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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Grondy...this is the dual-chain game... Wink Smilie

Sandals or high top hiking boots?
No worries Smile Smilie

I prefer sandals, but use hiking boots quite a bit.

Pants or skirts.
writng a letter or typing on the computer?
Has to be typing as my writing is worse than my spelin (lol)

Rock music or rap music
Edoras or Fangorn?
Edoras. Oh to be there when the Rhoirrim return from a victorious battle. Bet thats one rowdy party!

Visting with Bilbo about his adventures, or visiting with Aragorn about his adventures?
I'll have to say Aragorn, I know a lot less about him than I know about Bilbo

Bassoon or Clarinet?

Oboe or harpsichord
Harpsichord! I love the harpsichord.

Sand or snow?

Mozart or Beethoven?

Army or Navy?
Both! My father and uncles (on mother's side) were in the Navy; and my grandfather and numerous other male relatives have had their stint in the Army...and Air Force.

Chocolate with nuts, or chocolate without nuts?
Oh I'd have to say.......C H O C O L A T E.......with or without nuts.

Black and white or colour films
Depends on the type of film (movie). Some of the old 'film noir' classics have been remastered on DVD and are really great in the crispness of black and white. Ted Turner tried ruin a bunch of them in the 80s by adding color to them; as far as I'm concerned he succeeded. Orc Grinning Smilie

Young black and blue contusion


Elderly purple and yellow bruise
Preferably neither...
Brown or Tomato (sauce)
tomato sauce

swimming hard or running hard?
writing in ballpoint or fountain pen?
Well most fountains are a wee biy too large to write with as well as they're unweildy/combersome. Oh you meant a fountain pen. Personally I prefer a fine line fiber tip, though usually go with a fine tip roller ball when I can even find that. My fountain pen always drys out, for lack of use.

persimmon or plum
i would agree with Grondy that Fountains are hard to write with! Tongue Smilie
i have a plum tree outside my door so im going to say plum

fountain of youth or fountain of knowledge?
fountain of knowledge
poker or darts

chat or forum

typing or writing?

yelling or whispering?

living with your friends or living with your family Ha Ha Ha Smilie

dogs or horses
dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dog Smilie

boys or girls as friends
well, my best friend is male but all the other males in my school are jerks so the rest of my friends are female. (im male) so it depends, quality or quaanity

quality or quanity?

email or snail mail
snail mail-letters are much more personal

sitting or lying down

Half-empty or half-full?
hallf full

happienes or money?

car or plane

jump or hop?

running or walking

long jog or short sprint?
short sprint

elves or dwarves?

peace or war?

sword or bow
tall or short?
Books or Films?

rainor shine?

cursive or printing
meat or vegetables?
MEAT im such a carnivore Cow Sleeping Smilie Bad! Smilie

traveling or staying home
it depends to stay at home

thinking or acting?

Pop Tarts or Top Parts
pop tarts

dogs Dog Smilie Puppy Smilie or cats Cat Smilie
cats it is probably because my grandma has 11 but...

grilling outside or cooking inside
Grilling outside.

Pool or lake?
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