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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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LotR book

Chocolate cake or egg foo yung
Chocolate cake

Gondor or Rohan?

Mordor or Isengard?

Blue bottle flies or tadpoles?
Tadpoles, please.

Incandescent or fluorescent?
Fluorescent, I think I only have one or two of the other type light bulbs installed where fluorescent bulbs won't fit the space allowed or have a different type of base.

Cabbage: slaw or steamed?
Nicely steamed with a little butter and salt and pepper! Mmm-mm!

Friday night or Saturday morning?
Well, I no longer have any Friday night TV shows that I am really interested in; and do have a full morning's worth of Saturday radio broadcasts, so I'll choose Saturday.

Sunday night or Monday morning?
Monday morning.

American football or English football
American: Too many draws (ties) in that other ballgame that goes by the same name. Like our Seattle Sounders FC tied the Chicago Fire in Seattle this afternoon 0 to 0 before a crowd of 32,405. The refs let the game get out of hand early and then made up for it later with: 32 fouls, 4 yellow cards, 2 red cards, which again probably changed the game outcome.

Hopscotch or Tiddlywinks?
Hopscotch. More exercise.

Lotus or Lamborghini?
The Ghini, not sure why, maybe because I don't think that Lotus makes a touring car.

John Le Carr’ or Erma Bombeck?
Haven't read either..have to think about this one.

Humphrey Bogart or Clark Gable?
Boggie, for sure: think I have seen all his movies. Have only seen a few of Gable's.

Hark the Herald Angels Sing or Redolf the Rude Knows Rain Dear? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Hark the Herald Smile Smilie

Cowboys or Indians?

Galadriel or Feanor?
That's a hard question! I think I'll go with Feanor because of his great skill.

Fingolfin or Felagund?

Automatic transmission or manual?
I don't have a license yet but I prefer manual transmission!

Porsche or BMW

Me or You?
Definitely me!

Nokia or Sony Ericsson?
Nokia. Dinna ner ner, dinna ner ner, dina ner ner na

Duck or Warg?

Why Deffo you, I'm offended Orc Sad Smilie

Land or Water?

Toyko or New York?
Ummm.... Tokyo.

Sword or Hammer?
Hammer! After all all dwarves are smiths

Nimrodel or The Silverlode
The beautiful Silverlode.

Warg ribs with special sauce or Scooby Snacks?
Scooby Snacks

Xbox 360 or PS3 (Or DS Or Wii Or PSP)
Totally Xbox 360. PS3 was just too expensive and now the 360 is too much in twined in my life for me to go buy a PS3. I also have a Wii, DS, and PSP.....

Salt or Pepper

Rowling or Lewis?
Now that's a hard choice, I like them both... I'll have to think on that awhile.

Horse or motorcycle?

Cat or Bike
Odd. You will have to tell me the reason behind it. I will go for bike.

Archery or swordsmanship.
Aye.... I am waiting to get shunned by my dwarven bretheren, but I have to say archery

Fish or bird

Flannel or Satin?
Satin's luxurious, but flannel is far more servicable and useful, so I'll go with the latter.

Michael Jackson or Frank Sinatra?
Frank Sinatra.

Eragon or Saphira?

Severus Snape or Sirus Padfoot Black?
Sirus, I thought I liked Snape after I found out about him but then I decided I still didn't like him, for a man to harbor a dislike of a boy because he was jealous of his now dead father is pitiful, though I still respect him for his courage and for being so faithful to Lillie's memory

pop or classical?

Sian, your reason for liking Saphira above Eragon is..?

Elendilmir or Elessar(the gem and not the King)?
Elendilmir. Hard choice, though. I like Saphira simply because she's a dragon Orc Grinning Smilie I like dragons Smile Smilie

Saphira or Smaug?
Smaug! Big Smile Smilie

Mountain or Valley
Being an elf of Rivendell love valleys.

Moria or Erebor?

Salty snacks or sweet?
Mmm.... salty!

Gandalf the Grey or Gandalf the White
The Grey

DVDs or TV

Arwen or Galadriel?

Ocean or forest?

Speaking or listening?

Egg Fried Rice or Ham?

I spent an hour today trying to get this chinese Woman who came into out school to teach us mandarin to say Egg Fried Rice. She did it 5 Minutes after the deadline we set ourselves.
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