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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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I do like hard backs, then it's less covers being bent, plus I like the feel of reading a nicely made book, they last longer too....

Internet Shopping or Going out???
Internet shopping. Contrary to what a lot of the male persuasion might think, all females do not like to go out shopping. I actually detest it. It bores me to tears. Especially clothes shopping. With internet shopping, I can find exactly what I want when I want it without leaving the comfort of my home and without a million old ladies stopping right in front of me to chat without looking to see if they're blocking someone else's way. I do not have to endure horrid malls, or strange perfumes that linger for days, or people smoking and blowing their putrid smoke in my face, or overpriced junk, or the risk of not finding what I want. Hallelujah! God bless internet shopping!!!!!

BOLD or italic???
I find italic is easier on the eyes. Happy Elf Smilie

Listening to violins or electric guitar?
To the violins ..Lovely instrument .I like the sound of it if it's played softly and slowly
Chess or Scrabble ?

Winter or summer?
Summer Cool Smilie
Roller skating or Ice skating ?
Neither; and that goes for watching as well as participating.

Bowling of kite-flying
Kite flying. It's joyful.

Fork or Spoon?
Ummmmm, you can't have soup with a fork, but then again you can't stab someone's leg with a spoon either, so I'll go with fork Orc Smiling Smilie

Like your name or don't like your name???
Yes ,I do like my real name LIV ( pronounced "leave ") it means LIFE
Salt or sugar ?
Sugar: salt makes my legs swell; however, I still use it and butter on my popcorn.

Giggle or Guffaw
I'm more of a guffaw person, I think. I grew out of the giggles.

Camille Saint Saens' "Aquarium" or Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"?
Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". Queen has the best "old stuff". Hehe....

Autumn or August Edit: like how it sounds
Autumn, its longer and has better weather.

Metal or Wood?
Wood, because it is aesthetically warmer than metal, is easier to work, and can be used to start a fire in case of a cold-snap.

Cat gut (plastic) or steel quitar strings?
Steel. Way better sound, much more depth.

Here or There?
EverywhereBig Laugh Smilie
Cinema or TV ?

jazz or pop?
Oooh.... toughy.... I'm gonna say...


Amarie or Vee?

(I don't seem to see them anymore, Grep either. Anyone know where they are?)
Amarie Elk Grinning Smilie

beer or whisky
Neither! I don't imbibe.

television or board games?
Board games, except since my children flew the nest I now watch more TV, except when I'm playing video games. With a passion, we used to play.....
House Rules Monopoly:
No trades or loans between players.
You had to land on a lot to purchase it; once a color set lot was purchased, and no one else could purchase lots in that set.
You couldn't own more than three colored sets.
Anyone could buy any railroad or utilities if they landed on it regardless if someone owned a different one.
Fines, taxes, etc went into a pool in the middle of the table and landing on 'Free Parking' let you collect the pool.
May not mortgage a lot before selling any buildings on it.
No rent collected on mortgaged property.
Income tax applied only to cash on hand.
You must pay $50 to get out of jail after three turns without rolling doubles.
Winner was the last player with any money.

A game played using these rules normally took less than two hours, often much less.

Inside or outside?
outside, for a nice game of cricket Smile Smilie

Vanyar or Teleri?

forward or backward?
Forward, always forward.

Salty or sweet?
Salty, because I'm not supposed to eat much salt as it makes my legs swell; therefore, any salty food I can get away with is a luxury; like popcorn and pretzels. Elf Winking Smilie

Lemons or Oranges
Its strange but I like eating orange, but don't really like orange juice. On the other hand, less strange, I don't like eating lemons but like Lemonade :P

Finarfin or Fingolfin
I can eat oranges with no problems; but if I drink orange juice, I get an upset stomach with burps that almost end with regurgitation. Grapefruit juice and lemonade cause no problems.

Well Fingolfin was the strongest and the most valient of Finw’'s sons, but I like better Finarfin who was the faiest and wisest of the sons of Finw’ and he was the father of Galadriel and Finrod.

Lavender or Lilac Either the color or the flower.
lavender (the colour)

dance or sing?

80gb harddrive or 250gb hd
Neither, there is a 20 gb hd with my CPU and a USB 160 GB hd sitting on my desk. I don't collect photos or MP3s so this is ample storage on my seven year old 700 Hz DELL. I have a 200 MB hd connected to my still working 22 year old Commodore 128.

baloney or peanut butter
peanut butter. don't know what baloney is.

Xbox 360 or PS3
Can't say as I've never played either.

Horses or Whales?
I'll say horses since horses were a least mentioned in Tolkiens works. I believe whales were not.

Gondolin or Doriath?
Hard one, but I think I'll go with Gondolin.

Messy or neat?
Hmm.. well id say neat, but other people say im messy.. So..its based on the view of the beholder.

Sword or bow?
Bow, I like playing rangers, although I have them also dual wield a rapier and main gauche; I always upgrade their bows as soon as I can. If you can drop an enemy with an arrow before he can get to you, you don't need to wear chain mail or plate and it is easier to sneak up on or run away from them too. Bows are good, but carry a replacement string in case you can't always keep your bow string dry.

Chinese water torture (cold water drip on head) or bamboo splinters under fingernails. Consider that you're to be the recipient, not the torturer; and that you have to have one or the other, even though you wouldn't want either, because who would.
water torture-hurts less

ski or snowboard?
Ski ..
Milkshake or Orangejuice ?
Weeell..milkshake..but i like a fresh orange juice in the morning, and a milkshake more in the evening.

Demons or Devils?
Devils probably red...

Tennis or Badminton
I played both, but I was much better at Badminton because it didn't require quite as fast reflexes.

Bowling or Volleyball?
Bowling. For the same reason that Grondy listed for liking badminton better.

Hot cereal(porridge) or Cold cereal?
Cold cereal
Guitar or Banjo ?
Hmm.. guitar.

Melee or ranged?
oooh, I'd say Ranged, it would have been great to actually own something as a bow, they are hard to get without people freaking out you'd hit them Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Melee is good only when you've exhausted arrows or ammo Orc Smiling Smilie

Breathing Under Water or Flying???
Flying !!!! Indeed I would like to try that ,think about all you can see and the feeling of being FREE .........WOAW Smile Smilie
Lion or Bear ?
Bear - makes me remember someone i like...

Well..i dunno what either of that ill say PSP.

Ruby or emerald?
Ruby - red is nice

Firing squad or gas chamber
u have to chose one.
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