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Thread: The Dual Chain Game

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Surround system when cleaning the house and headphone when reading
Lava girl or Ice boy ?
lava girl....time for something hot.

magnetised water or spring water
Spring water.

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
Milk chocolate. Actually magnetised water is better.

Mel Gibson or Peter Jackson

Banana Cream Pie or Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream?
None too sweet.

Eye candy or mouth candy
Eye candyPixie Smilie
Spiderman or Superman ?
Superman, he's not as vulnerable.

Breakfast or dinner?
Breakfast...that way, if it still have two more chances for success!

Butterfly or moth?
Butterflies, though I do think moths are beautiful as well.

the smile of a child or a wink of an eye from an elderly person?
The wink. Sounds very Gandalf. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Umm..Potatoe or Potato? only add the 'e' when you are making potato plural. Hence, the plural of potato is potatoes.

Watch a movie in the theater or at home?
Depends upon the movie.

Ballpoint or gel

Plane or helicopter?
Helicopter , you are able to see more of the view and land more often....
Straight hair or ponytail ?
Straight hair. I'm not a horse Very Big Grin Smilie

Elvis Presley or Beatles

Cat or dog?
Cat Cat Smilie
Surfing on the beach or surfing on the internet
Internet. It's hard to surf at the beach when you live over three hundred miles from the ocean!

Peanut butter and honey sandwich or rubber chickens?
Peanut butter and honey chicken.

Parrot or Hawk?

Rainy day or sunny day?
Sunny day please.

Peaches or Prunes
Ewwwww...peaches most def!!!!

Straight or curly?
culry-like my hair Elk Grinning Smilie

Summer or winter?
Winter in Carlifornia Cool Smilie
Black Beauty or Shadowfax ?

faramir or imrahil

Sauron or Saurman?
Sauron. If you're going to have a supreme evil villain, they should at least be scary. Saruman just doesn't do it for me. He's just kind of an egomaniac.

Comfy slippers or Fancy shoes?
Fancy shoes.

baseball bat or wicket
baseball bat (with pine tar to make it also sticky, like some wickets)

Mountain Dew or Scooby-Doo

Nicolas Sarkozy or Segolene Royale
Choose one.
Sorry, I can't understand French language. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Tree: Cedar or Pine

Octopus or squid
Squid...calamari anyone? Smile Smilie


life after death or no road beyond?
Life after death. Then again, And again, And again. And then again. Forever, until you are able to make up for any evil things you have done in any of your lives. Oops, I guess that goes into religion and gives away my beliefs. Sorry! Moderator Smilie

spiders or flies? (I don't like either)
Spiders ..I like to watch them working and they are beautiful ..flies just irritates me..
American Coffee or Coffee Latt’ ?

snow or sleet?
Snow indeedSnowman Smilie
Teddy bear or real bear ?
teddy or course.

machine gun or sub-machine gun? put flowers into the barrels, like they did in the 60's.

The Office or Heroes?
Heroes (It is the only comercial broadcast network program I've watched this year and I've been hooked on it; can't wait for the two hour finale Monday night.)

This _____ or That _____? You fill in the blanks. :happy elf:
This _____ or That _____?

Big Laugh Smilie I choose both GrondySmile Smilie
Early morning or late at night ?
Early morning.

Son or daughter?

Can't chose among mine but I'm a daughter so there ...
Lttle boy or an old man ?
Flipped a coin...little boy.

Fiction or Non-Fiction?
Fiction, because it offers more excapeism than non-fiction.

Going to a ball game (sport of your choice) or to the Mall.
Hockey game

heads or tails?
Well, who cares? I certainly don't so either.

Batman or superman

X-Men or Fantastic Four?
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