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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Lime, please.

Ice cream or Sherbet (or Italian ice)?
Ice cream

Mickey Mouse Club or Howdy Doody Show
Mickey Mouse.

Evenstar or Galadriel.
Arwen Evenstar, Galadriel is too old even for me. Orc Grinning Smilie
Wink Smilie So your question of choice to us is?
When donning your shoes, which do you put on first: Left or Right?
The right I guess.

Autumn or spring?

Saxon or Celt?
Celts, since they were my ancestors.

Swords or bows (your preference in a fight)?
Bows, if I can take them out at a distance, I might not be cut to ribbons.

Pink or blue baby booties?
Blue like my grandson's Smile Smilie

Roses or carnations?
Roses of course Sian.

Venus or Athena?
Venus, I don't cater to threatening women. Elf Winking Smilie

Hard candy: Rootbeer Barrel or Lemon Drop?
Lemon Drop

Firefox or Opera

Pandora or Endor?

And Grondy why is that you find Athena threatening? Isn't she the wisest of all the Gods and the patron goddess of Athens?

Looking up at the stars or underwater at the fish and other aquatic creatures and plants?

Sorry, I thought you meant that woman warrior who was on TV, can't remember her name now. Ah, Lucy Lawless aka Zena. Orc Grinning Smilie
looking underwater

*i believe 'Zena' to be spelt with an 'X'


If you were old and frail with a long grey beard, what would you rather:
Smoke a long wooden pipe
Walk with a long knarled wooden staff.
The latter!!

What would you prefer: Anduin or Sirion?
The Anduin, that other river disappeared in a huge flood; and I wouldn't like to get caught in that.

Lord of the Rings or The Silmarillion?
The Silmarillion!! The valour of the Elder Days and their hopeless war against the Dark Power of the North. Those of the Third Age atleast had a FOOL's hope to help them go on..

Thingol or Finwe!

Thingol, he was smart enough to marry Melian. He was also chosen to be one of the ambassadors to Valinor and he was able to see the two trees.

’omer or Faramir?
Faramir. He has a gentle spirit, although a sad one.

Luthien or Galadriel?
Luthien,because she could carry a tune and I don't remember Galadriel ever singing.

Merry or Pippin as warriors and diplomats?
Merry he is of course the smarter one as a diplomat or even as a warrior he is more valiant than Pip. Pip couldn't stand against the Nazgul while Merry went and crippled their Number One.

Manwe or Ulmo?

And Grondy do you not remember Galadriel singing from the prow of the swan-shaped ship in 'A Farewell to Lorien' in the book FOTR
Ulmo, because he went skinny-dipping in Middle-earth.

Lonely Mountain (Erebor) or Mount Doom (Orthanc)?

Another of my senior moments, Estel Orc Grinning Smilie
The Lonely Mountain seems a little more inviting to me...

Nargothrond or Moria?
Nargothrond of course. It is the realm of Finrod the most beloved.

Teleri or the Noldor?
Teleri, they didn't rebel against the Valar; though they took long enough to accept the Valar's invitation to make the trip into the West

Nazg’l or Barrow wight?
I'd prefer lesser of the two evils. So I'd go for barrow wights.

Turin or Tuor

Tell me someone, wasn't the barrow-wights pulled into existence by the Witch-king of Angmar?
Estel: another good question, better added under General Discussion, as only two or three of us come here and many members read those threads.

I like Tuor the better as his life was happier, because he wasn't under the curse.

Melian or Galadriel?

Melian - I would rather like to have some Maiar powers Big Smile Smilie Sword or Bow

Sword!!! It's more exciting and you could run out of arrows Smile Smilie

Middle Earth or Valinor?
Valinor - I'm tired of ordinary land!

If you were a spirit of Eru would you rather: Live with Eru or Be one of the Valar?
Be one of the Valar.

If you had the chance of living in middle earth, what would you rather be? A Man or an Elf?

Must be an Elf, no question about it.


If you got a LOTR tattoo what would it be?

Frodo Lives!


Rivendell or Lothlorien?



Eriador or Minhiriath?

Eriador for me

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

Milk chocolate

Grapes or Cherries



Chips or Mash Potatoes?

Mashed potatoes for me

Ginger or garlic

@Thorin:More potent question would have been.....raw fish or mashed potatoes?

I like both when cooking!


Folk or spoon?

Spoons. Spoons are much more useful and have better table manners than folks.


Mammals or reptiles?


A Butterfly or A Bee

A butterfly.


Forest or Moor



Real world or any fantasy world?

The real world. It might have its problems, but its the only one we have.


American Football or Football (Futbol for Spanish people)


Football !!!

Summer or Winter ?

Spring actually but winter as an answer


Dawn or midnight?


Fish or meat?

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