketchup, or course Elk Grinning Smilie

coke or pepsi
Pepsi all the way...although Root Beer is really the way to go.

Seaside or lakeside?
It depends on just which seas and lakes you mean. If the beach is crowded and dirty, full of trash and almost-nude people who have no earthly business wearing dental floss as a swimsuit, then I'd take lakeside. On the other hand, if the lake is filled with a million pleasure boats that have heavy metal blaring out of their speakers, when all you came for is peace and serenity, then I'd take a nice quiet patch of sand near the Pacific ocean. I do think, though, that mountain lakes, with their intense clarity and cold waters, are some of the most pristine and beautiful places you could ever visit. I don't know, if I had to choose, I couldn't. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Texas Hold 'Em Poker or Go Fish?
Go fish...I've never played the other one I'm not sure which I'd actually like best.

Sardines in a Can or regular Hide and Seek?
Regular. Boy, that brings back memories of hot midwest sumer nights!

Mechanical pencil or wooden?
Wooden...provided there is a good pencil sharpner around.

DVDs are simpler to use, but I'll not be replacing my VHS movies with the newer DVD versions.

Popcorn or Pretzels?

surround system or headphone
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