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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Green Ink or Blue Ink
Green !! For some odd reason I really dislike blue ink; my son does also so it may be a hereditary condition. Smile Smilie

Cream of Wheat or Cream of Rice?
Cream of Wheat; though I haven't had any for ages. Now I make myself organic 12-grain hot cerial with a dab of butter and a teaspoon of dark brown sugar. Yummy!

Apples or oranges?
Apples pip the post.....but only because I hate peeling oranges!

To have visitors or go visiting
Visitors; then I don't have to worry about overstaying my welcome. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Long-johns or nickers?
Knickers! Because all my friends are fans of the Knicks. Elf Smilie

Blowing a kiss or catching it?
Blowing. Catching them makes me embarassed Smile Smilie

Perfume or none?
Perfume if used with moderation.

Fishing or watching a tree grow?
Defenitly fishing

City or Country?

Not much difference in the hands of amateurs, but in the hands of someone like Paul Gonzales, the Sax definitely.
Bagpipe or Sackbut (early trombone)
Bagpipes. Kinchyle!

Guitar or mandolin?
Guitar, a nice acoustic

Rock or classical?

Howdy Doody or Mortimer Snerd? Ventriloquist dummies
Uh..... never heard of them. I would go with Howdy Doody, anyway because it sounds cooler! Ha Ha Ha Smilie

Night or Day?
Day, a little sunshine is fine.

Purple or Maroon?

Howdy Doody was the puppet star of the Howdy Doody TV show in the fifties; his human side-kick was Buffalo Bob (Smith). Mortimer Snerd was the hayseed pal of Charlie McCarthy who also was a puppet and their human companion and ventriloquist was Edgar Bergan the father of Candice.
Definetly Maroon! our school colors are maroon and white! The Mighty Millsap Bulldogs(not really..... our football team only won 2 games this year, both 1A schools, we are a 2A school) I also am a big Texas A&M fan! (my cousin graduated from A&M this year)

Black or White?
Depends if I'm drinking milk, Johnny Walker, or JD's Old No. 7. Alcoholic Smilie
To get this thread started again:
Cold or Hot
Cold for sleeping.

Indoors or out?

Sorry, last time I had another senior moment. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Indoors, its too cold out even for me right now!

New or antique?
Depends whether I'll be eating it or looking at it. Happy Elf Smilie

In the morning when you get up, which shoe do you put on first: Right or Left?
I thinkI usually do the right foot first; that knee is more painful than the left so I get it over with.

Do you like black horses better than white ones?
Hmmm...horses, yes, but I like unicorns, so maybe I'll say white. My sister and I were huge fans of The Last Unicorn growing up.

Unicorn or Pegasus?
Unicorn, I like to keep close to the ground.

red grapes or green grapes (ripe in either case)
green grapes

meat or veggies?
Meat; I wished I liked veggies more though.

Sunrise or sunset?
Sunset, it is warmer then.

Looking at the moon or at the stars
The stars. They are very magical, especially in the middle of the desert when you can see them for miles.

The Grand Canyon or Mt. Everest?
especially in the middle of the desert when you can see them for miles.
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie that tickled my funnybone. Miles seems quite a small unit of measurement when dealing with stars, sort of like using angstrom units ( 0.0000000001 meter [10-10 m]) when dealing with the solar system distances instead of astronomical units (1 au = average distance between earth and the sun) or astronomical units instead of light years (1 ly = distance light travels in a year) for distances to and between stars.

Of course I know what Eruwen means is there is little or no light polution in the desert, and nights there are cold, so that there is little to interfere with seeing stars in their best light; this opposed to near cities where only the brightest stars can be seen. Teacher Smilie

Now I must go back and see what her question was, for I have forgotten it.

Mt. Everest is a place too cold for me, so I'll choose the Grand Canyon, except in high summer, when it would be too hot.

Shopping in the central city or at a suburban mall?

Hmmm.. Its easier to find a parking place at the mall so I'll say that but cities have interesting stores.

Do you have trouble falling asleep at night and if so what do you do about it?
Yes, I always read at least for an hour upon getting to bed; then if I can't sleep I'll put on a book tape or CD and I usually fall asleep before it is over, though sometimes I have to see what happens next even though I've previously read the book and listened to the story. I just finished again listening to HP and the Deathly Hallows Saturday night, or rather Sunday morning. Happy Elf Smilie

However, this is the Dual Chain game, so:

CD and DVD or Cassette Audio Tape and VHS Vidio Cassette?
CD and DVDs

News or Sports?
News, though I also listen to baseball when in season.

Strawberry shortcake or Chocolate cake?
Got to go with Chocolate Cake! Elf Smilie

Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream?

Bread pudding (sans coconut) or Tapioca pudding?

Strawberry or raspberry?

Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate
Dark Chocolate (semi-sweet preferred)

Rhythm and blues or Bluegrass?

Classical music or Classic Rock?
Classical Music (Star Wars!)

Aragorn vs. Witch King of Angmar

Spaghetti with meatballs or Macaroni and cheese
Spagetti (though I prefer it without meatballs...)

Chicken Chicken Smilie or Beef Cow Sleeping Smilie ?

left or right or whatever You will have to decide on a subject for this one. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Black or Blue
Black when I'm trying to sleep; blue when I am outside during the day.

Hot cereal or Cold cereal?
Hot Cereal for now considering how cold it actually is here.

Elton John or Lionel Richie
Lionel Richie

Harry Potter books or Chronicles of Narnia books
Definitly Chronicles of Narnia books.

PS3 or X-Box 360?
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