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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Symphony orchestra.

Bela Bartok's Cricket on the Roof or Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody???
Sorry, I don't know either of those pieces. I have always disliked Bartok's music since the early fifties when my piano teacher made me play his dissonant stuff instead of Bach's harmonic stuff; thus I never progressed past my third year of first year piano.

I just finished entering the Adagio to Beethoven's Sonata in C-sharp Minor, OP. 27, No. 2. (also know as the Moonlight Sonata) into my PC in Commodore 64 mode and it sounds quite good. I'm not sure if I will enter the remaining eleven pages of the score or not.

Vivaldi's ' Four Seasons' (OP. 8, Concerti Nos 1-4) or JS Bach's Brandenburg Concerti Nos 1-6?
Vivaldi's ' Four Seasons' Smile Smilie I have to choose this one since I play this often when I'm at work ..I work with an adult who has Autism and he loves this kind of music
Dancing Ballet or Disco ?
OHHHH I wish I had gotten Grondy's question instead. I LOVE the Brandenburg Concertos, all of them. Smile Smilie Hey Grondy I see you're a Bach lover too. Oh and I'm LMAO, you did it in Commodore 64 mode!!! I remember those mid-80's commercials where the C-64 was playing Bach's Inventio #13. Not only did that prompt me to get a C-64, it also first introduced me to Bach's music. As a teenager I eventually learned how to play Inv#13 on a synthesizer.

Well back to Mellon's question -- Disco. I guess. Lesser of two evils.

The Beatles, or the Rolling Stones?
The Beatles Smile Smilie

Radar or Hawkeye?
Hawkeye...all the way...

Cookie dough or Cookies?
COOKIES!!!!!! Preferably chocolate chip, or oreos. With milk of course. Cow Sleeping Smilie

Ice cream CONE, or ice cream SUNDAE?
Ice Cream Cone: One scoop of 'Jamoca Almond Fudge' and one of 'Chocolate Chip Mint'.

Peanut butter and jam on whole wheat or peanut butter and jam on white bread?
If the bread is toasted, I do not care...but I think I'd prefer wheat...

Public School or Private School?

Well I went to public school, but I've always felt that private schools are better overall. If I had the money, my son would definitely be in a private school.

Digital watch, or analog?
Digital, because its much easier to glance at it and get the time immediately.

Sweeping or Vacuuming?

Cleaning service. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Plain peanuts, or honey-roasted?
Dry honey roasted please.

Mountain climbing or Deep-sea diving?
Mountain climbing!

Film or digital?

Bach or Beethoven?
Bach, though some ZZ Top would beat both of them

summer or winter?
Summer indeed Smile Smilie I dont like it to coldSmile Smilie
Coca Cola or Pepsi ?
I'd say Pepsi, I not sure why... I just like the name... can't tell the difference between Orc Smiling Smilie

Digital or Analog Watches? Or do you even wear a watch?
Well I've got an analog watch with a broken spring that I really ought to have repaired; and another selfwinding one that runs down if I sleep more than nine hours, and another that uses a battery which has run dry. However, my favorite is both an electric digital and an analog. I like analog for accurate estimates of the time with just a glance and digital for the actual time of day.

I'll have to come back to this for I've forgotten the topic. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Oh yeah, 'Salt and pepper' or 'Sugar and spice'?
Hey Loss, no fair, I just asked that same question 3 days ago LOL!!!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Grondy- How 'bout garlic & basil instead? Mmmmmm yummy Italian Tomato Salad!!

DSL, or Cable-modem?
Cable-modem, then I don't need two land lines; I still don't need a cell phone and I have a back-up rotary phone for when the power goes out and causing my portable phone to go dead. I also won't get my phone service via cable and computer for the same reason.

Strawberry-rhubarb pie or Lemon Meringue pie?
Strawberry rhubarb.

From what my soon-to-be father-in-law tells me, Verizon has apparently discontinued support for rotary & pulse dialing around here. Now it's "touch-tone, or no-phone". He FINALLY got rid of his old "backup" rotary phone this past year.

With fresh berries: Whipped cream? Or sour cream & sugar?
Whipped cream. I've never tried the other, but it sounds good too.

Country or bluegrass?

Bacon and Eggs or Liver and Onions (not really a choice as far as I'm concerned.)
Oooooooooh actually that IS a tough choice, if the liver is prepared right (especially breaded) and if it's NOT overcooked so that it comes out like leather. But alas, I guess I would still go for bacon & eggs after all, especially if there's toast & home fries along with it. Now if only we could swap that bacon for some nice fresh corn beef hash MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Hey Sian, try it (sugar & sour cream) with either blueberries or strawberries. Maybe you can settle a long-standing debate between me and my fianc’e. Elf Winking Smilie

Cash or credit card?
Credit Card, if payed in full at the end of the month. I think I've paid $1.35 in interest in the last twenty-five years: I lost the envelope one month way back when. I figure seeing as how the bank pays me less than 1% on my savings account, why should I pay them 15% to borrow my own money? So when I don't have enough in my checking account to cover the credit card bill, I draw it out of savings and save a bundle in interest. Of course if you have no liquid assets, you should never buy on credit except on a low fixed rate morgage where your monthly income and expences have been truly stated so you don't get in over your head.

Sports Car or Pick-up Truck?
Pickup truck. I like my vehicles big, I've been driving a Durango for 7 years now. No way could I make the adjustment back to a tiny little regular car. Hey I like your way of managing credit cards, I'm the same way. I rarely use cash for anything, because then I can never remember what I spent it on. At least with the charge cards I have a nice itemized statement every month, and some of them give me a year-end summary too. Oh yeah and then there's the Cash-Back rewards too.

Low-fat, or low-carb?

Mild Cheddar Cheese or Sharp Cheddar Cheese?
Well I use both, it depends on what I'm using it for. But I guess if it's a plain old block of cheese and I'm just going to cut off a chunk to nibble on, then I would pick SHARP.

Water the lawn? Or let nature take its course, even if it means having the ugliest brownest lawn on the block?
I let it take it's course, but it rains so much here it never needs watering anyways

sports or computer games?
I don't mind watching sports, but no longer play them myself. I do play computer games. My character is currently on the Isle of the Maker in 'Hoards of the Underdark' on my PC; and another is about to enter the Dwarven Village of Turef in 'Death Knights of Krynn' on my 1985 Commodore 128/64.

Dance all night? or Stay at home with a good book?
Definitely the book.

Regarding your coffee/tea: black, or cream & sugar?
Tea: just sugar; coffee: cream and sugar (or lite substitutes)

July or December?
December -- #1 I hate the heat, #2 I love Christmas, and #3 here in NJ we don't usually have any snow yet in December. (I like it chilly, but can do without the snow & ice.)

Suit and tie? Or dockers & a polo shirt?
suit and tie, every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man

long or short hair?
Short Hair.

Tchaikovsky or Wagner?
The former.

Italian or Chinese?
italian, nothing beats a good pasta

Clapton or Elton John?
Clapton, preferably from the Cream - Blind Faith - Derek/Dominoes phase. Nothing beats a good guitar lick.

Flowers? Or "regular" green plants?
Flowers, though at the moment my indoor two African violets and Christmas Amaryllis are just green. From my window I see a lot of green junipers and Rhodys, as well as cedar, fir, and maple trees. Oh, I think I see the blackberries are in bloom on the far bank.

Duke Ellington or Dave Brubeck?
Probably Ellington but really I'm afraid I don't like jazz at all.

Harrison or McCartney?

Grond, the view from your window sounds lovely!
I fertilized my African viloets and the small one made one tiny pink blossom; the large one made and continues to have about a dozen deep purple blossoms.

I really can't choose between these two ex-Beatles, as I know not their later music.

Elmo or Cookie Monster?

Stargate SG1 or Stargate Atlantis?
Stargate Atlantis
Chopping wood or carry stones ?
Chopping wood. Don't want to drop a stone on my foot.

Comedy or Drama?
I must say drama. If the actors are good , specially historical drama ..
Do you arrive early or late ?
I arrive precisely when I mean to Orc Smiling Smilie But, if I do need to be somewhere, I'm early...

Do you drink from;

A Glass or straight out of the can?
Out of the can unless it is a formal setting.

Horseback or Motorcycle
Motorcycle , more excitingCool Smilie
A stormy autumn day or a warm summer day ?
Warm, not hot, summer days; we have three of four months of stormy Novembers. It was 63’F (17’C) at 2:35 this afternoon.

Cold Milk or Hot Chocolate?
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