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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Lime Alcoholic Smilie

What's your favorite song? Super Wow Smilie
Puff the Magic Dragon as sung by Peter, Paul, and Mary
oh Grondmaster you have forgot your question as i once did in who's next thread....... Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie
That won't be the last time I've forgotten to post a question. Elk Grinning Smilie

Strawberry or Raspberry?
Raspberry Smile Smilie

Sticks or stones?

Comedy or Action films? Jumping Flame Smilie
Action films please, though I have had the DVD of the latest Indiana Jones movie for three days, and never saw it in a theatre, I still am putting off watching it. Maybe tomorrow night with or without popcorn.

High heels or flats?
flats please...... high heel are not comfortable.Ha Ha Ha Smilie

How many shoes have you got? Juggling Smilie
I think I only have one pair; they are brand new and are soft black chukka boots. As I am a paraplegic (my legs won't work), I don't wear them out and one pair is all I need. When I was still walking I had brown round toed-cowboy boots, brown LL Bean high-top hunting boots, black wellington boots, black dress shoes, and brown suede loafers, and beige bowling shoes, but no tennie runners or other sports shoes.

Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, or the Great Pumpkin? Pumpkin Smilie
Great Pumpkin

Aragorn or Leogolas? Shocked Elf Smilie
Aragorn all the way!

Norah Jones or Katie Melua (Both are Singers)
As I no longer listen to pop music, I wouldn't know either of them, their songs, or their careers.

Bobsled or luge?
Bobsled (as long as you do it with Jamaican accents)

Cookies or brownies?

Pancakes or Brownies
Pancakes with butter and Vermont maple syrup; brownies are too sweet for me.

Twinkies or Ho-hos? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
i haven't heard...
are they cake and sweat companies?i searched it

Chocolates or Cakes?

They are individual sized cake-like empty calories: Twinkies are sweet plastic filled yellow sponge-cake, while Ho-hos also having the same filling, but are chocolate covered devils-food.

Parrots or Pigeons?

Dinosaurs or Elephants? Jumping Flame Smilie

Knocker or Door bell?
Door bell Pumpkin Smilie

a cave or a tent
A tent is fine unless the temperature is too hot or too cold, in which case a cave would provide much more comfort. Wiggle Smilie

Open ended stories or ones with an ending be it happy or sad?
I'd prefer one with an ending. I think it's pretty dumb for instance to spend a week reading a book to end with an open end!

Reading a book or listening to an audio book?
Reading the book the first time; later I may want it read to me.

Chewing gum or chewing tobacco? Neither is acceptable too.
chewing gum...... Smoke Smilie

Toffee or Chocolate?

Gin Rummy or Cribbage? Both are card games usually between two players.
i haven't hear.....

Horse or Pony?Animated Wink Smilie
Horse; my weight would break a pony.

Yellow or brown?
i like both but i would really like there mixture.......Cool Smilie

Winter or Spring?
Make mine the Spring please.

Wheat or rice?
Rice is better thousand times than wheat....

Potatoes or Tomatoes? Happy Elf Smilie
Potatoes make better Frech fries, while tomatos (no "e") make better pizza sauce.

pumkin pie or pecan pie?
Pumpkin Pie

Sunrise or sunset?
Sunset, because its much closer to bedtime.

Hot tea or iced tea?
i don't like tea......!

coca cola or Pepsi?
Pepsi, Diet because...

blue eyes or brown eyes?
blue eye..................!

Deer or Rabbit?
Rabbit, especially a lop-eared reddish-brown one.

Chicken Smilie Chicken or Duck Smilie duck?
a duck seems good .......

Noodles or Pasta? Juggling Smilie
Today I'll say noodles, the flat homemade egg noodles my mother used to make with boiled chicken. They were yummy in my tummy.

Ketchup or musturd?
don't like both.........

Fruits or Fruit juice?
Depends whether I'm hungry or thirsty.

Peanuts or cashews?

Milk toffee or Milk rice (i mean for now)
Milk toffee please.

Peppermint swirls or Chocolate truffles
chocolate truffles, though i like both

Christmas turkey or Thanksgiving turkey
From where I sit behind my knife and fork they are the same, but we usually have Thanksgiving turkey and Christmas ham or pork roast.

Saturdays or Sundays?

Friday or Thursday?
Fridays. Like Arthur Dent, 'I could never get the hang of Thursdays.' Even back in high school over fifty years ago I'd always wake up on the wrong side of the bed Thursday mornings. I don't know why, like we always had our quizzes of Fridays and I never had to cram for them; I enjoyed high school as I was always third in my class. The top dog later became a pediatrician and the second married a local farm boy, never went to Uni and remains happy with a large family on their family farm.

I wonder why I'm so verbose today? I suppose it is because it is snowing and this winter snow storm will probably mean I'll be spending my Christmas alone by myself until the roads are better. But who knows, by then maybe we will have a Chinook (a warm wind that suddenly melts all the snow in an area in the dead of winter and named by the American-Indians) and everyone can get out and about. So I guess I'll have a pot of tea or a hot buttered rum and get on to the current games; though I better leave a question of Thinker will think I'm a brainless stinker. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Oranges or bananas

papaw or Apple?
As I don't know what a father's hand is, I'll have to go with apple.

Mac or PC computer?
PC computer..........

Herbs or Stewed Rabbits (for both you could add potatoes)
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