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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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summer holidays or Christmas holidays?
because you get to celebrate christmas and its not baking and there is sometimes snow! unfortunately they're shorter......

Home Improvement or The Good Life?
Not sure. Do you mean the shows? In that case, Home Improvement because I have never heard of the other.

Bubble gum or Licorice?
Licorice - every time - black sort and red - I wonder if ther are any other colours?

One for the girls........

Boxers or briefs....wont' even suggest 'Y's

horror films or romantic films
Romantic. In Love Smilie

Read or write?
I think they go hand in hand, can't do one without the other

Rubicon or Wrangler?

alien or predator
Alien. Very Evil Smilie

Going fishing in Jamaica or going banjoing in Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka.

This or That?

Jot or tittle ?

straight hair or curly hair

E-mail or ordinary mail?

warm or cold

longbow or crossbow

ghosts or vampires
Can't cope with either Super Scared Smilie

Smart or casual
Smart!!! You should see what my brother looks like in a top and tails. And braces. It's funny. He looks like a footman. THen again, you should see what I look like in a pink victorian dress with a great big puffy petticoat. CAN YOU IMAGINE IT? LONI IN A PINK VICTORIAN DRESS WITH PETTICOAT?

Netherland dwarf rabbit or FLEMISH GIANT RABBIT? (Say flemish giant, my favourite wab Speckles is a flemish giant. He weighs over six kilograms.)
flemish giant sweet!! Wolf Smilie

fire or water

Lord of the Rings or Lord of the Pants?
You should see what my brother looks like in a top and tails. And braces. It's funny.

My hubby wares a skirt - honest - it's a kilt Ha Ha Ha Smilie He looks really good in it - you've got to have good legs for it. He really does not suit a suit.

Lord of the Rings

Fizzy or juice
Fizzy Soda, or pop or coke or whatever you call it is GOOD!!!!!!!!


Minas Tirith or Amunnias(can't spell that)

Lorien or Rivendell?

Rohan or Gondor?

Isengard or Minas Morgul
Isengard! Who the greengrass computer enthusiast wouldn't want to neighboor with ents and have a good tower!

Nokia n-gage(shameful I forgot the spelling?) or Playstation Portable?
playstation portable!!

biscuits or sweets

Butterflies or Dragonflies?

shoe fly or horse fly
Horse fly (what's a shoe fly?)

My hubby wares a skirt - honest - it's a kilt He looks really good in it - you've got to have good legs for it. He really does not suit a suit.

You're telling this to the girl who had to walk through residential areas in full Scottish dress. Alone. Without a marching band or anything. No, with my Mummy. AAAARGH!!!!! We didn't have a car, so we had to walk to my Scottish dancing exam.

Scotland or England?
EMGLAND haha, hmm *cough cough* sorry

personality or looks? (ive got both so dont worry me hehe :P)

shoe fly is really sho fly dont bother me, sho fly dont bother me, sho fly dont bother me, and I dont remeber the rest of the words.

Brains or Brawn

Up or down?

Cactus or Evergreen?

needle or thread
I must have both as I cross stitch.

Cordless mouse or attached
A tethered mouse is always handy, while a cordless mouse would also be playing hide and seek with all my missing remotes. Elk Grinning Smilie

Eggs: 'sunny side up' or 'over easy'
I don't even know what EITHER of those mean. Tell me, I feel ignorant!!!

EMGLAND haha, hmm *cough cough* sorry

No, I'm glad you said that. I'm a pom, and England is better than Scotland. It's just... I kinda like the Highland Fling rather than Morris Dancing, you know what I mean?

Knowledge or wisdom? (PLEASE, say knowledge, because I know everyone will say wisdom, and rightly too, but go against the flow, and just say knowledge to be different. Like... Robin should've said 'looks' rather than 'personality' because Of COURSE personality is better, but be differnet. Make everyone go "OMIGOSH, WHAT?" and then go 'just jokes'. PLEASE?)
I don't know what "over easy" means either, but I like my eggs sunny side up. Animated Wink Smilie

Sorry Loni, almost missed your question. I'd say wisdom rather than knowledge.

Left or right?
right because it sounds better, no I am not picking it because i am right handed because I am ambidexterous.

school or work

gold or silver

Amos&Andy or Martin&Lewis?
Uh... soembody explain? HELP!!!!

But anyway... following your example...
Gilbert & Sullivan or Kath & Kim?
Amos&Andy or Martin&Lewis? Uh... someebody explain? HELP!!!!
Amos and Andy was an oldtime comedy radio program where white people played sterotypical African-Americans. It was taken off the radio, probably in the sixties, when we became a little more concerned about civil rights and the feelings of others.

Martin and Lewis was the comedy partnership of singer Dean Martin and comedian Jerry Lewis before they split up and went their separate ways. The made some quite funny movies and had a TV show.
Gilbert & Sullivan

"Sugar and spice" or "Puppy dog tails"
Sugar and spice.

Dip di-dip-di-dip or ramalangadingdong?
Dip di-dip-di-dip

KFC or Macdonalds?
Hate fast food.

Rain or shine?

mars or jupiter
Clearly mars, because as you know..... MEN ARE FROM MARS and besides, i currently am assured by my mirror that i am a martian.

Very Evil Smilie so thats the closest there is to an alien out of the smileys.

Anduril or Glamdring
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