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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Summer, 'cause you don't have to shovel it, unless you work on a dairy farm. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Lavender or sage

Biro or pencil?
pencil (once I know what Biro is)

Romance or thriller (as in genre to read)?

Denim or leather?
Biro is just your ordinary pen, sorry if I confused you.


If you could choose between a new mobile phone or laptop, what would you choose? Elk Grinning Smilie
Ooooh a laptop please if your buying. Big Smile Smilie

Patio or decking
Patio.... less painting

Coal or Nuclear power
nuclear power.

a man or a woman? (foolish question, ha?)
Depends whether were making:

Love or War Question Smilie
That depends too.

Giving ones phone number or E-mail
Definitely e-mail

Soft centre or toffee in a box of chocs

If you were alone on an island would you rather have a knife or an unlimited quantity of toilet paper?
Unlimited toilet paper (maybe I could build my way to the shore) Cool Smilie

Long or short hair (on guys)
Short. (Well, ok, it depends. Some guys look really good with long hair, but I prefer short anyway.)

Saturday or Sunday?
Saturday (shops are closed on sunday)

Game threads or discussion threads?
Game at the moment - as I don't usually know what to say - not sure if pople want to hear my thoughts Paranoid Smilie

Christmas or Easter
Easter It is our biggest family gathering.

Fight or Flight
Flight. Don't like fighting. And I never win anyway. Animated Wink Smilie

Stay where you are or go somewhere else?
Go somewhere else!

Where would you rather go, New Hampshire or California?
California because we have newly discovered cousins there and I have been to New Hamshire so I would prefer to go to california.
Harry potter or Redwall I hope to find some other people who prefer redwall *pulls out arrow and draws*
i'm tempted to say Harry Potter but Redwall is pretty good as well. Harry Potter is definitley the winner!

Orlando or Viggo?
Orlando no Viggo no Orlando no Viggo

Sorry can't decide - can I have both - pleeeze

Fact or Fiction
Well it depends on what it is. Fiction in books and fact when my freinds are telling me something. But I prefer to read so... Fiction.

Inn or Hotel
Either, as long as they have some sort of haunted history.

Summer or winter
I would Have to say Summer for 3 reasons. One my birthday, 2 no school, 3 More computer time.

Sneakers or Sandals

Azerty or qwerty?
Sorry maybe I'm not with it but qwerty is how I learned to type, is this the sort of answer?? Waving Hello Smilie Can you let me know.

Gold or Silver
Silver!!!! It's prettier. From my present "Orc from ISengard" point of view. But Loni the dwarf will be back soon. And when she's back, it'll be gold. I changed location. For fun. To use up my mithril, and to swell the Isengard population of... like... 0 active members. Just for a week.

Glittering Caves or Isengard?
Glittering Caves (it sounds so nice)

School work or Work
Work.....more money coming in ya know.

Right or Left?

RIGHT!!!! I'm right-handed. And 'recht' sounds so much better than 'links.'

blue or red?
(Haha, let's see you choose this one)
blue because it is the sky and sea. no red because I am squeamish at the sight of blood.

House or home

Red or scarlet?
Red, scarlet is even closer to the color of blood. plus red is for roses.

cowboy hat or top hat
A cowboy hat: it is cooler in the summer sun; keeps more rain off in a storm; and is harder to knock off with a snowball.

puppies or kittens
Kittens - I really don't see how puppies are cute.

Red, scarlet is even closer to the color of blood. plus red is for roses.

Don't be silly. It's scarlet, of course, because of the Scarlet Pimpernel who is the coolest character in the whole world. Pity he never existed. Sorry, but the Scarlet Zit (as I call him) is better than any LOTR character. *waits for the mob to pounce on her*

Zits or pimples?
I will make you a pincushion now uruk hai spawn. I have seen the scarlet pimpernel and LOTR is better anyday!
(In best Poltergeist 2 voice)I'm baa-aack!!!

Zits, Loni, they pop better!

And LOTR is better, Robin, no matter what. Smile Smilie

Swirling pool of sharks or Chocolate-covered maggots?
Sorry maybe I'm not with it but qwerty is how I learned to type, is this the sort of answer?? Can you let me know.

That was the sort of answer I was expecting, thank you, Maydmarion. Waving Hello Smilie

Awww. What sort of a choice is that? The maggots if I don't have to eat them, otherwise I'll just die in a pool of sharks, thanks.

DVD or video?
DVD because they have many cool features and there is no having to rewind them after you watch them.

Cockroaches or Spiders
spiders...but I'm terrified by them both.....

meat or fish?
Meat I hate fish. And bugs.

Orange juice or Pinapple juice
Orange juice.

Flippers or slippers? (I'm at the computer w/ a friend, she wanted a turn)

Blind or deaf?
Deaf if I really had to choose - but what a choice. One Eye Smilie

Achilles or Hector swooon In Love Smilie
Hector. Mee-owww!

Baseball or Thumb Wrestling?
baseball it is more intresting.

shack or hovel
Shack. That's where the baddies are hiding in all the movies.

autumn or spring?
spring because school is about to end and it will soon be summer.
Wiggle Smilie
Hydrofoil or ferrry (Hydrofoils are fun) Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

kill or be killed? Dead Smilie Very Evil Smilie
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