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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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fountain pen at any time

raven or fox? =)

Hot shower or bubble bath?
hot shower. leaves more time for other things. though, of course, a bubble bath now and then is just marvellous.

brother or sister?
ive only ever had a sister but i wonder what it would be like to have a brother??

Candle-Light or Dim Lamp?
Elf Confused Smilie um, well, I guess candlelight...

Tapioca or vanilla pudding?

City or country? (to live)
I live in a small city and i love it ! But i wouldnt move to a big one..
Lots of snow or lots of sun ?
lots of snow. I can't stand sweaty summer days.

Boromir or Faramir?
Faramir, he seems the type not to go mad and chase you around and try and kill you!!!

Narya or Nenya or Vilya (which one would you prefer to bear?)
Nenya - it looks the prettiest.

To get married or not
Ive been married in 15 years so guess my answer : MARRIED
Horror or Romance ?
Ahhhh romance, she says fluttering her eyelashes...

kitties or puppies
oh puppies of course, sweet little doggies that fall over so fluffy and cute Dog Smilie

Eccentric or Shy???
Eccentric of course ( very humble at the moment )
Breakfast or supper ?
I never eat breakfast, so I suppose supper.

earrings or neckless?
Having never been a hippee or a pirate, I've never worn earings, so I suppose a necklace would be my choice.

Fruit Juice or Soda Pop?
hmm Soda Pop i think, very nice

Notebook or Laptop??? - same thing but which word do you prefer???
Has to be a laptop - my writing is sooo bad.

Earl grey tea or ordinary brand
Earl Grey loves a goog cup of teaSmile Smilie
Horse or Camel?
Horse, it is easier to stay on their good side, while camels pretty much dislike everyone.

Hot buttered and salted popcorn or plain jane popcorn with nothing on it

I just found an infestaion of tiny larve in my supply of popping corn. Yuckers!!! Luckily I only had to throw out about a cups worth and had a small bag of organic corn kernals that weren't fortified with this extraneous protien. I assume the gasket didn't seal properly last time I put it away, letting a mommie bug into the popcorn jar which stands about 16 inches tall and can hold a good two pound bag of kernals.
Gross, Grondy! Smile Smilie Ewwwww...

Well, of course, I like the taste of buttery, salted popcorn, but when I eat popcorn, I only eat the plain jane kind...gotta watch the girlie figure (not that I have anywhere near a perfect figure now, but I don't want it to get out of control.) Wink Smilie And summer is here...and I LOVE, love, LOVE the beach!

Old fashioned newspaper or getting your news online?
Getting your news online...the newspapers take up to much paper when most people just look at them for a few minutes then throw them away...'cuz we are depleating our nonrenewable resources and i personally love trees, i mean whats more fun than throwing rocks down at unaware people from the top of a tree? or reading in the silence of a wonderful tree? (dang, im very easily sidetracked, but u know when you are talking about something you are passionate about, it's easy to, right?)

Rock or Country?

Rock's soooo waaayyy better!
My answer is RockSmile Smilie But really I like all sort of music so its a tricky question..
Shower or bath?

Chocolate starfish or the hot dog flavoured water?
Chocolate starfish, just so long as it is chocolate and not a chocolate covered starfish!!

Disco dancing or ballroom dancing
I have to say DiscoSmile Smiliebut Ive always wanted to learn ballroom-dancing
Hot coffee or cold milk ?
hot coffee Good Morning Smilie, although, i do prefer hot cup of tea alot better

Ceiling fan or Portable fan???
portable fan

Computer: desktop or laptop?
Desktop. I don't go in much for all that newfangled stuff. Animated Wink Smilie

Long days or Long nights?
long days - if by that you mean summer time. The days feel too short in winter. I also prefer having a fun filled, eventful day as apposed to staying out all night. I like sleep.

chicken or beef?
i prefer chicken, as it tastes like everything, or everything tastes like chicken, but that would mean that beef tastes like chicken, so there is no possible answer for which i prefer

Fish Fingers or Fish Sticks???
Never seen a fish with hands, let alone fingers; therefore, I guess it will have to be sticks. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Hot and Spicy Balrog Wings’ or Bar-B-Qed Buffalo Wings
Hot and Spicy Balrog Wings Smile Smilie
Pale moonlight or Dark Night ?
Pale Moon

Jonny Depp or Orlando Bloom
Johhny Depp indeedSmile Smilie Love him beeing Captain Jack Sparrow
Breakfast or Supper ?

Elevensies or Tweens?
oh Elevensies, the earlier the better

Salt and Vinegar or Cheese and Onion???
Cheese and OnionSmile Smilie
Shopping or Reading ?

Duracell or Energizer?
DuracellSmile Smilie
Do you think you can DANCE or do you think you can SING?
I know I can do neither well enogh to allow myself perform before anyone, though I might be coaxed to play my harmonica or alto recorder before them. Orc Grinning Smilie

Round neck or v-neck teeshirt?
Round neck T-shirtSmile Smilie
Small Bills or Big Bills ?
Depends whether I'm paying (small) or receiving (big).

muffins or biscuits
Brego or Shaddowfax ?

Beer or lemon juice?
lemon juice, if I can have it cut with iced water and sweetened with sugar and called lemonade. Orc Grinning Smilie

peppermint or butterscotch
Butterscotch, mmmmmmm...

Hoses or cars?
I could say cars but then again you can't even ride in a hose, but ill go with cars as I had a nasty exeperience with a horse. But they are magnificant creatures.

Llama or Donkey???
I believe a donkey can carry me or baggage from A to B, or from B to A. I will always be very sceptical to any spitting creature!

Whisky or whiskey?
Whisky: Scotch, Old No. 7, or Johnny Walker black label

Chicken Pox or Mumps?
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